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Old Memories Forgotten and Remembered by Ariel


           Hi everyone! My name is Ariel! I'm new to posting my work online so any feedback or suggestions are more than welcome! I really hope you all like this story as I have been working very hard on this story for a very long time. Also it will be updated 2-3 times a month when I get the time. I am a very broke and very busy college student but I am hoping to have this story finished before fall semesters start. But thank you again for taking time to read and review my story! Now I hope everyone enjoys!

"Run! Just Run!" Kagome shouted to Shippo over the pouring rain and strong winds that pushed and pulled at her white kimono that was slowly becoming dirty with mud and blood as a cut on her side oozed the red substance. Her legs burned from running for so long, her lungs were slowly collapsing and her heart felt like it was ready to burst. Branches stung her face and body as they whipped at her skin angrily. They were sure to leave welts and bruises later but she didn't care right now, she just needed to get Shippo and herself to safety before this thing got any closer. But she didn't know where to go.

"The West!" a voice shouted in her head and with those two words Kagome found new energy and pushed herself farther than any human could.

"Shippo hide! I'm going to lead this thing into the Western lands. I want you to find somewhere safe to hide and stay there until the storm is over or when I come get you." If I survive. She thought sadly.

"But, momma -"

"No buts! Move."

Shippo hesitated before he felt her powers swell to new heights. "NOW SHIPPO!” She practically howled as if she were an alpha bitch. He didn't hesitate any longer and booked it southwest as Kagome headed straight into the heart of the Western Kingdom. He watched as she disappeared into the trees in a flash of bright blue light and a black shadowed figure raced after her, not giving Shippo even a glance or a sign saying he knew that the fox kit was even there.

Kagome had no idea where that burst of speed and power had come from but she didn't have time to wonder before the shadowy figure pounced onto her back, slicing her with razor sharp claws. She screamed in anguish but managed to shove the Tiger Demon off her back and stabbed his side with a small dagger infused with her powers. She ran through a stream and felt herself pass through the barriers that alerted the Killing Perfection of any unwelcomed demons or humans in his lands. She continued to run, but her body was slowly giving out. Her vision was becoming blurred, and it wasn't due to the rain, her chest heaved but she felt as if she was being suffocated with a pillow, her limbs burned as if they were on fire and the wounds on her side and back were bleeding more than ever.

She tripped and fell into a small pond, hitting her already pounding head on a large boulder protruding from the water. She felt her skull crack and ooze blood profusely. Her eyes began to droop as she lay in the water, unable to move her limbs. She watched the male tiger demon saunter towards her with a malicious smile that sent chills down her spine. His figure became a blurred mess to Kagome, but even if she did survive she would never forget the intentions she saw in his crimson eyes. Kagome felt something powerful pulling at the edge of her senses but she could not identify it before falling unconscious against the boulder that had caused her current situation.

Sesshomaru watched as the Miko fell unconscious against a bloodied rock and noticed that the water she had crash landed in was slowly turning a deep red as the demon male approached her with horrid intentions. He gracefully landed in the clearing, between his half-brothers wench and the disgusting male approaching the unconscious onna.

"Leave this place, Tiger, and I will let you live." His tone was dry and cold, but his words only made the male laugh.

"And who are you to tell me to leave this place mutt?" He sneered with laughter in his voice.

"This one is the ruler of the Western Lands, filth. This one is the Great Dog Demon, Lord Sesshomaru." He glared at the pathetic demon before him

"He will be of no trouble to this one or our mate.” Sesshomaru’s beast growled from inside its cage.

'She is not our mate; she belongs to this one’s half-brother.' He hissed to his aggravating beast.

"Fool! Use your nose she is pure and she is unmated!"

Sesshomaru took a deep breath of the surrounding scents as the rain continued to pour over top of them. It was not an easy feat, but his beast, as infuriating as it was, was correct in this situation.

The cackling laughter of his opponent brought Sesshomaru back to the present situation and noticed that the Tiger Demon was about to attack. Sesshomaru easily dodged the attack and lashed out with his poison whip, catching the male across the chest and face.

"You bastard!" He leapt at Sesshomaru with claws outstretched, poised for the kill.

But Sesshomaru simply lashed out with his whip again and sliced the low life in half. He melted the remains with ease and turned to Kagome. He saw that she had gotten even paler than before the battle between him and the scum of a demon had began. Her normally lightly tanned skin was now almost as white as the kimono she wore, which was practically see-through now. Sesshomaru rolled his eyes and walked over to the onna. He looked at her, really looked at her for the first time, she wasn't perfect but she was definitely the most beautiful human he had ever met, by far. Sesshomaru shook the thought away vigorously.

'She is human, not youkai.' He scolded himself.

"She is much more beautiful than any creature I have ever laid eyes on."


No more was said between the two as Sesshomaru carefully picked up the injured miko in his arms and wrapped his Moko-Moko around the shivering woman. He formed his orb and they speedily headed back to the Western Palace as the storm continued to rage on and on with no hope of letting up.

