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Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, and in truth, I only own the interpretation of a certain narrator and some characters and perhaps bits and pieces of the nonexistent plot.

It took only five minutes of awkward silence before Kagome caved. Tilting her head down even further, she shifted her eyes to the linoleum floor and hoped that her blush wasn’t too visible. And if it was, well, she hoped that Taisho wouldn’t notice. It was bad enough that he had insisted on speaking with her in front of half the school; Kagome could already feel the hot stares she’d be getting tomorrow from all of Taisho’s fan girls. But this she really couldn’t stand! This was pure, unmitigated torture. Kagome bit her lip and once again tried to speak.

“Ah, ahhh, Taisho-kohai, what did you want to talk about? I know during last week’s council meeting you mentioned a problem...?” Kagome looked up with a smile straining her lips. All the while, she fought the pain of her gnashing teeth.

Across from her, Taisho only had a blank look. Absently, he flexed his intertwined fingers before straightening his already ram-rod straight back. All the while, he hadn’t taken his eyes off her.

Kami-sama, Kagome thought to herself, was he made of stone?! Lips pressed tightly together, Kagome pushed herself off her seat. “Look, Taisho-kohai, I really need to get going. If you have any pressing club concerns or any questions about how to make a budget-

Suddenly, Kagome felt a hand on her arm. Glancing down, she observed Taisho for a moment.

“Taisho-kohai,” she said coldly, “please unhand me. I would hate to have to file a report about being harassed, especially when it is obviously a misunderstanding. No?” Raising her eyebrows with a perfunctory smile, Kagome cocked her head to the side.

It was then that Kagome saw a glint in Taisho’s eyes, a dangerous glint. Turning his head to look at her, Taisho finally blinked for the first time since he’d brought her to the classroom. “Kagome-

“Sempai to you, Taisho,” Kagome said, pulling her arm away. Gasping, Kagome grit her teeth against the sudden onslaught of pain in her arm where he gripped her tightly with his claws.

“No,” he said. “To me, you are Kagome.”

“No, I am not,” was all she said as he walked calmly from the classroom. In her wake, she left a pinkened room and a red-eyed yokai.

With a deep breath, Kagome righted her school uniform with a hard expression. She really couldn’t let this go on. Whatever Taisho might think, he was wrong. They were all wrong. And if she had to get disowned to prove it.., so be it. No one would tell her what to do. No one.

Nodding to herself, Kagome determinedly marched through the halls to her next class. With each step, the higher her chin became. Making her way into class, Kagome walked towards the front before sitting down and preparing her notebook.

Stupid Taisho, she thought to herself as the lecture began, does he really think I’d go down without a fight? Maybe he doesn’t care about being forced into an arranged marriage, but I do. And I will do everything in my power to stop this nonsense! I swear!

Inside her tight fist, lay the broken pieces of her pencil. Blinking once, Kagome reached for her pencil bag. All the while, the lecture went over her head, and her notebook lay empty.

Original Posting Date: February 12, 2018

Prompt: N/A

Word Count: 550

Note: Will have 4 more chapters. Will have Taisho's POV. Started as a fluff piece, but I am incapable. *shrugs*


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