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War of the Clans by M-Angel 05

Meeting the Father's Clan

WARNING: If you did not read Am I Going Crazy? then you may be left confused at the beginning of this story.


Months have passed since the incident with the fox. Since then Kagome had been being courted by Sesshomaru. She found his company calming and that he being a Lord wasn't as big of deal as she'd thought. He taught her everything about his and Inuyasha's clan through their father, though according to him they didn't even know Inuyasha existed because Sesshomaru never introduced him into the clan.

His mother's clan were the true rulers, the marriage between his mother InuKimi and father Inu no Taisho was to bring two powerful silver Inu clans together; one were warriors and the other were rulers. When his father, the Great Dog General had mated the ruling clan through InuKimi it had been thought it'd bring peace between the two clans; however once his fathers death had occurred it had been thrusted upon Sesshomaru to become the head of both clans. He'd rebelled and only became a Lord with power to become both a ruler and warrior; though he enjoyed the warrior more than the ruler and left the ruling to his mother. This allowed him to fight in wars, create boundaries and strengthen the Western Lands. Without the politics he could end a war before it began. He was what most of his mother's clan called a vagabond Prince.

When he'd told her that his mother's clan didn't truly care for him or his idea's she'd gotten upset; saying they should not only respect him, but fear him. He'd just smirked and decided to shut her up by kissing her.

His kisses, as it turned out were perfect like himself. They made her breathless and loose all thought process. When he'd pull away she'd have a dreamy look upon her face or she'd grab his haori and pull him in for another.

Inuyasha hadn't been too upset in finding out she and Sesshomaru were soulmates. It hadn't made him happy either. However, Sesshomaru had taken the hanyou aside and when Kagome found them they'd been actually talking. Inuyasha had vanished afterwards.

Here it was the end of summer and there was no signs of her hanyou friend returning any time soon. Shippo would be leaving for the fall training and Rin would be returning with Sesshomaru to his palace fortress that he kept hidden away. She sighed as she looked down from the hill overlooking Edo before looking at the sparkling bracelet Sesshomaru had given her. It had amethysts with tiny moon charms on it. Each charm had some of his youki in them so he could keep track of her and know she was safe when he wasn't around.

Standing up she dusted off her kimono that she'd gotten a few weeks ago from her time. It was made of a thick material that was lightweight for summer but warm for the still cool evenings. It was a single layered kimono that flared out at the hips. It was a black with light red and yellow flowers on it. Her sandles were from her time and had a strap that wrapped around her ankle. Sesshomaru had requested she'd wear this color today. Stretching she began her decent from the hill and walked towards the village when she'd felt a burst of youki. Turning she found Sesshomaru landing in his ball of light form. When the light vanished she found him in something other than his normal clothes. Same patters but only the main color was now black with red around his collar and a red sash around his waist.

Her walked up to her, pulled her towards him by her waist. "Tsuma." He said as he nuzzled her neck with his nose. Her cheeks flushed. A week ago they'd gone to her time, together and introduced him to her family. She and her mother had gone shopping, only to come back to a house decorated and a wedding kimono on her bed. They'd gotten married in her time by her grandfather; yet that hadn't consummated. They planned to do that on the night of the crescent moon when he'd fully mate her; which was tonight.

"Otto." She sighed as he lifted her chin slightly and kissed her lips.

Just then she felt another wave of youki. It wasn't just one, but many. Breaking his kiss she looked up at him with worry only for him to give her a reassuring look. First to rush out of the forest was Inuyasha. His hair tied in a hightail, black carapace armor adorned his shoulders, chest and back. Under that was his firerat and on his feet were black steel pointed boots. Tenssaiga on his hip as he came to a stop in front of Kagome. Second came a female Inu with silver hair and bright blue eyes. She wore a red kimono dress that stopped at her knees, a black sash tied in the front and two black leather gloves with twin daggers hooked to her wrists and black knee high boots. She came up behind Inuyasha and wrapped her arms around him from behind. He shrugged at Kagome who had wide eyes as she suddenly saw twenty to thirty others coming out of the forest.

Looking up at Sesshomaru who smiled at her she put her hands on her hips. "Who are they?" She asked causing Inuyasha to laugh.

"They are this one's father's clan." He stated as he seemed slightly uncomfortable. "The elders remain in the forest." He tugged her hand just as he spotted the monk and slayer making their way up to where they were, his mokomoko slithered off of his shoulder onto hers.

Inuyasha turned and saw them. "I'll tell 'em what's going on." He stated as he pulled the young woman behind him.