They arrived at the palace within minutes. Guards of all kinds surrounded Sesshomaru once inside the protection of his palace.

"My lord what is that thing that you carry with you?" A golden skinned man with black hair asked with utmost curiosity. Sesshomaru ignored the soldier. "Bring a healer to the quarters that resides four doors away from this Sesshomaru's own. Make sure the seamstress is awake and have her commission a kimono for this woman." He paused as if in thought. “Tamaki,"

"Yes, My lord?" An Artic fox Demon with pale hair and skin approached. His blue eyes lingering on the unconscious woman in his friends arms before snapping them up to meet Sesshomaru's.

"She travels with a young fox kit that she treats as her own son. Find him, he should be near the southern part of the land near the border. Treat him as you would treat this one’s ward."

Tamaki wasn't sure if he was hallucinating or hearing things but he could swear his lordship cared for the woman and her son.

"Of course, sir." Tamaki nodded with a bow and was gone in a flash of purple light. If you looked close enough you could see a horse sized white fox speeding away into the forest.

Sesshomaru said nothing more as he began to walk towards a large hallway that was covered in intricately detailed paintings of his sire’s family and his mother’s closer relatives. The marble floor shone even in the dimly lit corridor. He paid no heed to the servants as he passed them by with not so much as a glance. But soon he heard little footsteps heading in his direction. Sure they were quiet but he could still hear the slight clumsiness that still resided in the young girls footing.

"Lord Sesshomaru! You are home at last!" A wide awake Rin came running towards him with a smile, that even he returned with a small one of his own. But Rin's face fell into a look of confusion as she saw what or rather whom her beloved savior was carrying.

"Is that Lady Kagome, My Lord?" Rin asked with a crestfallen face at seeing her Motherly Figure in such bad shape.

"Yes Rin, She was attacked and this one found her as she is." Sesshomaru said, his tone no longer filled with ice or underlying threats.

"Will she be alright?" Rin mewled sadly as the seven year old touched the older woman’s face gently.

"If we hurry she will live." Rin looked at her Lord with unshed tears shining in her eyes as she nodded and ran back down the hallway towards a room with an open door and hushed voices coming from inside. Sesshomaru was right behind her at a casual walking pace, and yet he stayed right behind the girl without moving quicker or slower.

"In here my lord." An older looking woman with black hair streaked with gray and silver beckoned towards a large four-poster bed. Her deep green eyes shown worry and fear for the young girl in his arms.

Sesshomaru entered the room and gently unwound his Moko-Moko from the girl’s cold and pale form. If he could not hear her feather light heart beats and shallow breathing he would believe her to be very much dead.

"Care for her and heal her completely. The sooner she is healed the sooner this one will be rid of her." Sesshomaru regretted his words almost immediately for he smelt the saltiness of someone's tears and he knew who's they were without looking.

"Rin,” He tried to speak but the young child ran from the room and to her own.

Sesshomaru slumped his shoulders slightly as the sound of a slamming door echoed throughout the corridor. An aged hand rested on his shoulder and he looked to see an old friend and advisor standing next to him.

"Go after her, Pup. She needs her father to explain. She is too young to understand why you wish to be rid of the young Miko."

"Hn." Sesshomaru nodded curtly before following Rin's scent out of the room, but the closer to her chambers he got the more horrible he felt, Rin was too young to understand and he felt guilty for making her cry. She rarely cried but when she did he felt terrible and didn't know how to make her stop.

"Rin." He said as he approached a door with a carving of the moon and stars over a childlike dog demon in its true form.

"...." Silence met his ears, well besides the small sobs and hiccups he knew were hers.

"Rin let this one explain." He paused. "Please, Rin."

The door was pulled open to reveal a small girl with puffy red eyes and tear-stained cheeks.

"May this one come in?" He asked softly. She nodded and opened the door wider so that he may enter without trouble.

He watched as she closed the door and sat on her bed. He stood in front of her and said nothing but knelt down so that he was eye level with the young girl.

"Why do you cry so?" He asked, wiping her tears away with his thumb and forefinger.

Rin gripped his hand and pulled him so that he was sitting next to her. He was surprised by the action but did not show it on his face.

"Rin cries because she does not wish for another mother to be taken from her. Rin loves her father very much but she needs a mother just like any other little girl."

"This one understands Rin, but she has duties of her own and she belongs not to us."

Rin nodded as another tear fell to her lap. Sesshomaru noticed and felt his chest tighten at the thought of his Rin being saddened by this.

"Perhaps if you were to ask the Miko she would stay for a bit longer for you. You could do many things together, you can even take her in the gardens if she so wished it."

Rin looked at him with a smile, it didn't quiet reach her eyes but at least it was a smile.

"Do you really think so, Father?" To say Sesshomaru was taken aback was an understatement he was more than surprised and more than flabbergasted at her calling him father.

"Of course, my musume." He smiled a small smile at her.


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