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Valentine Muck by Karichan

The woman who loved to hate Valentines Day

It was Valentines Day. The most romantic holiday of the year. A time where loved ones went that extra mile to tell each other how much they loved them. Everyone was so happy and filled with love...Kagome hated it.

That's right, Kagome Higurashi, the time traveling miko who slayed yôkai's and was the glue for her misfit feudal family, hated Valentines Day. Almost turning into true malevolence since her country wanted to be so different and make the normally celebrated one-day holiday, be celebrated for two. Really?

Now, did Kagome seem like a bit of a prude? Yes she did. And did she care? Not one bit.

Walking through the park and seeing all the happy couples literally made Kagome's stomach churn. 'Wasn't this holiday suppose to be about some dude named St. Valentine? Since when did it become this lovey dovey and chocolate stuff huh?' came Kagome's grumbled thought as she scowled at pedestrians that were holding hands and kissing.

Kagome had rolled her eyes until she spotted a young teenage couple at the park wall near the entrance. There was so much love and trust in that girl's eyes for her boyfriend it hurt. The miko was reminded of the past and the teenagers were replaced with an image of Inuyasha and herself. She shook her head and scoffed at the memory, her mood turning even more sour. Though it wasn't their fault, Kagome had a wave of irritation that slammed into her just by looking at them and spoke what was on her mind as she past them.

"It'll never last!"

The looks and gasps of horror didn't phase Kagome in the slightest, in fact, she felt liberated and continued her cynical rants at couples on her way home. There were no regrets.

Walking into her apartment, Kagome was finally starting to enjoy this holiday after telling those loved crazed people the cold hard truth about their so called "unwavering love" because the reality was, half of them wouldn't even be together towards the end of this year- or this month.

Thinking about investing in 'I told you so' items, Kagome's phone began to ring.


"I didn't know the Grinch had a wife who destroyed Valentines Day."

It was Rukka. A friend Kagome met in community college and a well informed one at that.

"I'm guessing it went viral?" Kagome asked without any true conviction.

"Heck yeah! And being shared on every social media site you can think of!"

Seeing where this conversation was going, Kagome was getting a little concerned.

"And I am taking you out to remedy this foul behavior of yours, lady! No exceptions! "

The ending click of the phone might as well been the end to what little happiness Kagome had made for herself for this annoying Holiday. Great.


Kagome was in a club. A club celebrating Valentines Day. She wanted to die.

The miko examined her surroundings. The music was annoying. The people were irritating. The club itself was just tacky and their drinks were too expensive. She was suppose to have a good time here? Really?

"So, how do you like it? See any one you would like to dance with?" Asked Rukka.

Kagome turned to her friend, watching her dancing and so full of life, wanting some guy to waltz over to her and say cheap lines to impress her- Kagome's face was filled with pity for her friend. The only thing vocal coming from the woman was a long unenthusiastic snort.

"Wow, great way of showing me how much of an awesome time you're having."

The miko only offered an apathetic shrug. Rukka wanted to throw her.

"You know what? We're going somewhere else! Let's go!"

Before Kagome could say anything, she was pulled out of the club, thrown into her friend's car and headed for some unknown destination. Oh joy.

Turning to look at Rukka, Kagome questioned her friend.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because I want you to live a little Kagome. And...I just want you to be happy."

Kagome crossed her arms. "I'm happy, what makes you think I'm not?"

Rukka stared at her for the longest time before arching a brow. "Really?

Huffing in indignation, Kagome gave a muffled 'whatever' and turned her whole body towards the passenger side Window. Completely ignoring her friend.

Rukka only sighed at the display instead of getting upset. This whole conversation had become the norm for both females, which was really sad. Before, it was a very conservative topic but then turned into heated arguments after such lines were crossed and finally became this weak, pathetic, down right petty situation they always got into. Rukka knew it was only getting worse from here and she hoped that this last push would help Kagome. She didn't want her friend to become some hag with no love life! 'I hope this works.'

As the drive went on, Kagome finally noticed they were traveling into the high class district. Also known as the rich man's playground, nothing sold here was for the common people and even the working class would have to save up just to try and enjoy themselves here.

Kagome was both excited and suspicious. why would Rukka bring her to this part of town specifically? There were other clubs and bars that they could enjoy without breaking their why? She turned to Rukka, about question her but Rukka beat her to it.

"You'll find out when we get there."

With that, Kagome knew she wasn't about to get anything else from her friend.

Being from a humble home and taught the ways of saving money, Kagome was the complete opposite of Rukka. Rukka was American/Japanese, an only child and whose father was a well off broker. Needless to say, the girl had money and knew how to spend it. Though, what she spent it on could be put into question- for example; Being in such a high class district in the dead of night when all the scandalous shops were open.

