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The Wandering Prince by Inuyaoi

Look Out Below!

This story is tagged appropriately. It will get dark, grim, sexual, etc. It's also my first fic and it is written exactly like one. Lots of ideas thrown about. I'll rewrite one day... maybe. 


Nearly four years had passed since Kagome, Inuyasha and the gang finished off Naraku for good. It turns out that the evil bastard was the primary reason why there was so much heck far and wide, and since Naraku wasn't getting any deader, the lands no safer, the young Miko took the liberty of venturing home more frequently to battle with another demon—her studies.

Aside from the ongoing wars between humans, which couldn't be helped, danger from the youkai variety was practically nonexistent. The tranquility threatened to put Inuyasha's trade out of business, and because of that, Kagome, who had always been confident in his strength felt little guilt spending more and more time away from the Edo era in favor of her own time.

Her disappearing act originally commenced once a week, then once every other week until eventually once every other month.

Inuyasha was hung through the motions.

At first, he didn't take her desire to excel at her studies seriously. Seeing Kagome only once a week? Like hell he would. During those first few years of adjusting to high school life again, Kagome only visited the old time on the weekend—at least that was her plan.

The half-demon was adamant that he would not see his Miko only once a week and invited himself to continuously stalk across time in pursuit of her. Kagome originally pretended that it annoyed her on the outside-much to Inuyasha's amusement-but on the inside, that couldn't have been further from the truth. Then, she loved that adorable dog-eared fool and just having him around felt good. Really good. Your crush impatiently waiting outside of your school good.

Apparently, if the stalked were fond of the stalker then no boundaries were crossed.

That went on seemingly forever until her senior year of high school. Inuyasha wasn't sure if he truly understood what a college was, but considering how fraught Kagome was during something called the "finals" he knew it had to be very important to her. Despite knowing that he still struggled to adapt to her shift in priorities.

During that year she was particularly consumed by her strange writing book work. He scowled, bitched and tolerated her neglect in the best way a brash young half breed could.

The reason why he did not stay back with Sango, Shippo and the others was that he could not bear to wait a week without seeing her, but when she grew increasingly more indifferent to his presence he began to feel deeply disrespected.

So, one day, and after years of steady and growing indifference from her, Inuyasha saw to it to give her a taste of her own medicine. During this visit, and with his clawed hand supporting his head, he huffed and puffed with the intent to capture attention as he sat on her bedroom floor. His companion was doing the usual, studying and ignoring him.

The Miko heard Inuyasha's increasingly aggravating attempts to get her attention but she was just too focused and too accustomed to his antics to care. Kagome was now a sophomore in college and it was crunch time, winter finals loomed and neglected hanyou be damned.

"Kami, wench it's like all you ever do these days is read, read, read. It's fucking annoying," he bit out, but not before sucking his teeth.

No response.

Not so much as an attempt to acknowledge half of his humanity.

Too prideful to admit that he grew tired of feeling slighted, his clothing angrily shifted and swished as he scrambled onto his feet. He was visually irritated standing there in the middle of her bedroom, unsure of what to do next. He finally settled on crossing his arms and glaring at the back of her head with fury, swearing something he didn't mean in his head. To that his features creased, transforming into anguished longing as he watched her carry on with her writing.

Having noticed his crowded movements in her peripheral, her hand writing on autopilot, Kagome blessed him with attention.

"Inuyasha, please. Can you just be more patient? I'm almost done," she said with an expectant tone of irritation. He knew that tone all too well. Those days it seemed like that was the only inflection she had to spare when she spoke to him.

The hanyou had enough.

He wasn't going to give her the luxury of taking his loyalty for granted anymore. Debating, he switched between looking at the Miko and her bedroom window. He considered the unthinkable while pouting with silent hurt and hesitant to commit to his gall. "Kagome," she heard him say softly with need, but her issued reply, a frustrated grunt, evidence of her broken concentration had reunited the hanyou with his nerves. "I'm going home," he announced, finding irony in stealing her idiosyncrasies.

Bare feet carried him to the pane that once stood as a portal within a portal. It used to house warmth and romance behind it, but now…

Scant hope remained, and still Inuyasha waned, looking back at his frigid love, hoping, praying that she could be assed to take notice.

She didn't.

He jumped.

