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My love, My mate, My new life by kitty

In the past


Roses are red

Heres something new

Violets are violet

I do not own Inuyasha but guess what...?

Nether do you!

Back in the Feudal era a big party was headed to celebrate the down-fall of the evil half-breed once known as Naraku.

It was a day of joy and sadness at the same time .

After Naraku's death and Kohaku's rescue, Sango married Miroku and retired as a demon slayer to become a housewife. She soon became the mother of three children, first twin girls , followed three years later by a son . However, she briefly emerged from retirement to help fight alongside her friends, ironically leaving the otherwise quite active demon slayer Kohaku to babysit her children.

Kohaku is close to Kirara. After Kohaku regained his memories, Kohaku would spend time with Kirara. He seems to have trusts and close relationship with her, and cares for her. Kirara also feels the same, trying to save him through dangers.

Kohaku protected Rin from the emerging demons, but also urged her to escape before she was killed. Later, when she was 25 he  proposed to her.

For 2 years they lived in love and peace with only one regret that their baby couldn't be with them. When Rin got in labour the infant was already dead.

Kohaku losses his life short after , in one night trying to protect the village .

Shippo on the other hand took upon himself to protect Rin and after a few more years grew close to each other. In the end after requesting Sesshomaru's approval , and courting Rin properly they got mated.

Inuyasha when was not looking out for the kids and fighting demons spent his days waiting for Kagomes return , fortunately or unfortunately 3 years later finds only a letter in the well.

After he reads it runs in the woods where every so often the villagers can hear him hallow in the night .

Sesshomaru, well he often found himself day dreaming about the Miko.He had been captivated by her from the start. An enigma, an anomaly of feminine mystery and , he, Sesshomaru had been drawn to protect her. To preserve the goddess in that mortal body. And then, when he grew to know her, he had wanted her for himself, all of her. Selfish, yes, but it was his way. His nature was driven to claim but instead, he was forced to realize that he could never possess her as he wished. She was already owned. By future at that.

He realized that after he read the latter

" Dear Inuyasha,

It is been a long time but I've written to you today to tell you that I'm happy here. I will always love you, as a friend that is , and I want to tell you to move on with your life because the love came to me and I realized what love really is! I am truly happy here and I want to stay!


Kagome H."

He was shocked. The letter smelled like her but he picked up another sent, a male cologne  that was, he wanted to destroy everything and anyone who come in his way, although his bist said " Way are you more stupid than that half-breed of your brother? "

" What are you talking about?"

"Idiot! Never mind you will understand with time."


Had it been a male, he could have challenged the usurper of Kagome's affections. He could have easily seduced her away from another male, youkai, hanyou or human. The bonds of friendship between the women, the history each carried of the other deep in their hearts, however ...not even he coud combat with that. With her decision.

To keep himself from forcing the issue, he buried himself with work. As the years passed, however, he found it harder and harder to keep his actions in check. Frustration mounted and grew, festering within him.

To wait had been his only option.

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