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DISCOVERIES by sesshys_jaded_samuri

Chapter I


By sesshys_jaded_samuri

(Genna Hoggins)

Kagome left the cabin that she shared with Rin and Sango in search of the rest of the group to find out where they had gone after she fell asleep. She had been studying so hard for her upcoming exams that she had worn herself out and taken a nap, and when she had woken up, both Rin and Sango were gone. She was nearly to the cabin that InuYasha and Miroku were sharing when the sound of hushed voices drew her attention. Quietly, she made her way towards the sound. She steadily inched forward, only to be brought to a halt by the words that reached her ears.

"I can't believe we had to drag her along," came Miroku's voice. "She's just no fun."

Kagome's breath caught in her throat.

"That's not fair, Miroku," Rin interceded. "Kagome has her moments. She's just kind of shy, that's all."

"I thought she'd never go to sleep. I mean honestly, can you imagine how she would act if she knew what we were really out here doin'?" InuYasha's voice cut through the night air followed by a soft moan.

"Leave it alone, InuYasha," Sango said. "My mom wouldn't have let me come at all if I hadn't told her that Kagome was coming too. That's the only reason I invited her."

"Either way," Miroku said amidst the sound of rustling fabric, "I, for one, have no interest in that prude little twit joining our fun. Now come here," he said followed by a squeal from Rin.

Kagome peeked over the windowsill to see Rin, naked and on her knees in front of the likewise naked InuYasha and Miroku. Both men had their cocks displayed proudly before her open mouth. Sango, who was also as naked as they day she had been born, was kneeling behind Rin, her tongue seeking the girl's nectar as she worked a finger in and out of her rectum. Kagome watched in morbid fascination as InuYasha pushed Sango from her place so that he could sheath himself in Rin's heat while Miroku filled her mouth with his cock. Sango got on her knees and joined Rin in her oral worship of Miroku's staff, turning her ass to InuYasha so that he could fill her eager holes with his fingers while he pumped into Rin.

The next words that spilled from InuYasha's lips next were the ones that sent Kagome scurrying into the darkness. "The only reason I even hang around with her is 'cuz she helps me with my homework. I mean damn, Kagome's so boring that I doubt she'll ever find anyone willing to fuck her."

Kagome didn't hear anything else that was said. She had heard all that she needed. 'I thought they were my friends,' she chastised herself as she headed back to her cabin. "Humph, some friends they are."

She angrily began to pack her belongings into her backpack. She felt horribly betrayed by her so-called friends now that she knew what they really thought about her, and with that in mind, she sat down and using a scratch piece of paper, she wrote them a note to find whenever they returned.

To my so-called friends,

Rather than stay here, where I am obviously not welcome, I have decided to go home. I have called a taxi and will be gone before you ever read this note. I'm sure it won't make much difference to you anyway... unless, of course, anyone needs help with their homework. Ring any bells, InuYasha? I might be shy and a 'prude little twit', but at least I don't get on my knees for the campus whores. Once you get home, I don't want to hear from ANY of you... just leave me be and go find someone else to use. Don't worry. I won't snitch about your little orgy, though judging from what I saw, I'm sure this wasn't the first time. Your secret is safe. Just don't expect me to cover your asses again... ever.


PS: Miroku... Akane and Chinsei have been know to carry STDs, so you should really see a doctor about that could be something besides jock itch.

That done, Kagome slipped silently from the cabin that she had shared with the other two girls and made her way towards the office. Without a backward glance, she moved silently through the wooded areas that were scattered between the other cabins.

Kagome made her way through the darkness to the office that sat near the front of the campgrounds, weaving her way silently around the occasional cluster of other cabins. But much to her dismay, when she reached the main cabin, she found that there was no one there. There were no lights on and it was locked tight. She huffed silently to herself and turned to make her way back to her cabin. 'Well that plan is shot all to hell,' she thought bitterly.