She would never admit it to him but she felt relieved that he took it upon himself to leave. Years ago, she would have immediately stopped what she was doing to tend to his emotional state but now…

Circumstances and feelings differed…

Besides, if she was to become an archaeologist she would need to study hard and not allow Inuyasha's theatrics to distract her. He could wait a few more days until she hopped over to visit him and the rest of the gang anyway.


Back in his own era, Inuyasha sat by the well, confident that it would only be a matter of time before his Kagome came rushing back with an apology.

Well, that shit didn't happen.

Dusk approached and she was nowhere to be found. Seething with disbelief he sprang up into a nearby tree and sulked. He didn't see her again for a few more days. What made matters worse is that when that day arrived not only did she pretend she didn't slight him she never said she was sorry for neglecting him.

As always arranged, every week she visited for a few days with modern goodies in her bag. Normally, everyone gathered around Kaede's residence during this time. Sango and Miroku returned a day before her scheduled arrival.

Where they went during the week no one knew.

They were in that magical honeymoon phase of their relationship. In all honesty, they probably could have been tossing rocks in a lake somewhere and chances are they would have had the time of their lives doing so.

The thought of their happiness irritated Inuyasha more than he liked to admit. He never thought he would feel jealous of their new-found love.  Sango was okay with the monk caressing her body in once off-limits places.

That really made Inuyasha see red.

Goddammit, he bitterly thought to himself as he melodramatically stuffed his clawed hands into the sleeves of his fire rat clothing.

And Kagome over there is actin' like she don't give a damn about me. Goddamn, this is pissing me off.

Little did he know of the thoughts and emotions Kagome would soon put him through. Coming to grips with seeing her a few times a week one thing, adjusting to seeing her a few times a month was agony.

As her senior year neared the finish line he struggled with the notion that Kagome would always put her studies before him. The days of his adorable companion rushing back to be with him were coming to an end.

The realization of such was depressing.

At first, he acted as if it didn't bother him. His indifference was obviously a lie but he dared not tell anyone of his feelings, let alone Kagome. Chances are she wouldn't have given a fuck anyway.

Everyone else adjusted to her less than frequent visits. They had other things to do. Even Shippo had other activities to fill in his free time. He often disappeared for longer stretches of time than Kagome to train his demon abilities with other young foxes.

One thing for sure, all this peace was becoming a real drain. And like before he found himself spending more and more time alone. The sting of her visiting less and less dulled with time—until she reopened the wound of his longing for her by showing up every so often.

And that was how things were. At least until a power-hungry dragon demon shattered the peace near the Northern mountains. That demon caused such a fuss that a messenger sought out the skills of the trusty ol' gang. Suddenly there was something to do, much to the relief of Inuyasha. With Shippo and the miko busy with their own studies, it was up to the half-demon, the slayer and the monk to ensure that tranquility was restored.

To say the least Inuyasha was pretty freaking excited and itching to get the show on the road. The journey was expected to be long and challenging. The destructive dragon's territory was in a region far away. Inuyasha could run for days on end and it would still take weeks to get there, let alone scale the mountainous terrain.

"Better check ya shit now because once we get going I ain't turning back for nothin'." Miroku nodded at the hanyou and asked Sango if she had the necessary supplies. After she assured the monk that she had everything they needed the trio made way out of Kaede's village.

"Okay, I've got Sango's tampons, Miroku's deodorant and Inuyasha's favorite snacks," Kagome mumbled to herself.

It was time for her bi-monthly trip to the old time. Finals were brutal this year but she aced her exams and was relieved that it was now winter break. Only during these periods of extended vacation did she visit more frequently. She knew her friends would be stoked to see her more often during those few weeks.

Satisfied with her haul she made her way down the stairs and told her mother she was leaving. Knowing where she was going Kagome's mom told her to be careful as she walked out the front door.

"Oh wow… it's so cold out here this morning."

Zipping up her jacket she walked towards the magical shrine.


Inuyasha wasn't the only one who felt restless these days.

Sesshomaru found himself wandering across Japan more frequently. With the western lands secure he often roamed outside of his royal territory, slaying the odd unruly demon when he felt like it. But that opportunity didn't come around too often and quite frankly he was bored. He didn't intend to make his way towards Inuyasha's forest it just so happened to be in the way.

Rumor has it a young dragon came of age and was itching to expand his territory.

Unfortunately, for that young upstart the demon lord intended to investigate, and by investigate that meant destroy.

Gracefully, he traveled through the still forest as a cool and gentle breeze stirred his tress.

