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The Claim by Myella

Making it home

This is my first fanfic here. I have been watching and reading Inuyasha for a while now and I was sucked in. Inuyasha franchise as you know belongs to the lovely Rumiko Takahashi. I only write for my pleasure and make no profit from it. 

I often wondered why no one really questioned why Kagome was not touched by time after they were told that, only touching on it briefly in the manga. I will be honest here and now, I have not read all the volumes of Inuyasha, but I have watched the anime and the movies. I am sure some of the characters will seem a tad OOC, with that said things happen to make them grow and change, so I hope you will go with it and enjoy the story as it is entertain. 


Kagome shifted her bag over her shoulder adjusting the weight of her burden. It had been two years she had calculated since she saw her friends and she was anxious to get back to Edo. She was sold by Kikyo without the others knowing, at least she hoped that was the case, and now she finally had her freedom back she needed to go back to them to help them finish finding the jewel shards and defeat Naraku. She had been making her way towards Edo for the past month hearing tales of Naraku’s terror flooding the lands.

Dropping her bag on the ground on the outskirts of the village in Edo, Kagome smiled slightly and stretched her tired bones popping them deliciously. She was home. Home as close as she was going to be for now. She wondered if the well worked, or if Kikyo destroyed that as well. She wouldn’t put it past the vile bitch to do so. She knew her mother was probably worried sick about her by now, and her heart clenched painfully thinking about the pain she put her through. At least in time, she knew she would see her family again. She would just have to take the long way.

Taking a deep breath, she shouldered her burden once again her slender fingers curling around the strap and started down the dusty road to the village, small swirls of dust puffed up in her wake. She wanted to run and call out to her friends, maybe the old Kagome would have, but the new Kagome was more reserved. Gone was the woman-child with her naivetè, and in her place stood a woman of nineteen confident in who she was now that she had learned what she was.

Shippo paused his step and lifted his nose in the air and froze. He was about to return to the war council that was in Inuyasha’s forest for the defeat of Naraku having stopped at the village to drop of Kohkou to guard Rin and Kaede in the village. They added wards around the village of Edo to secure it from attacks. Those meaning no harm were the only ones to come and go as they pleased.

Taking a deep breath again his heart rate picked up as he turned to follow the scent that he knew. There, walking at the crest of the hill on the road to the village was a young woman striding forward confidently in her steps. She wore calf-high black boots, with a fitted black hakama tucked into them. Her haori was a deep blue with gold threading throughout that went down to her hips. A gold obi cinched at her slim waist where her two katanas tapped gently on her thigh as she walked. A bag and bow slung over her shoulder.

He would know her anywhere no matter how long she had been gone. It was defiantly Kagome. His mother. Her long midnight tresses held in a high ponytail swished in time with her step. “Kagome.” He yelled as he sped towards her in a flash.

Kagome let out a breathless shriek as she was enveloped in a huge hug and swung around. She was startled from her musing when she heard a deep voice call her name, a voice she did not recognize. A flash of red hair and black blurred before she was pulled into someone’s arms. Recognition slammed into her when she recognized the aura that radiated pure joy. “Shippo?”

Shippo pulled back and cupped her cheek and leaned his forehead against hers. “Hi, mama.”

Kagome raised a shaky hand and cupped Shippo’s cheek in return, her calloused thumb brushing the tears away. “How?” She swallowed the lump in her throat trying to process what she was seeing. “You grew.”

He gave her a one fang smile pulling away with a deep chuckle. “I had to.” He said and grinned down at her. “I’ll explain later. Come, I will bring you to the others, you are needed.” Tugging her arm, he slung her onto his back much like Inuyasha had in the past and gripped her thighs and took off towards the thickness of the trees.

During his run, he told Kagome about everything that had happened since she disappeared. Shippo had one hell of a growth spurt when his mother disappeared one night due to the stress of the loss thinking at the time she was dead. He was now the approximate age of twenty and had three tails which he was immensely proud of.

He told her how Kikyo told them that she had found her dead, attacked by demons bringing back her bloody clothes and broken bow as proof. Of course, no-one believed her, but she never relented her story. She joined their group soon after in hunt for the shards making a tense atmosphere worse. She tried to cause discord with their group constantly. They grew suspicious of her behavior over time, even Inuyasha.

It wasn’t until a year later when she and Inuyasha had gotten into an argument over his suspicion that she was still aiding Naraku, that he could smell him on her that she finally told them the truth. She taunted him by telling him that she had sold Kagome to demons, and he would never find her again that Kagome was most likely already dead.

It surprised everyone when Inuyasha killed Kikyo finally free of her machinations. They tried to find Kagome but had no idea where to start. They were thankful that they never gave Kikyo the shards once they noticed she couldn’t purify them.

Kagome listened to her son and the events that had happened in the time she was gone as the wind whipped against her face his long red hair held in a high ponytail tickling her cheek. She was happy to hear that Kaede was still alive and was at this moment watching over Rin at the village with the aid of Kohaku. She arrived just in time to face off with Naraku much to her pleasure.

She nuzzled her face next to Shippo’s neck and let out a low sigh. Her heart felt heavy for the pain that he must have felt when she went missing thinking she was dead. She had adopted him in the yokai ways just before, and now they were blood bonded for life. It was no wonder he felt the tremendous loss of her supposed death. She had missed him desperately for the past two years determined to get back to her son.

Shippo slowed his pace and added pressure to her thighs as they stepped into a large clearing in comfort. Kagome’s breath caught in her throat as she looked around. There were hundreds of demons milling around the makeshift camp. “Don’t worry, mama.” He said in a soft tone. “No one here will hurt you.” He strode forward confidently with Kagome still secure on his back while she looked around.

Others paused in their tasks to look at her while she passed even though she masked her aura and scent as soon as they stepped into the clearing. She pressed closer to Shippo trying to hide in his long tresses from their penetrating gazes. She wasn’t afraid of them, it was unnerving to have so many eyes on her all at once.

“Hey, runt,” Inuyasha called seeing Shippo. “What took you so long?”

“I had to pick someone up,” Shippo stated casually as he stopped in front of the table where several cardinal lords were discussing their plan of attack.

Inuyasha let out a small snort and shook his head. “We don’t have room for any of girls for you to entertain.”

Shippo let go of Kagome’s legs smirking at Inuyasha. “This is someone who is needed.”

Kagome slid slowly down his back until she was standing behind him. She leaned her head against his back grasping his haori tightly in her hands taking a steadying breath trying to calm her raging nerves and slow her heartbeat. Lifting her head, she plastered on a small smile ducking out from behind Shippo, dropping her bag and bow on the ground as she faced the others. “Hi.” She said quietly as she released her scent and aura.

Inuyasha’s nostrils flared as he took in her scent and felt her warm aura wash over him. He blinked his eyes slowly and opened them trying to make sense of what he was seeing. “Kagome?” He asked in a rough voice.

“It’s me.” She stepped forward slowly and gave him a crooked grin as he took a tentative step towards her. She studied him noticing the changes. He had also grown slightly since she had last seen him. He looked older, more defined. The markings that were on his face when he turned full demon prominent on his cheeks. She noticed his eyes softened to a warm liquid gold as he swooped her up in his arms and buried his nose into her neck.

“Thank the gods you are alright.” He mumbled.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and let out a small chuckle. “You should know I would always find a way back to all of you.”

“We thought…we…” He swallowed the lump in his throat keenly aware of the others around him. It would do no good to show weakness right now.

“I know.” She said quietly as she held him tighter, fisting her delicate hands into his thick silver hair. “I’m home.” 


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