Thunder rumbled ominously overhead as her cabin came into view. 'I wonder why I didn't notice that before,' she pondered as she began to fumble through her purse for the key. Coming up empty-handed, she began to dig a little more diligently. Lightning cracked behind her, causing her to jump. She paused in her search briefly as she reached the darkened doorway. In her mind, Kagome recounted her actions prior to her hasty departure. "Mou," she exclaimed as she slapped her hand against her forehead, "I left my key on the nightstand. Now what?"

She closed her eyes in defeat as a fat and heavy raindrop plopped happily onto her cheek. "I just had to ask," she said aloud. The first raindrop was followed swiftly by several more random drops. Lightning once again slashed across the sky as the rain became more and more frequent. Resigned to the fact that she was going to get soaked no matter what she did, Kagome turned and began her trek back up to the office, telling herself that at least there was a porch to shelter her.


Sesshomaru sat silently in front of his laptop. He had long ago finished the essay that he had been working on for the meteorology class he was taking in college. He had agreed to come along on this trip so that he could get away from his father and his new stepmother, Izayoi.

It's not that he didn't like the woman. It was the fact that she was trying entirely too hard to get him to like her. That - and the fact that his father could not seem to keep himself from showing just how happy he was to see her every time he came home from work. Watching his father grind suggestively against his stepmother's backside as she tried to cook dinner was getting rather old - as was the fact that when they finally did take it up to their room, he could still hear them. He was happy that his father had finally found someone to spark his interest after the untimely death of his and InuYasha's mother several years ago, but he should at least have the decency not to flaunt his arousal in front of his sons. Honestly, they both knew what was going on. They did not need, or want, a visual demonstration from their parents.

Sesshomaru sighed as he thought of the girl that perked his own interest. He had known her since she was ten. She was his brother's friend, or so she thought. Sesshomaru knew that InuYasha didn't really want her around. He knew that the only reason that InuYasha and his little group of degenerate friends allowed her to hang around them was the fact that she helped them all with their homework. Despite the fact that she was obviously smarter than the others, she only looked for the best in people; therefore she didn't see that she was only being used. It disturbed Sesshomaru somewhat that once reality slapped her in the face, she would become less trusting. The possibility of her never coming around again was disturbing in a way that he wasn't ready to define.

A rather aggressive clap of thunder drew him from his thoughts briefly as the cabin vibrated. He was glad that he had insisted that the others get their own cabins, rather than sharing his father's cabin with him. He could only imagine what was going on at this very moment. He figured that the girls had ditched Kagome and high-tailed it to InuYasha's cabin for a night of playing 'hide-the-salami', as Miroku so uncouthly put it.

Sesshomaru got up and tossed another log into the fireplace to ward off the chill of the late November night, and then he sat back down at his laptop. With nothing else to do, he began to browse the internet randomly. It was not long before pop-ups for porn sites began to appear on his screen; and he, having the brilliant and devious mind that he did, promptly hacked in to one of them. Viola! Free Porn!

After downloading several short clips, he came across a sample that caught his eye. At first glance, the girl featured looked much like Kagome, but it was difficult to tell since the sample was so tiny. Sesshomaru quickly downloaded the file and opened it. He was sure that Kagome would never do something so bold as let someone film her while she screwed some random guy, but the resemblance was uncanny. All similarity ended, however, the moment that the girl on the film clip opened her mouth to talk. Where Kagome had a soft and insecure, feminine voice, the girl on the computer screen had a voice that grated on his nerves - a voice that he would never forget. He had heard it too many times to count, screaming out the name of his brother.

The voice belonged to InuYasha's ex-girlfriend and Kagome's older cousin, Kikyo, or as Sesshomaru called her, the neighborhood doorknob. Every guy in the neighborhood had taken a turn at one time or another; and though no one else knew, even his father had gotten a piece of her, as disgusting as THAT thought was. Even Sesshomaru had screwed her once a couple of years prior at a huge graduation party. He had been drunk off of his ass and as horny as a buck in mating season. Both Kagome and Kikyo had been there, but in his drunken stupor, he had not been able to tell the difference when Kikyo had approached him. He had taken her upstairs and fucked the hell out of her on Miroku's bedroom floor, only to realize his mistake as he began to sober.

