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Le Fleur de la Vie. by Natalia


Hello! I am so excited and shy at the same time. Its my first time participating in this kind of thing and I am overwhelmed with emotions!

I plan this as a chapter fic, based on the challenge. let’s see how it will go.

Please excuse my mistakes, English isn’t my mother tongue, its my fourth language, but I am doing my best! Please enjoy!

p.s I don’t have word but my program says its 200 words, hope it is correct!


1. Bloom.

200 words.




He was not an emotional being.

He did not know the notion of love.

Until he met her.

Love is like a flower, a tender bud that can only grow when nurtured and bathed in affection. Only then can it bloom into a beautiful flower that is love.


Yet here he is, powerful Western Lord, looking at the flowers that are in bloom and all he can see is her face.

He knew she loved flowers, like Rin.

But she wasn't his Rin. Where Rin saw flowers as something beautiful to be enjoyed, the miko looked deeper. She saw the symbolism and the beauty behind everything, even if she wasn’t always showing it.

The spring was late this year.

The miko was sad, her smile absent.

He wanted her to smile.

That’s why he searched for Bakuseno and asked for a flower.

The old magnolia youkai teased him mercilessly.

A few years ago he would’ve been livid.

Now he didn’t care.

All that mattered was her blinding smile when she found the bloomed flower next to the Goshinboku.

Her eyes searched around in curiosity, but he hid.

It didn’t matter.

Nothing mattered.

Only her smile did.



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