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Love's Lost Refrain by Aviel

Spirited Away

Disclaimer: Inuyasha was created by Takahashi-sensei. However, the writings of these ideas belong to me.

Chapter 6: Spirited Away

Living in modern Tokyo was… difficult.

While she laid in bed at night, she found herself missing the family she had left behind in the past.

Inuyasha had never come. Shippou had never popped in.

Sometimes, when she stood on a crowded street corner, she imagined a different set of golden eyes staring back at her. It would probably be for a brief moment, but all would be right in the world… because then, there would be someone who finally understood her.

But if she looked away, for even a second, he’d be gone, stolen away like all the others.


Original Posting Date: May 26, 2017

Prompt: For Dokuga_Official’s Weekly Snippet #05, Gaze

Words: 100


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