Kagome looked up at Sesshomaru. "What is going on?" She asked as he led her into the forest. She watched as both men and women parted; letting them pass peacefully. One young woman approached Kagome and placed two black combs with ruby gems on them in her hair.

"We are going to mate tonight." He stated causing her cheeks to flush. "However before we can you must meet the elders." Kagome began to feel dread fill her. "This was to to happen months ago, but they never stay in the same place. So I sent Inuyasha to find them. Then he had to convince them to come after he passed their tests that stated he was this one's brother." Swallowing hard she gave a nod as she walked by his side.

Looking down at her, he felt pride. He had felt her initial panic; however she had stomped that down and now was allowing her aura to flow around herself. She was glowing a soft pink which was making his green aura flare as they walked into the middle of the clan of Inu's. As they passed through the trees they came to a stop at a meadow edge. There Kagome saw dozens more Inu. She suddenly realized that Inu no Taisho's clan was huge, there had to hundreds and they all had come to bare witness to their mating ceremony.

In the center of the meadow was a wrinkled old male with wise golden eyes. He had a mix of red marks on under his eyes and greenish blue marks on his cheeks. He sat in lotus style with three older males behind him. Beside him were two males who looked like Sesshomaru only thirty-ish; both had blue marks upon their cheeks.

Sesshomaru sat in front of the old male with Kagome kneeling next to him, her arm intertwined with his. He had taught her much over the last several months of their relationship and she knew for him to sit with his head bowed was a sign of submission. She did the same and awaited for something to occur.

In only took a few moments before she felt somebody stand behind her. The aura was calm, but not familiar. It stated that the person was ancient and of great power. A hand pulled her hair to the side before it pulled her kimono collar down to her joint where arm met shoulder revealed her bare of any markings. Suddenly the person leaned forward and inhaled before releasing her hair and walking away. The whole time she'd tried to keep herself calm though she did feel Sesshomaru's muscles in his arms tighten. She'd sent her aura towards him and he'd done the same. It was a technique he'd taught her to help both calm him down and herself. Thankfully it worked as she'd felt his muscles release from their tenseness.

"Your female is both pure of body and spirit." came a wisdom ladened voice. "You have neither slept with her, nor marked her. Is she of power?"

"Is she strong?" came another voice, however it sounded like it was disapproving. "Is she a warrior? Can she fight? Or does she need your strength to cower behind?"

"Is she afraid of your beast?" another inquired, this one sounding more feminine. "Will she run from it should it arise? Will the beast be able to discern she's yours and not...dinner?"

Sesshomaru could barely stop a growl at that question, but his victory was short lived with the next one.

"Will she be able to survive should she get pregnant with pups?" This voice was deeper than the rest. "Or will the pups be weak because she is not youkai but human? Will you bring weakness into this clan?

The old one spoke once more. "We have asked our questions rise your head pup and answer them."

Sesshomaru raised his head from the bow. Kagome however didn't because she wasn't asked these questions. There was a chuckle that was quickly silenced. Sesshomaru knew his eyes were rimmed with red. His beast was angry, but he was in control. "This one's female is powerful. She is a priestess. Her strength not only comes from her powers but the alliances she's made with others." He paused before continuing. "This one will always protect her, give her his strength even though she does not need it. She has fought powerful youkai and aided this Sesshomaru in battle against the evil hanyou Naraku. She has been on the brink of death and has come back from it. She's aids only those she considers are truly in need." He looked down at her with sadness. "This one shamefully has attacked her before. The beast tried to kill her. She survived." He left out that she did run at the time and at the time they had been enemies. "However she is now to be this Sesshomaru's mate. This one's beast feels insulted that you'd think or question his ability in discerning the scent of food from one's mate's scent." He looked up with pride. "She is a strong female and will bare strong pups. There is no weakness in her."

Kagome felt her chest tighten at his words, for they meant a lot to her. They also portrayed his feelings and he had basically said he loved her in front of his father's clan.

"Hnn..." the elder's voice vibrated throughout the clearing. "Girl, what do you bring to this clan? We have heard your male tell of your strength and power. He has told us you bring no weakness. That his beast does not see you as an enemy. Now tell us, what do you bring to this clan."

"Raise your head and speak human." the feminine voice ordered her.

Kagome lifted her head and looked at the the males before her. Her throat felt dry and her heart wanted to beat out of her chest. What do I bring to the clan? She thought and quickly knew what she brought. "I bring knowledge to you."

The old one smirked while the others scoffed. He raised his hand to silence them. "Proceed to tell this old male what kind of knowledge you bring." He stated as he leaned forward.

