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Forced to mate by Natalia



This is my first Sessh/Kagome fanfiction and it was on fanfiction, but I got some harsh critique/bullying there so decided to transfer it here. I love Dokuga and feel at home here! A big thank you to the admins!

So the story is called: Forced to mate and the author nyght_elf is me, so no plagiarism is at work!

Please don’t read the old version on fanfiction, I will slowly rework and update every chapter!

A deep bow toward kb for betaing my mess! Take a look on her work, she is great!

Your help is appreciated and treasured! Thank you!

Drabble chapters, longer chapters later!

“Pup you need a mate."

An elder Inuyoukai sat across from Sesshomaru, dressed in expensive black silk clothing. It had been quite some time since Sesshomaru had seen this particular Inu, but he was not the least bit surprised that these were the first words to come from the youkai’s mouth.

"Honourable Grandfather, this Sesshoumaru certainly doesn't," he recanted. Annoyed that this subject had been brought up yet again, Sesshomaru turned around to leave, but was stopped mid stride when an amused chuckle sounded from his grandfather.

"Hn, you're in denial. No matter! Your grandfather will help," the elderly white-haired inu clapped his hands in delight.

“Oh come now, boy. There’s no need to sigh like that.”

Sesshomaru refrained from rolling his eyes, though he felt exasperated by their pointless conversation already.

"This Sesshoumaru does not need help, and he does not need a mate."

"Hm,” his grandfather thought out-loud, “your mother was right, this may prove harder than I thought."

The inuyoukai’s silver hair shook when he nodded his head. Sesshoumaru's skin prickled. A shiver ran down his spine, but he didn't dare to react or acknowledge his grandfather who apparently only returned from the continent to make his life miserable. It seemed his honourable mother was also part of this plot. She had been badgering him for years to take a mate, and since her efforts had not bore fruit, it seems she had recruited one male he still looked to for guidance.

A sense of impending doom clutched his heart. The duo was up to something and for the first time in a long time Sesshoumaru felt a slight... dare he say it, fright? No, he Lord of the Western Lands was not afraid of his grandfather even if the youkai was older than some mountains in Nipon!

Finally, Sesshomaru sighed and relented to his grandfather. Despite the excitement his grandfather had display a mere moment ago, Sesshomaru knew his grandfather would not cease his current path. The path that only ended when Sesshomaru was mated.

In an attempt to please his grandfather, Sesshomaru compromised,

"This Sesshoumaru will arrange for an heir when the need will arise and not sooner."

"Heir?" asked Shiroheki raising his eyebrows. "As without a mate?" he added and Sesshoumaru nodded. "That absolutely will not do," he continued, this time his tone became frostier.

"Grandfather, there is no need for a clingy female..." started Sesshoumaru, but Shiroheki cut him off with a deep sigh.

"If you won't choose I will be constrained to use other methods," his eyes narrowed in a silent challenge to impart the seriousness of their situation.

Unfazed, Sesshomaru smirked, "As if you could force this Sesshoumaru to..."

"You forget your place pup, I seized the West! You rule my kingdom!" Shiroheki’s voice was calm, but there was clearly no room for argument as he stated the simple, yet accurate fact.

"Hn." Sesshomaru knew all too well that the current boundaries of the western lands were the very same boundaries his grandfather had established long ago. Sesshomaru’s father had fought endlessly to expand their borders, but before he successfully overtook the neighbouring lands, he was killed protecting Inuyasha’s mother.

"Very well, you force my hand."

Sesshomaru stoically met his grandfather’s fierce glare, but was thrown off balance when a devilish smirk crossed Shiroheki’s face.

"You will mate the first female to enter this hall."


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