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Consequence by Ashlyn Braere

Chapter 1

AN:  Okay, so it's a little late for Halloween.


"You got this, Kagome."

Inuyasha's faith in her warmed her to her toes. She closed her eyes, clasped the jewel between her hands and prayed. Then she made her wish. I wish for the souls of the Shikon Jewel to pass on.

Her body started to tingle, getting stronger as she opened her eyes. She grinned at her friends, her family, relieved it had gone well.

But they weren't smiling back.

In fact, there were tears. Shippo was clinging to Miroku with his head buried into the man's chest. Sango was leaning on her Hiraikotsu with her head bowed, Kirara leaning against her leg. Inuyasha... he...

"Goodbye, Kagome," Inuyasha said hoarsely. He was looking up into the sky, arms folded inside his sleeves.

Why were they acting like that? She hadn't left. 'Guys, I'm right here', she shouted. She waived her hands around in front of them. It did no good. They still acted as if they couldn't hear her.

'Hellooooo!' She tried to grab Inuyasha... only for her hand to pass through him.

She stumbled back. What happened? Shocked, she stared at her hand, then slowly looked back at her friends. Who were leaving.

'Wait!' she yelled, chasing after them. 'Wait! Don't leave! I'm right here!' She quickly caught up to them and desperately threw herself at Inuyasha. 'Inuyasha!' she cried, as she fell right through him. The ground felt just as hard as ever. She pushed up onto her hands and watched them shuffle back to the village. 'No... don't leave me', she whispered. 'Please...'

Still in shock, she thumped back down to the grass. What happened?


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