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To be an Alpha by Natalia



so... I am still on hiatus (my son is recovering well, after surgery, but still has way to go, so to say) but those ideas keep pestering me, so I decided to give them a try and write them down, in drabble chapters. So they stop buzzing inside my head! I will try to update at least weekly!

Hope you will enjoy it!

P.s. please let me know your opinion in a review!

P.P.S please keep the victims of the flooding in your mind, and send a prayer for them!

May God protect them all!

Stay safe!


300 words


It started the same way as usual.

Sesshoumaru came to visit Rin, brought a gift, goaded Inuyasha and insulted his blood again.

The hanyou unleashed Tetsusaiga, meanwhile shouting profanities at his stoic Half-brother and the battle began.

Blows were exchanged, swords clashed, claws extended and poison flew toward the half-human.

Kagome and Rin shook their heads with dual deep sighs and annoyed faces.

The Inu duo shook with adrenaline, familiar blood pumping inside their veins. One colder than the other.

All went wrong when the battle was nearing its end.

Everyone was used to their banter and took it as sibling rivalry and a way to use some pent up energy since after Naraku’s demise both inus stated that there were no worthy opponents.

Of course, none of them admitted that the other was the only one able to exchange blows with.

The females shook their heads again and wanted to get inside the hut they shared, to look at the garments the noble youkai brought when a sentence made everyone stop in their tracks. Sesshoumaru included.

The stoic daiyoukai almost faltered in his steps, his glowing claws oozing with green poison.

I submit to Sesshoumaru, Alpha of Noble house of the West, of Mikazuki and Mitsurugi clans,” stated the hanyou Inuyasha and bowed his head at an angle that showed his neck under the red fire-haori.

Everyone gasped, words failing them all.

Kagome blinked owlishly and pinched her hand. Hard! Only to yelp in pain when the place hurt like hell.

Inu-ya-sha!” finally growled the inu lord, enunciating every syllable of his name.

How dare you filthy hanyou!” yelled an enraged Jaken, waving his staff at Inuyasha. “To think that one such as you to be part of...”

Inuysha didn’t falter in his decision and interrupted Jaken’s tirade:




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