Rediscoveries by SHORTFRY


A/N: New story, going to be 300-word drabbles based on music prompts. I will be cycling through my playlist and picking out song titles as the prompt and going from there. Alternate universe setting.

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Chapter 1 - Overcast

Clouds darkened the afternoon sky as droplets showered on concrete streets. Pedestrians were milling their way through the drizzle and rush hour traffic, flagging down yellow cabs aggressively in their hurried voyage home. The usual pulse of the city seemed muddled in tone and vibrancy by the thickness of the air, a clear hint at the downpour that was to come.

The girl sighed as her gaze turned skywards through the windowpane. Forgetting to check the weather forecast that morning was an honest mistake. Ignoring the heavy overcast and deciding to forego an umbrella before making her way to work was her total blunder. She pragmatically considered her options. Her usual bus stop was less than two blocks away and the next bus was due to arrive in less than ten minutes. If timing was favourable, she could make a sprint and reach the stop at just the right moment to circumvent waiting in the rain. She cursed that dreaded bus stop for not being equipped with weather shields like the more newly renovated routes.  

The girl cast a sidelong glance at her ticking watch while adjusting the collar of her coat, raven hair tucking beneath the seams to shield the bare skin of her neck. She had been hoping to wait out the rain that day by staying late at work, using the time to catch up on some key deliverables. Disappointingly, an hour had passed before she realized the light drizzle was developing into a storm.

She had packed up her things and was now standing soundlessly in the cool lobby, mentally preparing a list of how to avoid catching a cold. Taking a deep breath, she waved a quiet goodbye to the receptionist before pushing through the revolving doors and stepping out into the now torrential flood.    


Prompt: Cry Me A River – Justin Timberlake
Originally posted: July 7, 2017
Words: 300


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