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The Protector by Evellin

The Protector

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The Protector

Author: Evellin

Genre: Romance, Angst

Rating: MA

Type: One Shot snippet (125 words)

Theme: Release

Summary: (Weekly Dokuga_Official Snippet) He was death. She was life. And together, they protect one another. -A prequel to 'The Predator' by Evellin, and a continuation of 'The Pyre' by Evellin.

As the pyre became engulfed, and her Mate's flesh set ablaze, Kagome screamed. It was a scream that went on for eternity. It was a scream that ignited her soul.

It was a scream that pulled at the fountain of power deep within.

Two brutes held her arms hostage. This was the first to change; her holy power bursting into pink flames, consuming her being and those in contact. Instantly their screams joined hers, only to vanish when they fell to dust.

Then, as Kagome released her awesome power, the fire once executing Sesshomaru became no more. The holy binds once holding him hostage unfurled. And as her Mate smirked in gleeful blood-lust, her scream came to an end. With it, she fell to oblivion.


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