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The Girl and The Tree by Jelly


Disclaimer: Inuyasha is not mine... sadly.

Author's Note: First fanfiction, everyone! Constructive criticism welcome! I'm super excited to take the leap finally. I've been wanting to write something for years, and at last I've got the nerve. So yay! Hope you all enjoy; I know I will.

"This itches..." Kagome muttered under her breath while shifting her position on the ground beneath the Goshinboku. The miko allowed her worry-clouded, blue eyes to open and shift about the well's clearing as discretely as possible. She had to be covert with her actions and that was exceedingly difficult in these fuedal times when her mixture of demonic and skilled companions were frustratingly good at popping out at the most inopportune times, especially one increasingly mischievous kitsune.

Despite valiant attempts to concentrate, itching and wandering thoughts stole her train of thought leading her to wonder at the cause of her discomfort. She was trying out this traditional clothing thing for a while. The pros had seemed to outweigh the cons at the time. Unflattering moments seemed to pass her over for once whenever she wore the red and white miko garbs. No indecent flashing, no worries when weather changed suddenly, and heck, more fabric meant that no one could tell when she was bloated from certain feminine times - Considering she no longer had access to modern medications that was a big plus!

At least... The pros did seem to win out. The dark-haired girl was still rather clumsy on occasion, and as she grew older it became more apparent that she wasn't going to grow out of that trait any time soon. So, thoughtfully, she had made concessions to her wardrobe. However, the drawbacks of age-old clothing were also... significant, and that was aside from the fact that they made her favor Kikyo.

Yes, there were plenty of good points but... Pursing her lips, she'd crane her neck one last time about the immediate area before reaching a hand to her right flank and scraping her nails against the heavy fabric in attempts to soothe the itch that had developed after sitting for so long in the same position. Of course, it wasn't that simple and light scraping turned to slightly more urgent scratching. Her skin was so not used to this coarse fabric!

The priestess flushed prettily in embarrassment, imagining how she must look to any hidden eyes, but her butt itched to high heaven! She was supposed to be meditating and had been doing quite well actually until her current predicament took over. The God Tree was always a peaceful place. There always seemed to be a gentle breeze here, a ticklish sort of wind carrying a feeling of warmth that was altogether soothing and reassuring. Funny enough as she scratched herself like a dog in the early morning light that same gentle wind seemed to harbor laughter.


Let me know what you guys think... I know it's not much but I definitely plan to stick with this idea until the end! With that being said, expect sporadic updates. My inspiration comes in spurts. - Ja ne!


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