Then he registered a familiar scent.

It had been nearly four years since he last smelled her but he knew who it was.

Inuyasha's miko.

It's not that her scent surprised him or anything. No, not at all. What intrigued him was how her essence seemingly appeared out of thin air. He should have detected her before he entered the wooded area.

Sure, she was miko but she was still ill-trained. Her aura insured of him that very fact, but how did she gain the ability to completely hide her scent and energy despite that?

Silently, he strode in the direction of her smell, suppressing his overwhelming youki as he went.

Before he happened upon Kagome, in one swift motion he leaped into a tree and concealed himself from her view. Hiding his youki would suffice. It's not like she would be able to detect him by scent.


Kagome was hauling herself out of a weathered-looking well. Sesshomaru could smell that his half-brother traveled to this area regularly but the scent was stale. It has been some time since he last been there but why did he hang around this area anyway? And why was the miko pulling herself from this well? Surely, she couldn't have been doing it for her own amusement.

Humans were strange indeed.

Mildly interested, a sheet of cascading silver spilled over his shoulder as he cocked his head to one side, soaking in the girl below.

She changed.

While she didn't look to be much older, she did age rapidly compared to him due to her own morality. It would take the young master another several hundred years to match her progression.

Her hair slightly longer, figure ever so curvier, amber slid up and down her form. Kagome didn't have on that indecent and flowy outfit but her clothes were still rather revealing, albeit in a different way.

Sesshomaru had never seen such form-fitting pants. It looked as if the material had been painted on the lower half of her body. So taut were her tights he could see her rear and thighs jiggling with each stride.

Sesshomaru scoffed and looked away.

It's not like he was checking her out or anything…

He pushed her figure out of his mind remained puzzled as to why it seemed like she appeared out of thin air. Something wasn't right here and he was fascinated enough to stick around and try to find out what was going on.

He continued to stalk the ningen as she looked around, confused.

Kagome expected her friends to be there and waiting for her. She assumed they were most likely occupied with something else in the village, so, she made her way down the worn path to Kaede's hut, unable to shake a nagging feeling that, perhaps, she wasn't alone on the outskirts of the forest.


She didn't see her comrades as she walked through the village.

That was unusual.

If they weren't by the well they were normally someplace nearby. When she got to Kaede's home she walked in and greeted her. Despite her disappointment, she was always happy to see that the old priestess was still in good health for her age.

Always generous the old woman offered Kagome some of her delicious stew.

"Thanks, but I'm not hungry right now. I'll probably eat when everyone else gets back."

"My child you'll wither away to nothing by the time the others return," Kaede replied as she took a large spoon to her simmering meal.

"Wait, what? Where did they go?"

Kaede covered the pot and slowly lowered her old bones onto a lovely pillow the thoughtful miko gifted her. Kagome plopped down next to her, a testament of her youth, and gave the old woman her full attention.

"Inuyasha and the others were summoned to kill a demon far away from here. Not just any demon but a dragon demon. I'm afraid ye will not get to see them for at least another new moon."


It was just an ordinary well.

Sesshomaru entertained the idea that maybe there was a secret passage inside but after looking down he only saw vines that spread across the walls and a branch that didn't quite reach the bottom.

The miko's scent was utterly saturated here. For whatever reason she had been crawling out of that well for years. That didn't make any sense. Neither did the surge of power it also emitted. He recognized that energy.

The demon recalled when she fired a sacred arrow in his direction during the period when he was after his brother's blade. It gave him the same hair-raising sensation then too.

There weren't many things in his time that left him wondering. Curiosity was novel. So, he permitted it to take seize and jumped into the well.

Things were getting weird for the Lord of the West down there.

He noticed that his greatest sense was significantly hindered while standing at the bottom. A nagging discomfort spread across his body, akin to walking through a weakened barrier.

His jaw rigid with annoyance, the nosy youkai took in every inch of the enclosed space.

Sesshomaru didn't come any closer to figuring out the mystery. If anything all he did was change his point of view - at least until an object fell from the heavens and knocked him upside his head.

An involuntary snarl tore from his throat and ricocheted around him. In an instant, purely reactionary, he engaged his poison claws and impaled what dared to accost his perfect head of silk.

Kagome, startled and having no more than a leg in the well, jerked and said, "What the…"

A satchel? Disregarding the tiny voice in his head that suggested that he overreacted, Sesshomaru glanced up and saw her before she saw him.