"I have seen a world where youkai do not exist." she stated. "I grew up in that world. When I came here it was the first time I had seen youkai in my fifteen years of life." There were murmurs around them. "Yes I was frightened because for most I always was told youkai were just myths and legends, but now I wish for a world where youkai could survive, to be apart of my world."

"And where is your world child?" He inquired. "For I have never heard of this."

She looked up at Sesshomaru who gave a single nod. "I was born nearly five hundred years into the future. I came here because of the Shikon Jewel that I was born with inside of me. When I arrived I met Sesshomaru's half brother Inuyasha and then I lost the jewel when it shattered. I could've went back home to a future where no youkai lived, but I took it upon myself to put it back together. I believed after I returned the Shikon Jewel back to it's original state and wished upon it I'd be able to bring youkai back in my time; but when I returned home after my journey I found it unchanged. I believe now the reason I came here in the first place, before the jewel broke, that my job is to ensure youkai survive. I know with Sesshomaru at my side I will be able to do just that."

"How can we believe such a tale?" one of the males next to the elder spoke with annoyance in his voice.

"It's preposterous!" yelled the other on the other side.

The elder growled causing both to quiet themselves."Pup, does she speak the truth?" He inquired. Every person held their breath as they awaited Sesshomaru's answer.

Sesshomaru's golden eyes met the elders who suddenly knew by the way the youth looked at him. "Yes." That one little word sent the entire clan into a frenzy.

"Silence!" The elder barked before turning towards Sesshomaru. "Explain to this one and to your clan by your father how you know of this being truth."

Sesshomaru smirked. "Both this Sesshomaru and his half brother have been to her time, seen the things there and met her family and clan." This caused many to speak in hushed tones. "While there, this one searched through the history of that era and found no youkai mentioned. We have been erased from history and only the priests and priestess' know the truth; however, even they are beginning to see us as mere myths. Her grandfather teaches that we did exist and can even sense our aura's; if only vaguely." He looked into the eyes of the elder. "This one believes she may be the key to our survival into that century. She knows the key elements of history because in that time both male and female are educated." This received a gasp from all. "She is wiser in her youth than most are today in their old age."

Kagome suddenly felt every eye upon her. "Second son of Toga known as Inuyasha; is what your elder half brother says the truth or does he try to deceive the clan."

There was a snort from behind Kagome. "Yeah it's the truth." Inuyasha's voice was arrogant as always. "Her time smells like sulfur because of something called air pollution. Ya can't smell or sense any youkai anywhere. It smells of humans. Millions of them." Gasps erupted the group.

"M-Millions?" One of the males behind the elder stuttered.

The elders eyes widened at this revelation as he raised his hand once more to quiet everyone. He then stood which caused people to look on with shock. He stepped towards Sesshomaru and Kagome, then grabbed the young woman by her hand and helped her stand. "This one welcomes you and whatever knowledge you process to this clan." Kagome smiled kindly at him before he chuckled. "And to think this old man was beginning to think his clan would have no more surprises to give him before death came." Kagome looked shocked as the old man kissed her cheek. "My great-grandson would have loved you." He have a nod before turning towards Sesshomaru. "You have done your people proud by bringing her into our clan." He raised his hands and placed them on both her and Sesshomaru's head. "I, Ichiro Isamu first son of Kazuhiro our ancestor do bless the union of our leader Lord Sesshomaru Inu no Taisho first son of Toga Akio and his mate Kagome-" he looked at the girl.

"Higurashi, first daughter of Masaaki Higurashi." Inuyasha filled in from behind.

The elder gave a nod of thanks towards the hanyou. "Kagome Higurashi, first daughter of Masaaki Higurashi and wish both of them to be fertile, to have eternal happiness and a future filled with love." Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow at the old mam's blessing. Usually there was something added about being grand warriors, but this blessing was different than most. The old man just smiled before turning towards the clan. "Now, let us enjoy what's been prepared by the females, drink and be merry! For today is a joyous occasion." with that said he turned back towards the couple and smiled. "Now go work on the being fertile part of my blessing. We need children born to this clan." He winked at them causing Kagome's face to become red with embarrassment and Sesshomaru to shake his head at the old man.


AN: Phew!!! That was a long first chapter. Who enjoyed it? What do you think of the story so far? I'm currious! ^_^ I hope you are enjoying it. Also, I deleted the original War of the Clans because I am rewriting each chapter. I am doing this because I found a lot of misspelled words in them. I hope I catch them all this time around. ^_^

Name Meanings

Otto - Husband

Tsuma - Wife

Ichiro - First Son

Isamu - Courage

Masaaki - True Brightness


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