Sesshomaru clicked to download the next file of Kagome's cousin and then reached down to pull the drawstring of his loose cotton pants and free his rapidly swelling cock. The fact that Kikyo looked so much like Kagome made it easy for Sesshomaru close his eyes and imagine that it was Kagome making those noises as he listened to the sounds coming from his computer. It was easy for him to visualize that it was Kagome's hand running up and down the length of his cock instead of his own. He grit his teeth as he imagined the feel of her plump lips wrapped around him as he pumped into his own hand.

A sudden crack of lightning and what sounded like a whimper ripped his attention back to reality.


The temperature had begun to drop drastically as Kagome made her way back towards the front of the campground in search of shelter. Small particles of freezing rain began to cling to her already soaked clothing. As a flash of lightning lit the area briefly, Kagome realized that what she had assumed was only a simple thunderstorm, was in all reality the beginnings of a blizzard. If the temperature continued to drop, she knew that there was no way she would survive. She was startled out of her musings by lightning striking a nearby tree. She let out a frightened whimper as a large branch crashed to the ground.


Sesshomaru quickly retied his pants and rushed to the door. A blast of icy air hit him full force as he opened it to peer out into the darkness. Above the sound of the wind rushing through the trees, another whimper reached him. Another flash of lightning revealed a soaking wet form standing about twenty feet from his door... a soaking wet female that he recognized.

"Kagome?" he questioned briefly before another clap of thunder caused the girl to squeal. He opened the door fully and motioned for her to come inside. "Come inside, girl, before you freeze to death."

Kagome wasted no time in getting in out of the sleet. But once inside, she froze like a deer caught in headlights. She had secretly admired the elder of the pale-haired brothers since she had moved in down the street from them at age ten. She had always found him attractive, well, at least since she had hit her teens. She had always looked up to Sesshomaru for his confident attitude and obvious intellect. Now, she found herself standing in his cabin with her teeth chattering while she stared at the puddle her dripping clothes was creating on his floor.

"Why were you out in the storm?" Sesshomaru asked.

Kagome softly shook her head in reply, sending water droplets flying from the wet strands of hair that stuck to her face. "It doesn't matter," she said, refusing to look him in the eyes.

Sesshomaru frowned at her refusal to talk to him. He turned abruptly and disappeared into the bathroom. He returned with a towel, which he handed to her. "You need to get out of those clothes before you get sick. Go take a shower and change," he ordered as he shoved the towel into her hand. "We can talk later."

Kagome immediately followed his instructions and disappeared into the bathroom and hurriedly shut the door behind her, but not before blushing hotly as she caught herself admiring his retreating backside.

Sesshomaru made his way into the kitchen to start some hot chocolate. He was not sure why Kagome had been out in the storm to begin with, but he was certain that his miscreant brother had something to do with it. He was certain that his wretched sibling was somehow at fault. He cursed to himself at the stupidity that InuYasha never failed to show.

Sesshomaru frowned again as a particularly strong gust of cold wind shook the glass in the kitchen window. He took the two mugs of hot chocolate and went back into the den and reluctantly turned on the television. To his surprise, he realized that if he had paid more attention to the news instead of turning it off after the stock reports to submerse himself in finishing his term paper, he would have known that the arctic front that they had not been expecting until next week had pushed through unexpectedly and they were going to be snowed in. He smirked smugly as he imagined the look on InuYasha's face when he realized that they would have to venture out into the weather because it had been decided that the girls would manage the food supplies for the week, therefore all of their food was at the girls' cabin. Sesshomaru, however, had no worries as far as food or supplies went. Since he was mostly appalled at the type of junk that InuYasha and his friends ate, Sesshomaru brought his own - in abundance.

