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The Distance of Time by Ayori

Her Memories, Their Radiance

The Inu Yasha series belongs to the amazing Takahashi - Sensei

This is my first Fan Fic and I apologize for a short first Chapter, i hope you enjoy and dont forget to comment ~ Ayori

**EDIT - Fixed the spelling issues a big thanks to everyone who pointed them out**



Chapter 1

Her Memories, Their Radiance 



Kagome leaned on the broom she held as she looked and the ancient tree that watched over the shrines grounds, she sighed and thought back to 2 years ago.


It was hard to beleive five months ago Naraku had been defeated and the Shikon no Tama erased from existence leaving the scarred land healing. Kagome smiled from her spot on the balcony that overlooked her private garden, below the combined laughter of a young girl and boy along with the curses of a very irate toad demon tore her from her thoughts. Looking down she saw Rin and Shippou high in the Plum tree with the toads staff of two heads, laughing as he tried to climb after them.

Kagome giggled as she watched her pups taunting the attendant before she felt strong arms wrap around her waist. Silver hair fell over her shoulder as her new mate pressed his nose into her shoulder breathing in her scent. Kagome sighed content as the Western Lord rumbled contentedly, his arms pulled her against him tightly causing her to lean her head back on his free shoulder her neck exposed to him. Sesshoumaru smirked into the skin on her neck and nipped at her exposed flesh causing her to gasp lightly. The sound of the pups taunting Jaken was soon drowned out by her light pants as Sesshoumaru continued to nip her neck then slowly drag his tongue over the bruised marks.

The two had only been mated a month but in that time the Western Lord and Lady had only been seen a handful of times outside of their chambers, Kagome adamant about making sure they spend time with their pups and seeing to the new herb garden she had planted in the corner of the courtyard. Sesshoumaru was already hellbent on adding to their small family as soon as possible and while Kagome wasn't opposed to having more pups she knew that before then certain things had to be put in order.

A hand gliding down her stomach pulled her from her thoughts, she gasped as something hard-pressed against her backside, and she giggled at her mates eagerness. "Sessh.... not on the balcony" Kagome reprimanded lightly nodding towards the pups in the tree. "Hn" was all the reply she got before her mate smirked and tossed her over his shoulder and walked towards their bed her squeal of surprise caused the demon lord to flinch as his ear was next to her mouth. "Sorry' Kagome smiled sheepishly.

Before Sesshoumaru could lay her on the bed though a sound of rushed feet was heard outside the shoji door followed by a knock.

"My lord! There's an intruder within the shiro, they're using some kind of teleportation magic"

Sesshoumaru growled his eyes flashing red at both the interruption and the fact someone had gotten past his solders. "Stay here and guard the pups" Was all the Inu said before grabbing his armor and leaving the room, Rin and Shippou being ushered in as soon as he had left.

"Kaa-san!" Rin and Shippou cried in unison as the launched themselves at their mother. "Shhh everything will be alright, Otou will protect us" The young woman held her pups close, whatever had gotten past the Western guards had to be strong and despite the pull to be beside her mate she knew protecting their pups was more important.

Kagome still wrapped in her thoughts didn't notice the dark figure looming above the small family until it was too late.

"Greetings Shikon Miko...and Farewell" A rough malicious voice drifted into her ears. Kagome looked up and before she could scream everything went black.


Kagome sighed as she thought back on that day she was ripped from her home and mate, she remembered waking up to the sound of her pups crying frantically and to her mothers voice calling her name. The thing that had attacked them had somehow sent her back to her original time 500 years into the future and with the well having been sealed off they couldn't go home, her pups were in a strange world, and she could only comfort them as they had to start anew....and as Kagome soon found out they were in for a rough road ahead. She hoped that Sesshoumaru wouldn't go mad with their disappearance and wait for them till they could be reunited.

The sound of laughter make Kagome smile as the thoughts of her mate were soon overtaken but three small bodies colliding into her legs. "Kaa-san!" Rin and Shippou laughed happily as a small tug at her skirt had Kagome reaching down. "Rin, Shippou, Akihito have you been good for Uncle Souta?"

The children nodded and Kagome looked down into the eyes of her youngest pup who smiled happily at his mother. Akihito was her gift, a part of Sesshoumaru that she didn't know she had with her at the time she was forced back to the present. The boy was an exact copy of his sire down to his silver hair, crescent moon and his magenta stripes; the only difference was that he had one gold eye and one bright blue one. "Kaa-san?" Akihito looked at his mother with concerned eyes but soon burst into a fit of giggles when she nuzzled his cheek.

Her children were her world, and despite the sadness she harbored even after two years they were the light she needed to make it through. "Time for lunch!" The sound of her mother yelling for the children made Kagome smirk. "Ill race you!" she laughed and took off towards the house with Akihito still in her arms as her older pups ran after her.


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