They were in the heart of the downtown area and finding a parking spot was horrible. Kagome was overcome with joy when Rukka found a parking garage that had a few spots left.

Walking out into the warm crisp air and onto busy sidewalks, the two women were surrounded by the night life. Everywhere Kagome looked, lights flashed, cars honked, clothes glittered and the voices of people were nonstop. The miko felt like she was in the middle of a disco light show.

Both women were still walking when Kagome noticed that the once blinding lights of the night life were starting to dwindle. The fancy restaurants, vibrant clubs, all the voices and the modern buildings were fading. Kagome studied her surroundings, watching the scenery change from a busy sidewalk to only a couple of people passing by. From smooth black roads to cracked and forgotten backstreets. From steel and concrete buildings to old faded brick buildings with little to no windows. The whole atmosphere had changed and Kagome paused in her steps. 'Well this got super sketchy.'

Allowing her reikî to kick in to high gear and become her security blanket, Kagome felt a little more at ease. Holding her friend's hand a little more tightly, Kagome asked once more in hushed tones where they were going and she was answered with teasing.

"Awe~ what's the matter Kagome-chan? A little scared?"

Kagome's face dead panned so smoothly and her voice became so neutral, one would think a certain inu lord had trained her. "As a matter of fact...I am."

Rukka was thrown into a loop with that robotic answer before speaking. "Dang girl, warm up. Look, I'm not selling you off or meeting some weird shaman ok? I promised you I was taking you somewhere fun and that's what I'm going to do. Trust me alright."

There was a minute pause before Kagome nodded her head. "Alright."

Walking down another sidewalk and seeing sleek black, heavily tinted foreign cars cruse slowly up and down the backstreet, Kagome knew these people were loaded with money. And the only reason why these type of people would be in a part of the city like this was-

Kagome's thought process was interrupted as Rukka's voice drifted into her mind. “Hey, we're here!”

Looking up at tall grey brick building, with black iron decor and soft lighting, Kagome could only gasp as she realized where they were after she took notice of the suave and beautiful patrons going in and out of the Victorian styled doors.

Slowly turning her head towards Rukka, Kagome's face was just as incredulous as the question she asked her friend. "You brought me to an escort club?"

Unlike her friend, Rukka was smug about the matter. "Not just any escort club Kagome. "The Nightingale", is one of the most exclusive escort clubs out there. Oh, and it's completely legal."

"Of course it is." Kagome grumbled towards her friend. But her brooding stopped as another question came to her. "And just how did you come across such an establishment?"

This time Rukka had the decency to feign ignorance and pretend she didn't hear her friend. Quickly grabbing Kagome's hand, Rukka pulled her through the vintage iron doors and into the wonderland of adults. Looking past the host, Rukka gushed. "We are going to have the time of our lives!"

Kagome didn't think so at all. In fact, passing those iron doors made her feel like she was going to prison or some type of dungeon for all eternity. She did not belong here. This wasn't her scene. Kagome felt completely out of place. 'But this is what happens when you have hyper impulsive friends, Kagome.' Was the conscious thought. The miko gave a low sigh.

As they continued past the host, Rukka letting him know that they didn't have a reservation, the duo went down a couple steps and headed straight for the bar. Well, more like Rukka headed for the bar and Kagome just followed.

After sitting down, Kagome finally began taking notice of her surroundings. The young woman could admit the place wasn't to bad on the eyes. The color scheme held midnight blues, royal purples, hints of gold for the furniture and cream for the plush rugs. Add that with the dimmed lights, grey brick walls, black iron decor and a marbled floor, this was indeed a nice club that screamed 'rich people domain' and Kagome rolled her eyes as she nursed her ice water. There was no way she was getting drunk here- regardless of the location. Sleazy people were everywhere and looking at her friend drinking her fourth martini, Kagome knew she would be driving home. However, Kagome never missed an opportunity - living in feudal times taught her that much- besides, Rukka was loose lipped when tipsy.

"Hey Rukka?"

Giggling for reasons unknown, Rukka answered. "Hm?"

"Why did you bring me hear?"

"Cuzzz, I wan you to experience somethin' better than love..."

"And that would be...?"

"Lust." Rukka spoke sagely while giving one slow wave in front of her face.

Kagome quirked a brow. "that doesn't make sense. Love is better than lust, Rukka."

She took a sip of her martini. "Duh 'gome, I jus wanted you to know that. Plus, coming here will wake you up."

"Wake me up how?"

Rukka glanced at her. "If you keep livin' the way you do, your life will be no bedder than theirz."

Her head gestured towards a woman sitting in a deep blue love seat, whispering sweet nothings to her escort. Though she would laugh and smile at him- it was fake.

