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Every Heart by LightoftheWest

Chapter 1

Kagome sighed, she put away another book on her massive bookshelf. She loved reading anything about  history and politics. Her blue eyes skimmed for another when a knock came from her door. 

"KAGOME!" her mother Aiko yelled. 

Kagome rolled her eyes and opened her door.  Her mother grabbed her by the arm. 

"Ouch!" Kagome said while her mother dragged her towards her older sister’s room. 

There, Kikyo was with servants helping her dress. She wore an elegant red kimono with gold stitching. Kagome had no idea how her mother could afford it; they were pretty much broke. 

Kagome had been looking through their finances. 

"Kikyo, are you ready dear?" her mother cooed. 

"Almost, I just need to add one more thing," Kikyo said; her hair in an elegant bun. 

Kikyo went to her jewelry box and opened it. She had many beautiful combs that her mother gave her. 

Kikyo chose an elegant comb with Jade which she placed it in her hair and turned. 

"What do you think mother?" Kikyo asked as she smirked at Kagome. 

"You look beautiful! I’m sure the lord will be impressed!" Her mother said as she looked at her beautiful daughter. 

"Kagome I want you to stay in your room tonight. Your dinner will be brought to you," Aiko said.

Kagome just shrugged and looked down at what she wore. 

Kagome wore a more simple kimono. She wasn't like Kikyo; she hated dressing up. 

When she was out, her mother insisted she were a hood so no one could see how truly beautiful she was; because she was jealous of her own daughter. 

Kagome could never leave her home. She was forbidden when she was little. When her father died she was blamed. 

Kagome could never figure out why her mother blamed her for her father's death. 

Kikyo, too, blamed her. She was jealous of her little sister because she inherited her father's blue eyes. She also knew a secret that Kagome didn’t even know. 

The servants quickly left the three women alone in Kikyo’s bedchamber. They all adored Kagome for she was kind and gentle; but Kikyo, she was rude and didn't care for anyone but herself. 

As the day was coming to an end, and they were getting ready for the Lord's arrival, Kagome snuck out of her room.  

Kagome would often sneak out and head into the forest where the old well was. 

While there, Kagome often found herself looking at the stars and dreaming of her freedom. 

As she put on her hood she climbed out the window of her room wearing  a simple black cloak and headed towards the forest. 

Kagome was happy that her mother and sister were getting ready for the Western lord's arrival which meant that she could go off on her own. 

Kagome walked through the forest, her blue eyes searching, as she made her way to the old well. 

What she didn't notice was the sound of a carriage heading in her direction

A royal carriage with the symbol of the moon as it’s Western crest. 

Kagome was halted by guards as the carriage came to a complete stop. 

"What is the meaning of this?" A monotone voice asked. She did not see a face. 

She hesitated and ran into the forest. The guard said, "My lord, I beg your forgiveness a figure wrapped in a cloak stopped us ", as he bowed at the curtain of the carriage. 

The voice sighed as the male elegantly left the carriage. He looked up at the nighttime sky his amber eyes searching. 

The guard was still bowing and without any hesitation, the Lord took out his sword and cut the guards head off. 

The body fell limp on the ground and the head rolled in the other direction. 

"I do not like incompetence," the male said as the moon on his forehead glinted in the moonlight. 

His silver hair flowed into the wind looking like silver spun silk. 

Elven like ears twitching, he could hear the figure running; crunching leaves as it went by. 

The male left the carriage in favor of finding the mysterious creature. 

"My lord?" Another guard asked.

"We will be late to the ladies house," The guard said as he bowed. 

"Tell them I will be there when I am ready,"the male said. As they left, another figure poked its head out. 

"Son, this dinner is important", his father the great Inu-No-Taisho said; not bothering leaving the carriage. 

"Father, I detest these so-called meetings. I will be there, just go," Sesshomaru said in his usual cold voice and the Inu sighed.

"How come the bastard doesn't have to go”, another voice said, and they both sighed. 

"Hush Inuyasha, I will be back," and the carriage left the lone male. 

'My beast calls for this one,' Sesshomaru thought to himself as he ran to catch up with the mysterious figure. 

Kagome ran as fast as she could; she needed to get away her cloak flapping against the wind. 

Kagome's blue eyes widened when she heard a sound of movement; then she twirled around.

"Where are you going little one?", Sesshomaru asked, as the figure in the cloak stopped in its tracks. 

He could smell it was female. He wondered why she was covered in the material. 

Kagome stopped breathing; the male in front of her was absolutely beautiful, like a statue. 

His moon lit skin shone and his masculinity radiated off of him. 

Besides the male servants at her home, he was the only other male she was ever this close to. 

Sesshomaru walked towards her backing her up into a tree. 

Kagome braced herself against the tree; the bark biting into her back making it uncomfortable. 

The next thing she knew her hood was off. 

Kagome gasped. 

Sesshomaru held his breath. 

Sapphire staring into molten gold. 

"My lord," Kagome bowed and then kneeled. 

Sesshomaru was surprised. Never had he seen a human or demon with eyes like hers. 

Sesshomaru lifted her chin and stared.

"What are you little one?," Sesshomaru asked.


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