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How to Crush Your Rival by NovemberDoll

When Her Fairytale Ends

A/N: Drama will exist but not as heavy as my other two continuing fics in which angst is the focus. This will mainly be RomCom, meaning: yes- unrealistic, ridiculous plots. So if this isn’t your cup of tea then do what makes you happy.

M mostly for language, and yup, adult situations. Thanks. :)

Standard Disclaimer Applies.


Chapter 1:

When Her Fairytale Ends



“Have you ever wanted something so strongly,

That you were willing to give up everything in your young life, 

stake all that you’ve got,  just to have it?”  His amber eyes reflected the orange of the thousand lanterns that littered the shrine, never distracted from the crowd, lost in a world of his own. His gaze was distant, his hand clutched so tight on the railing that his knuckles turned white.

He was nervous, and that alone made her hold her breath.

He ran his fingers through the length of his silver hair. He breathed in deep, steadying himself from what he was about to say. He lifted his gaze, and his eyes settled at her. “I have.”

The girl stood very still. Her painted red lips parted open to express her surprise, but what escaped her was only a helpless sigh. He reached out and enclosed his hand around her own.

If it were not for the caked-on white powder on her face, he would have seen her cheeks had diffused into the most beautiful shade of blush red. Her lips had drained color underneath that lacquer, and her eyes started to water.

“Yasha-kun,” she whispered. The girl refused to cry. Her geisha make-up took hours to apply, and the gion odori she was set to perform was scheduled after the fireworks display.

He wanted to watch the fireworks before her performance. That was what he said. But standing by the scenic hill that overlooked the shrine, she never expected him to make his confession, and here she was-


“A warm smile, a soft, gentle soul in such a crazy world,” he laughed softly, shaking his head. “I was bound to fall the first time. And over and over again, if I were to choose.”

Her breath shook as she tried so hard to hold back her tears. 

“Ebony black hair, that’s the stuff dreams are made of,” He reached out and gently tucked a strand that hung loosely from her intricately pinned coif, “And she lets it fall loose, not really caring about the world as she laughs. She laughs away my silliness, she smiles away my imperfections. And the longer I stay with her, I realize it’s ok to be imperfect.

She loves me, just the way I am.”

The floodgates were opened, there was no stopping her tears. She wished, deep in her heart, that the makeup her team used was waterproof. She was bound to get a firm smack in the head from old hag Kaede if they had to redo her entire face before the dance. 

 But she had waited for this moment since she was five.

And if the make-up turned out unsalvageable, she would not perform tonight. But hell, she didn’t care anymore. Screw the cultural festival.

It would be held yearly anyway, and it would be one of many. She had to participate, whether she liked it or not. But this- 

this was once in a lifetime.

The boy searched her eyes, “Her reaction when I told her that I was leaving to pursue my undergrad in the US… it was such a wake-up call for me. I realized that I had kept her waiting, and I needed to tell her how I felt before I left.”

She nodded her head, the torrent of tears unashamedly falling to the collar of her kimono. She opened her mouth to speak. But he smiled at her, and just like that, she melted.

“The tears that fell from those eyes… hazel eyes that I can stare into for the rest of my life.”

She suddenly felt a cold prickle on her spine-

Hazel? Her eyes were Blue.

“When she said she would wait for me I could never be happier. And so I came here, I wanted to share this news with you. You’re my best friend since…. since forever, Kagome.” He laughed, taking her other hand on his, pressing it on his heart. “And now that I’m leaving for university, I want you to be the first to know: I have a girlfriend… isn’t it cool?”

“Wait,” she could barely whisper, unable to comprehend.

But he continued on. “It’s Kikyo, that girl from Rumiko High. She said yes.”

“Wait,” she muttered again, her jaw dropping to the floor. “I thought… but you were, and I am-“ She sputtered incomprehensible nonsense, the valves of her waterworks shutting down from utter shock.

Images drifted in her mind, of a crying girl in the banks of a firefly-filled river, only to look up, with an amber-eyed boy plopping down beside her in the grass, giving her the cheekiest smile-

“I won’t be able to watch the fireflies with you anymore when I come to visit. But Kagome, you will always be my best friend.” He pulled away, and he grinned. But the grin faltered when he saw the mascara and eyeliner had run down her face. Instead of the beautiful geisha was a goth punk with black stains running down her cheeks-

And the boy flinched, knowing that the old hag would sure give him a long, scathing diatribe if she found out he was the cause for those tears, “Uh, Kagome I-“

“Wait,” she repeated like a broken recorder, her eyes blank, her face smeared with unsightly raccoon eyes and black teardrops of infernal anguish-

She couldn’t wrap her head around what was happening. In her mind, everything stopped, including reason. Her tongue could not connect to her brain, and her brain could not connect to her tongue. 