Kagome wasn't dumb, she knew that a place like this was never to find love but watching the falsehood of that woman and her date for the night, made Kagome feel a little uncomfortable.

The more she thought about it, the more certain aspects in her life begun drifting within her mind. She had become somewhat bitter towards people, especially happy couples or couples becoming first time parents. She was never spending any time with her friends on a regular basis- Rukka didn't count since she forced herself in Kagome's life. Finally, she started becoming distant with children.

Hearing the lady laugh, Kagome stared at the woman and knew she had to be in her late thirties. The woman must have been doing this for a while and she wasn't married- she was just too free with the man while sitting in public. Kagome decided to probe the woman's soul and froze at what she was found. This woman was horribly sad. It was enough to twist Kagome's insides and make her feel as though she would be swallowed by it as well if she continued. Kagome gave way to the thought that she might become just like that woman. Wallowing in sadness, self pity and a downward spiral of depression- it scared her.

Then, a memory flashed across her eyes. It happened so long ago that Kagome was no longer bothered by it but that wasn't the problem, it was the damage that memory inflicted upon her and she didn't like it. Before Kagome could get rid of it, she heard his voice. It came from that memory but he might as well have been right in front of her. His voice was so clear that she felt it echo throughout her entire body. "I'm so sorry Kagome."

Everything came crashing down on Kagome and she bristled at what just happened. Like that simple apology would help smooth things out. Ha! Kagome wouldn't care if she became like that woman or not right about now, because she was engulfed in complete choler at that moment.

That woman didn't matter. Those escorts didn't matter. This place didn't matter. Even her half drunk friend didn't matter. No, nothing but the pain of that memory mattered because it taught her a few things: love was full of crap and most definitely had favorites. And biggest of all- Valentines Day was Theworst holiday of the year!

Turning back to her friend, Kagome gave a sniff and went to drink her water but not before saying something to Rukka. "You also just wanted to get laid." The drunken nod was her only confirmation.


Kagome wanted to cry. With everything that happened to her in this place, she would've thought hours went by but apparently that was asking for too much. Thirty minutes. Thirty- God forsaken- minutes had only went by in this crummy place and with nothing except a huge headache to show for it. Kagome wanted to purify something or someone. She knew for a fact it would make her feel better.

Turning her eyes back on Rukka, she realized her friend was eyeing someone else.

"Who are you looking at like a piece of meat, Ru?"

Not breaking eye contact from her future conquest, she spoke. "That would be a very delicious escort. And more like 'all I can eat buffet,' She purred. “And let's hope his piece of meat is the right package for my taste."

"Uh, eww."

"You asked."

"And there are so many regrets. "

"Hey, why don't we make some friends over there? It'll be the perfect chance for you to live a little and not be so moody all the time."

Kagome huffed. "I am not moody."

Sure you're not.”

The young miko wasn't offered any chance to say anything else after that because Rukka was once again pulling Kagome to her doom. This time, Kagome was really close to tears.

They crossed the floor in record time and were now walking up a flight of beautifully designed iron steps. This area was like a balcony, it overlooked the whole main floor and was even more extravagant than the first floor. However, it was to be expected since this was the escorts domain- they had to be seen as high pedigree, something both the women and men had no problems in showing. There weren't many up here since the majority were on the main floor. Apparently, Valentines weekend was a very busy time for them- go figure.

Kagome was brought out of her musings from the feeling of having her arm squeezed and quickly faced Rukka to see what got her so worked up.

"Isn't he just gorgeous, 'gome!"

'Oh. That was why.' Kagome furrowed her brows for a quick minute at her friends antics, before observing the male escort Rukka rushed up here to see.

The man had short light brown hair and sporting a 20's comb over haircut but modernized with his tapered line up and highlights. He had hazel eyes that sat upon smooth cheekbones and a sturdy jaw line that wasn't completely shaved but trimmed perfectly. Instead of a full tailored suit like the others, he wore a blue vest with a white sleeve button up, a black tie and grey slacks with white leather shoes. His height was about 6'4 and had the physique of a swimmer. Overall, he was a good looking man but his demeanor reminded Kagome of someone whom she hadn't really thought about. Huh.

"There she is! "

Kagome was startled by the loud dramatic voice and turned around to see a very tall, lanky man approaching them with open arms. His charisma and personality matched that of Rukka's so perfectly, Kagome wasn't at all surprised when she felt Rukka leave her side to quickly embrace the man with the same loud greeting.

"Marcel! It's been too long! "

Kagome looked on as the two friends got reacquainted. Sneaking a glance to her right, Kagome noticed that Mr. Smex- (which she now named him) wasn't all to pleased that his newest admirer had so quickly ignored him for another man. In fact, Mr. Smex was sporting an expression far too similar to a certain inu lord whom face was practically carved out of stone. 'One would think he was Sesshomaru's human counterpart.'