With no effort, he sprang out of well and balanced himself on the rim. The red that had bled into his pools slowly dissipated as their eyes met.

Kagome was given the fright of her life, and when that mother fucker popped out of the ground like deranged daisy she nearly purified him.

"What the—Sesshomaru?!," she screamed, "W-why are you here?"

As his features calmed, he stepped off the lip and gave her the pleasure of staring at his back. The demon lord was peering into the well again, and there was a contemplative hush before he responded.

"Ningen, why did you throw your carrier into this well?"

Kagome hesitated.

Sesshomaru had no reason to ever come near Inuyasha's forest. He was the last person on earth she ever expected to come bursting out of the portal to her time.

"Uh, no reason." She lied. Why the hell is he here?

Sesshomaru allowed a small frown to disturb his face as a variety of skeptical silence stretched out between them.

What broke the hush was the gentle flit of his hair sliding over his fine clothing as he gave her a sidelong glance from over his armored shoulder. The demon before her could detect her anxiety- and her lie.

"Do you take me for a fool?"

"I-what I do with my things is none of your business! You nearly gave me a heart attack!'

Devastating silence.

"Your property struck this one. My request to know why is valid," he said flatly.

Something fell to the bottom of Kagome's skull. She suspected it was her brain falling out her mouth. Sesshomaru was still staring at her out of the corner of his eye. She caught his gaze and shifted her attention to his feet. It was wise not to cross this demon. She had to be clever. The problem was how does one pull the wool over the eyes of the ultimate canine?

"You had no reason to be in there. It's your own fault you were in the way of my bag," She imparted with an air of faux self-righteousness, if not all out rudeness.

Sesshomaru all but scoffed as he turned around.

She really intended to try him. Not to say he was the least bit surprised. Humans were incapable of genuine respect unless their lives were in danger.

Her tone irked him. She spoke to his half-brother in such a way but to speak to the Lord of the West as if his presence was nothing more than an inconvenience was unacceptable.

"Ningen, when this one questions you he expects answers. Are you aware of who you are speak— "

"—Youkai…" Kagome cut in, her voice tight, "I'm aware of who I'm speaking to, and still you have no right appear out of nowhere and question my motives."

Sesshomaru bit back a snarl, the corners of his mouth twitching. The gall of this mortal.

Youkai had various stations. She not only cut him off but she had the audacity to just refer to him as a demon, like they were all the same.

Through the grace of Kami was the only reason he didn't strike her down where she stood. Her tone...that tone of hers proved she wasn't accustomed to acknowledging superiors.

The aristocrat then decided that it was up to him to educate her. After all, Sesshomaru was a lord who was fond of higher education, and it would be a shame if her lack of tact ended up being the reason why she suddenly turned up missing.

He glided over to her, invading her personal space and stopping just shy of a hand's length from her face.

Okay, so she fucked up.

One of the most powerful beings in this time was glaring down at her.

Taking a glance, she caught his gaze and threw it back, looking away when she felt a shiver crawl up her spine.

Eyes like Inuyasha's yet so different. Behind that collected demeanor was a feral force that came standard with pristine linage, and the first time in years she truly felt intimidated.

But there was something else she was feeling. Too aware of her morality at that very moment she involuntary pushed that other unknown sensation elsewhere.


Because her senses were short-circuiting.

She was positive smoke billowed from her ears.

The Inuyoukai was unmoved, he stood tall and domineering, daring her to break her rank and meet his gold again.

"Lord Sesshomaru," he said so close she could feel it. Kagome held her breath half to death. "That is what you will refer to me as, do you understand, Miko?"

When she nodded vigorously his amber eyes narrowed.

"Look at me. I cannot hear you."

"Yes, Lord Sesshomaru," She squeaked as she inched away from him.

He didn't move.

His eyes followed her and she crept ever so closer to the well.

When she felt the rim grazing against the back of her leg she sat down on the ledge.

"You will answer me. Why did you throw your— "

Kagome tilted her body and fell backwards.

Sesshomaru thought the girl had gone mad until it hit him—an intense wave of energy that raised every hair far and wide across his body.

It felt like the power he sensed at the bottom of the portal, only this time it was a lot stronger, more than he had ever imagined.

In an instant, her scent, her energy— everything was gone. It was if she was never there to begin with.

The wandering prince moved to peer down the well.

His brows rose to his fringe.

How interesting. She vanished.

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