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Poison by ~CherrySakuras~



Hey guys I’m so sorry I haven’t updated anything in so long but I’m trying to work on finally get back into writing again. I have fought with horrible depression, anxiety and PTSD since I was a preeteen so I have the a really hard time willing myself to do anything but from now on I’m going to try and push myself. I really am sorry for my other storys not being finished. I promise I will try and have at least one chapter a week and will be working on my other stories as I go and as the urge strikes. I'm going to do my best so I hope you all like this story and review.


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Sweat, blood and rain dripped down her face to her eyes, but she had to keep running. She was almost there and her vision was starting to dim. Every muscle in her body was screaming, and she felt as if her body would give out on her at any moment. Her heart was starting to slow down, she could feel the burning of the poison pumping into her heart and she knew it would stop soon. The bloody green ribbon she had tied around her thigh was long gone and her blood and heart pumping was making it that much easier for the poison to do its job.



She turned the corner of 31st street and knew she was only moments from reaching the police station. Her eyes felt heavy and her feet felt like cement blocks. The rain was starting to pound harder on her, almost punishing her for still being alive. As she finally made it to the steps she looked to the glass doors of the building with hope. In that moment she both heard a gunshot and tripped on the last step making her slam into the glass and shattering it. She could feel and hear glass land all around her. The last thing she felt was a final piece of glass land on the back of her neck. Then everything went dark and Kagome Higurashi's heart finally stopped.



3 Months earlier




“I'm off to work, I will see you when I get home.” Her step father yelled up to her from the front door of their home. The front door shut and she sighed in relief.



She stood from her bed and looked out her window to see his car back up out of their driveway and leave.  She walked over to her bed and stepped into her bathroom to brush her hair and teeth. The clock on her night stand flashed 6:30 am and she rolled her eyes. Waking up early was not something she wanted to do but her step father insisted that she needed structure. Walking to her sink she looked in the mirror in horror. Her body was no longer curvy and her hair last month started to fall out. She had cut it short to try and keep the weight from making it happen faster but it still seemed to fall out at the same rate. She was pale and had dark circles around her eyes. Even with this she still was going to do what she wanted today.


Today, June 5th, was her 18th birthday and the day she would have graduated with her friends if she stayed in school. She finished school at home and had graduated but she felt it was so unfair that she couldn't at least finish with her friends. Today she would leave the house and silently watch them from the crowd.  She pulled out her makeup bag after brushing her teeth and started to work on covering up her dark circles and pale skin. Kagome, being half Japanese and half Puerto Rican, she had an olive completion but now it was gone and she looked like a ghost of herself.  She covered as much of her face, chest and arms as she could so she wouldn't look different then she did only 5 months ago when she left school. She had gone from a normal high schooler with not one medical issue to a dying girl with an incurable, mysterious illness in such a short time period. None of her friends would believe how fast she got worse in just 5 months.  


Leaving her personal bathroom she walked back into her room to get dressed in a green and pink summer dress, beige leggings and her favorite black flats. She put on her mother’s black sun hat to cover up the thinned out hair and looked in the mirror one last time. She applied red lip gloss and a little black eye liner and smiled. This is the girl she remembered, but it was fake and not true to what she looked now.  She closed her eyes and willed herself not to cry, today would be a good day no matter what.


Grabbing her house keys and purse she opened her front door and looked outside. This was the first time she has left the house in 3 months and she was worried about leaving her home where she felt safe and unjudged. Shaking her head she reminded herself she had on makeup and would not be noticed. Plus her mother hat would help shade her face and hide anything the makeup couldn’t cover. She took a timid few steps out the door and closing it behind her. She sighed in delight and looked up to the beautiful, blue, clear sky. The sun hitting her arms and legs felt heavenly and so familiar. She had been in air conditioning for so long she forgot how good the sun felt on naked skin. The summer was always her favorite season and she would make it a point not to miss it since it could be her last.


She walked to the side of her house, grabbed her bike and walked it to the gate of her and her step father’s home. Once she locked the gate behind her she got on her bike and rode it to her school. As she rode her bike she enjoyed the familiar scenery and started to go deep in thought. Her step father had been so good to her before and after her mom died in a fire 3 years go. After she got sick he tried to fight with doctors to find what he could do to keep her safe but with no luck everyone always sent her home saying to rest and eat as healthy as possible and do light exercises once a day.  Not one knew what was wrong and they didn’t try to hide it. Most of the doctors were concerned but some tossed her file to the side saying she could be doing a new drug no one knew about yet. Funny how doctors almost always blame a mysterious illness on the person being a drug addict nowadays.  As she came up to her school she saw balloons and many parents, teachers and students on the side lawn enjoying themselves. She looked for a spot to park her bike and headed for the front doors to find her friends. Today nothing would hold her back from being happy. Today Kagome was determined to start living what life she had left. Today was the day she took her life back.


Thats it for chapter one guys, please review and let me know how it is. I have had this story in my head for YEARS and finally am getting it out. I guess you can say its kinda my baby and has always been trying to get out and im finally doing it. IM SO EXCITED!!! Ok please have a great weekend and st pattys day tomorrow and stay safe. Dont drink and drive, take a cab. <3 haha. 


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