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Just Roll With It! by candy

Need to hide her

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It was a cold dead of night when a demon ran into the dark forest. He has a black cloak on to cover himself. In his arms was a babe just a couple weeks old. This babe must be kept safe until the time was right. He had to make it to Kenta the fox Lord of the Southern lands at a meeting place. Time was not on his side of what hunts him and the babe.  

He sees the hut coming into view, and knew his friend was waiting for him. He went into the hut seeing his friend standing holding his arms out for the babe. "Is this her my friend? The one we must protect from the evil one?" Lord Kenta asked as he pulled the babe into his arms.

"Yes she is. Her name is Kagome. But we don't have much time. You must bond with her in order to protect. She will change into a fox like you once you touch her skin. She will be seen as your daughter until she takes a mate then she will be whatever her mate is. She is to safe us demons for you know as well as I, the evil one must not get to her. If that happens we are all doom to live in darkest. Make sure you have her lock away when she goes into heat. For her smell will bring unwanted males to her." The covered demon said.

"I will do my best to make sure she is safe. Now to unwrap her to take a good look at my new kit." Lord Kenta said happy. As soon as the blanket was removed a beautiful baby girl with black hair with blue highlights. Her skin white as snow, eyes a deep blue with sliver in them. On her forehead a golden crescent moon turn up with a pink ball resting on the points on the moon. Lord Kenta touch her hair first, and it was soft then move to touch her skin. A bright light flash. And now she looks like a kit. With little fangs, little bit tan skin, eyes now the color of lite green. And she has two tails to show she powerful. On her forehead the sun shows, and her hair has red highlights.

"She beautiful. She almost looks like my mate. And she smell like fresh spring rain, and honey. I must go now back to the Southern lands, and bring news of a new princess. Make sure you stay safe my friend." Lord Kenta said.

"I will. And make sure she gets the letter three days before she is of mating age. In it she will know the true. Here." With that done he was gone. The Lord Kenta left to return home.

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