He switched off the television only to be assaulted by the sounds that Kagome was making in the shower. A soft humming could be heard as she bathed, but every once in a while a soft moan was laced in. Sesshomaru's cock twitched as he imagined the sight of her tiny hands rubbing the soft sponge sensuously over her hardened nipples or a pair of slender and slightly soapy fingers dipping between the folds of her womanhood to stroke and tug on her clit. He let his hand apply a little pressure to his aching cock as he attempted to adjust himself so that his arousal was not quite so obvious.

Several minutes later, Kagome emerged from the bathroom. Sesshomaru's breath hitched in his throat as she rounded the dividing wall. She was wearing a pair of camouflage military cargo pants that sat low on her hips and a black tank top. Her damp hair was mussed and slightly curly, framing her face in a cloud of darkness and accentuating her startling blue eyes and full, pouty lips.

"Thank you, Sesshomaru," Kagome said softly as she closed the bathroom door with a click.

Sesshomaru picked up a mug of hot chocolate and offered it to her. "Here."

Kagome took the offered drink and seated herself at the opposite end of the couch, as far away from Sesshomaru as she could possibly get, and sipped it silently.

"Why were you out in the storm?" Sesshomaru asked.

"How long is it going to last?" she asked, trying to avoid answering his question. She really didn't want to explain what she had seen.

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at her, flustered by her attempt to avoid his question. But he answered anyway. "Two or three days, possibly. Now answer my question."

Kagome sighed in resignation and stared blankly into the creamy, swirling liquid in her mug. "I was leaving," she said softly.

"Leaving? Why? We have the cabins for the rest of the week."

"I know," she replied with a sigh, "but why stay where I am obviously not wanted?"

"Hn. So you now know their true intentions toward you?"

"You could say that."

"I see. And how did you discover their deceit?"

"Why? What difference does it make to you?" Kagome asked angrily. She was not about to give him ammunition to use against her. Call it self defense, but she had just been betrayed by her only friends and Sesshomaru had never been known to be overly friendly to anyone and had often been downright cruel to InuYasha.

"I merely want to know. I am certain that my idiot brother had something to do with it, as his stupidity knows no bounds. I only wish to confirm my suspicions. You have no reason to believe that I would ever harm you with such information, Kagome."

"Don't I?" she hissed. "You have never been exactly friendly with anyone associated with your brother. In fact, I can remember several times that you have been downright mean to him and his friends. And up until an hour ago, I was included in that category."

Quicker than she could blink, Sesshomaru reached across the distance separating them and grabbed her roughly by the upper arm. He dragged her to him, causing her to spill the hot chocolate across both the white couch and her pant leg as he met her face to face. "You will cease your accusations of me, Kagome," he hissed. "I have NEVER done anything against you, EVER; and if I thought you to be as insipid and shallow as the rest of the unruly cretins that hang around InuYasha, I would have left you out in the storm."

Tears welled in her eyes as Kagome struggled to release herself from his painful grasp. "I...I'm sorry," she whimpered as she fought to keep the tears from falling. Once again she tried to pull away, and this time she succeeded.

"I...I'm sorry," she once again apologized as she hurriedly gathered her bag and threw on her still soaking coat. "I won't bother you anymore. I will find somewhere else to weather the storm," she said as she threw the door open and rushed out.

Sesshomaru scrambled to his feet in an attempt to catch her before she made it outside, but ended up having to go out after her. When he caught up to her, she was crumbled into a pile on the sleet-covered ground about thirty feet to the left of the porch, where she had fallen when she slipped.

"Come back inside, Kagome," Sesshomaru said as he reached down to help her to her feet. He frowned slightly as she cringed away from him, but he did not relent. He dragged her to her feet and pulled her along behind him as he headed back inside.

Once there, he closed the door and latched it securely before turning to her with a frown. "Do I have your word that you will make no further attempts to leave?"

Kagome looked at him warily.

"We can talk further when we have both changed," Sesshomaru elaborated. "But before I leave you here, I need your promise that you will not go back out into the weather."