Then, she felt as if her spirit had detached from her head.

Inuyasha pulled away, forcing a smile on his face as he tried to push the geisha that clung to his sleeve- “I have to go… uh, see you later,“

She clung to him as if she were a tormented soul in purgatory. “Wait, “ she bleated, and the boy took great strides in an attempt to tear away from her. But he ended up dragging her on the ground as she stubbornly stuck to his knees like a leech. He tore out of her grasp. 

Inuyasha planted his foot firmly on the ground, and hightailed his ass away. He looked behind the cloud of dust that his feet left, scared out of his wits. His eyes widened- she was following him.

“Wait!” she wailed, and he summoned all his strength and accelerated, realizing she was hot off his heels. The creepy geisha was hovering behind him like a horrible white curse.

He found a throng of students taking selfies, and he darted smack in the middle into the tidal wave of people.

Kagome suddenly halted.

The girl knew what was behind the human screen. She knew the place by heart- this was where she grew up: the large shrine nestled on top of the mountain- this was passed on to her by her late Shinto-priest father and Geisha-trained mother. 

The crowd had cleared.

She lifted her gaze to a flight of stairs that led to the top of another elevation, one of the many that skirted the edges of the shrine. Except that this was selfishly restricted to the public, all because it was special- to her family, but mostly to her. 

It led towards the most breathtaking view of the city of Tokyo.

Kagome gathered her many-layered kimono as she stepped over the barrier. She climbed up, catching her breath as she reached the end of the stairs. 


He was seated on the wooden bench, his long white hair fluttering in the gentle breeze. It was held up in a high ponytail- how he took time from tying his hair so quick while escaping her was a mystery she did not bother to find out. 

She sniffled, and he shifted.

“Don’t-“ she said, and his figure visibly stiffened at her command. “Don’t look at me right now.” She whispered, as tears streaked down her cheeks. 

The make-up was not waterproof.

That she realized, when she saw the ink blotting the collars of her kimono, smearing a heavy cake of white and black on the cloth. Kagome chuckled at the production team, such cheapskate fuckers, she mentally cursed.

“Just let me say this once…” she said, gathering herself together, “Before everything changes between us.” She wiped the white make-up completely off her face, the ugly streaking black tears and raccoon eyes, the red paint on her lips, 

leaving herself bare-faced.

Kagome fisted the material of her kimono.

“Have you ever wanted something so strongly,

That you were willing to give up everything in your young life, 

stake all that you’ve got, just to have it?”  Her tears wouldn’t stop, but she continued on anyway, determined to have her heart across. 

He was unusually quiet, as the faraway lights of Tokyo blinked like little pinpricks of fireflies. The sky was a blanket of stars and  a gentle wind blew, bringing in fond memories of melting ice-cream and watermelons, of tulips and beetles,

And of fireflies rising in the dark of the evening, and two kids trying to catch them and store them in jars- wishing they could capture the moment forever.

And Kagome cried for those times, knowing it can never be repeated ever again.

“I have,” she finally said, “And that something was you.”

She shook her head, the decorative butterfly pin on her hair falling to the ground, her coif all messed up from all the running. And she cast her head down and cried. She cried her broken heart out in the quiet of the evening, her soft sobs filling the distance between them. It was trying to reach out to him, hoping it would touch his now distant heart.

He finally shifted, and he stood.

Kagome paused when it dawned on her, had he grown several inches taller in a span of minutes?

She lifted her gaze, and their eyes met.

Looking back at her was not amber, but a brilliant gold. He did have white hair, but it was platinum more than silver. His face more defined, more… mature-

It was then that she realized, he was not Inuyasha.

The star-laden night canvas exploded into a thousand brilliant colors above them. The fireworks display had started, and her blue eyes, wide and hurt and brimming with tears, reflected the stunning polychrome of the melancholic evening.

He stared at her so deeply, with parted lips and the most unreadable expression in his eyes.

And she looked back at him, her soul stripped naked by her tears. The vivid kaleidoscope of colors ignited the night sky as it lit up the world around them, each burst exposing her sorrow, every flash baring her vulnerability:

Revealing without shame- the face of a girl, whose tender heart had been broken for the first time. 

They stared at each other for long wistful moments, both equally hesitant at the stranger that was before each other.

Her tears spilled, and he stepped forward.

But she stepped back, and she bowed.  “I’m sorry. I thought you were someone I knew.”

Kagome wiped her tears and fled, leaving the stranger alone under the dazzling festival sky.



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