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Love's Lost Refrain by Aviel


Disclaimer: Inuyasha was created by Takahashi-sensei. However, the writings of these ideas belong to me. 

Chapter 1: Spellbound

He found her in a field of flowers.

Amongst the blooms, she basked in the sunlight, dainty lashes curled over rosy cheeks. Her hair, a dark blanket beneath her head, was embraced by the soft colors of spring. If Sesshoumaru hadn’t known she was the miko of Time, he would have thought she was a sprite borne of the earth, comfortable as she seemed.

It was as though she lay asleep, the subtle rise and fall of her chest the only indications of life. She moved so little, her expression so serene, and the Lord of the West wondered if the woman knew of the danger that lurked so near.

Convinced of her ignorance, Sesshoumaru drifted into the clearing and approached her. He drew close, casting his shadow over the prone female, clawed fingertips reaching toward her throat. Upon touching the delicate skin, a giggle broke the silence as blunt, human teeth flashed and blue eyes fluttered open.

Took you long enough,” Kagome teased him in greeting. She rose up onto her elbows and leaned into the hand that cupped her cheek so gently. “I’ve missed you.”

Content with her happiness, Sesshoumaru bent down and dutifully accepted his mate’s kiss.


Original Posting Date: April 29, 2017

Prompt: For Dokuga_Official’s Weekly Snippet #01, Bloom

Words: 200


A/N: Starting another project. LLR will mostly consist of drabbles and maybe oneshots of varying lengths. I hope you guys enjoy these little sparks of inspiration. :)


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