"I won't leave," she said quietly.

"Good. Now go remove your wet clothing. There is a dryer behind the door to the left of the bathroom. Leave them there. Mine will be joining them shortly." With that, he turned and disappeared into his bedroom.


Kagome slipped obediently into the bathroom and once again stripped from her wet clothes. As she began to slide on a pair of shorts, having to forego panties since her last clean pair was now soaking wet, she turned to look at herself in the mirror as InuYasha's words echoed in her head. "Why doesn't anyone like me? Am I really so unattractive?" she asked her reflection as she studied her outline of her body. She turned slightly so that she could see her profile, noting the way that her breasts were firm and pert. She didn't have any excess body fat, so there were no little pudges. Her butt was nice and shapely, not overly round. She just didn't understand why no one found her attractive.


Sesshomaru quickly shed his cold, wet pants and strode across the room to his closet in search of another pair. Foregoing boxers, he pulled a pair of white cotton, lounge pants from a hanger and tugged them on, securing the drawstring snugly around his hips, followed quickly by a crimson colored tank top. He hurriedly scooped up his wet pants and padded out into the hallway to deposit them in the dryer. He paused mid-action as Kagome's voice drew his attention.

"Am I really so unattractive?"

Sesshomaru glanced to his right and discovered that the bathroom door was open a crack. He moved forward and looked through the gap in the door. Kagome was looking at herself in the mirror. He held his breath as she turned and stood on her tip toes so that she could get a better look at her lush backside.

Honestly, Sesshomaru didn't understand what was wrong with Miroku and InuYasha. There was nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with the way Kagome looked. She was not all hard muscle, like Sango; nor did she retain her childish looks, like Rin. Kagome was a petite beauty with nice, soft curves.

Sesshomaru felt his cock twitch back to life when Kagome bent over to pick up the pair of shorts at her feet, presenting him with a wonderful reflection of her ass. He almost groaned as he imagined what it would look like to have her bent over in front of him while he slid his cock into her.

Sesshomaru quickly stepped away from the door and pitched his clothes into the dryer. He heard her gasp as she realized that he was just outside the door. He could hear her rushed movements as she hurriedly finished dressing. Several moments later, she emerged from the bathroom wearing a pair of loose black gym shorts and a black t-shirt that was cropped just above the waist. She pitched her wet clothes into the dryer and rushed past him, her bare feet making a soft slapping noise as she disappeared into the hardwood floored den.

Moments later, after starting the dryer, Sesshomaru moved to join her in the den. When he rounded the diving wall, he found Kagome on her knees with a kitchen rag and a bowl of water, attempting to remove the unsightly stain from the once pristine couch cushions. He cleared his throat to gain her attention. Kagome looked up at him guiltily and then looked down at floor. Her eyes were once again glittering with tears.

"I'm sorry," she apologized softly. "I can't get it out." She sniffled a little. "I didn't mean to ruin your couch."

"It is of no consequence," he replied. "The truth be told, it was my fault to begin with. Do not worry over it." Sesshomaru reached down to help her to her feet and frowned as she once again flinched away from him. He let his hand fall back to his side and looked at her.

"Kagome," he said to once again gain her attention, "I know that it is out of my character, but I would apologize for my earlier actions. I should not have grabbed you in such a manner."

"It's ok," she replied softly. "It's partly my fault too. I should not have said what I did. I was being rude when all you were doing was trying to help. I'm sorry for acting like an ungrateful bitch."

"Don't worry about the couch. We can always flip the cushions over. As often as we come up here, I doubt that anyone will ever notice. And if they do...I will simply blame InuYasha."

Kagome looked up at him to find that he had a mischievous smirk plastered across his sensuous lips. "I guess," Kagome giggled and then blushed when her stomach rumbled in reminder that she had missed dinner.

"Have you eaten dinner yet?" Sesshomaru asked. When Kagome shook her head, he continued. "Have a seat in front of the fireplace. I'll be back in a minute." With that, he turned and disappeared into the kitchen.

Kagome pushed herself up from her position in front of the couch and walked over to the fireplace. She dropped down and made herself comfortable on the huge bear skin rug that was stretched out in front of it. She leaned back on her hands and stretched her feet out in front of her, wiggling her toes in the heat. She laced her fingers through the fur of the rug, silently wondering what kind of bear it had been and alternately, what that same fur would feel like against the rest of her skin. She was brought out of her musings when Sesshomaru cleared his throat.

He was standing only a foot away holding a tray with a tea pot and a pair of cups. Kagome quickly came up to her knees and took it from him and sat it on the floor at the edge of the rug. He retreated into the kitchen only to reappear with another platter. This one had two plates of lasagna on it. Kagome looked at her watch in confusion. 'I know I haven't been sitting here THAT long!' she thought.

Sesshomaru chuckled at her obvious confusion. "Leftovers," he explained. "I made it last night. I refuse to eat the garbage that my brother considers food, so I brought my own to fix." With that, he placed that tray on the rug in front of her and then sat down. He handed her a plate and then poured her a cup of tea but opted to leave it on the tray.

"Oh kami," Kagome exclaimed after the first bite, "this is awesome. I mean, WOW!"

Sesshomaru chuckled lightly and continued to eat.

After a silent dinner, Kagome took the trays into the kitchen and washed the plates while Sesshomaru brought in more firewood from the back porch. When Kagome returned from the kitchen, Sesshomaru was stretched out on the rug in front of the fireplace. He motioned for her to have a seat.

"You never answered my question," he pointed out.

"Which one?" she asked while looking around the room.

"I asked you how you discovered their deceit."

"Oh, that one. I was hoping that you forgot."

"Hmph. Not likely. I have a rather good memory. Now stop skirting the issue and answer my question."

"I have been studying so hard for the upcoming exams that I got tired. When I woke up, both Rin and Sango were gone, so I figured that they had gone to the guys' cabin. I was going to fetch the others to see what they wanted for dinner and..." she trailed off.

"What happened? What made you decide to leave?" Sesshomaru inquired.

"I was almost to the door of InuYasha's cabin, when I heard them talking. They were saying how they were glad that I had finally fallen asleep and that the only reason that I was invited was because Sango's mother would not have let her come without me. InuYasha said that the only reason that he lets me hang around is because I help him with his studies and that he was sure I would freak out if I knew..." she paused as her body flushed with heat at the remembrance of what they had been doing.

Sesshomaru noticed the flush on her cheeks and smirked. He knew what she had seen. He paused mid thought when he noticed the tears that slipped silently down her cheeks. "What else did they say? What you have told me thus far would not make you cry? What is it that hurt you so?"

"Miroku called me a prude little twit..." her voice dropped to no more than a whisper as she continued, "and InuYasha said that I was so boring that I would never find anyone willing to fuck me..."

Sesshomaru silently cursed his brother for that comment. It was his words that had Kagome so upset. It was his words that had caused her self-examination in the bathroom earlier to see if she was unattractive. If his brother was so blind, then that was his problem.

Sesshomaru reached across and used his fingers to wipe away some of her tears. "It's not true," he said.


"What InuYasha said is not true. You are not boring. There are many people who find you attractive."


Sesshomaru came to his hands and knees and crawled over to her. He placed his mouth next to her ear. "And there are most definitely people who want to fuck you."

Kagome shivered as his hot breath fanned across her neck and shoulder.

"I've wanted to fuck you for years," he said as he sucked her earlobe into his mouth.

Kagome gasped as the attention he was giving her neck caused her nipples to tighten in reaction.


The sudden noise from his laptop across the room was blaringly loud in the heated tension developing between them. Kagome stiffened slightly. Sesshomaru pulled away and got to his feet, heading quickly over to the laptop, trying to get to it before the file went into auto-load. But alas, he was not quick enough. When he was but a few steps away, the media player opened and Kikyo's voice began to moan throughout the room...




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