Suddenly, the man's eyes snapped to hers. Kagome was completely caught off guard but didn't let it show, except for a quick blink and slowly turned her head back towards her friend. A little creeped out but still having a morbid sense of satisfaction at the man's expense, Kagome let the incident go...for now.

The young woman watched as Rukka finally remembered that she didn't come here as a solo party. Sad really, Kagome would've used that opportunity to dash out of this place.

"Marcel, I would like you to meet my closest friend- Kagome. "

Kagome watched as the man walked up to her and got a good look at him. He wore a gray Gucci suit with a red tie that had hearts embroidered in silver lining. His look was finished off with red and black glasses and red chucks. All this along with his stunning white short hair, really made the man stand out.

'He really is the male part of Rukka.' came Kagome's wayward thought as she listened to the man gush and compliment her. She knew they would be talking for a while.

"...Well, It was so wonderful seeing you again and a true pleasure meeting you miss Higurashi."

"Oh, likewise Mr. Soma."

The man shook his head. "Now, I'll let you off with a warning but next time, just call me Marcel okay my dear?"

His pout was adorable and Kagome gave him a real smile as she was reminded of Miroku.

"Sure thing."

After the grand meeting Kagome watched as Mr. Smex - now known as Keith, from introducing himself- quickly swept Rukka away and smirked triumphantly as she giggled and swooned at him. Kagome just rolled her eyes and called out sarcastically that she would be fine by herself. Rukka absently waved a hand, not having really heard her at all. Typical.


Liking the high view, Kagome decided to stay where she was and found a plush love seat to lounge on. The fact that the second floor was mostly empty-thus quiet, was pure bliss for her.

Would you like a drink miss?”

Kagome turned her head to a beautifully dressed waitress that had been passing drinks around. With a polite thank you, she took the small glass of white wine and settled back in her couch. Heaving a contented sigh, Kagome actually felt better and dare she say, happy Rukka brought her to this club.

Well hello there, beautiful.”

'I take it all back. I hope Rukka throws up on Keith and faints from embarrassment.' Kagome angrily thought as she felt the opposite side of the love seat dip and the feeling of unwanted body heat made contact with her skin. 'Ugh, and he didn't even asked if he could sit here!'

The male's voice too oily and husky for Kagome's taste. It was like he was trying too hard to sound sexy. Slowly turning her head towards him, making sure she didn't look too agitated with his presence, Kagome unconsciously let loose a gasp at what she saw. Though Kagome was sure he thought she did so because she was enthralled by him- it was just the opposite.

In front of Kagome's eyes could only be described as a love child between Kouga and Naraku. He shared the bronze skin and high ponytail of Kouga, while barring the facial structure and red eyes of Naraku. It was so surreal for Kagome, that her body got queasy and her mind swirled. Then, something that made this experience even more crazy was the jiyaki signature she was suddenly feeling from this guy. 'He was a yokai?!' The images Kouga and Naraku that she was trying so hard not to think about, came thundering down on Kagome as her mind shut down. 'Dear Kami!'

The only thing she could scrape up her throat during this ordeal was a meek “And...same to you.” as the miko had become dumbfounded by the prospect of this dude being a KxN love child, that she could barely speak.

Apparently, he was okay with that or just didn't care as the male flipped his ponytail behind his shoulder and arrogantly said. “I know. Beautiful beings like us are naturally attracted to each other. Though, even I still marvel at how handsome I truly am but it comes with the territory.”

Kagome wanted to throw up. His personality was too much like them. Wanting to move on- if not move away- from the conversation, Kagome was about to ask him his name before he rudely cut her off and said it anyways. 'Did he even realize that I was trying to talk?'

Leaning forward- to Kagome's discomfort, his slick voice flowed over her ears. “Name's Yuuki, not surprising huh?”

'Not one bit.' was Kagome's sarcastic thought, because there was no way for her to say that out loud with coming off as rude. Did he think she was stupid? That was obviously his stage name! That name didn't fit him at all, especially when his parents could be Kouga and Naraku. Kagome knew it wasn't possible, but the males would-be-child was sitting right in front of her! Once again, Kagome's head was taking her for a spin.

Yuuki, not really paying attention to the atmosphere, leaned even more into the miko's personal space before allowing his features to hold a more seductive look- which creeped Kagome out a whole lot more and spoke- yet again, without caring if she had something to say.

Kagome didn't care it was something about himself anyways. She wondered when he would eventually ask her for her name- probably never. When she finally tune back in to hear his voice, the miko wished she hadn't.

You know, you are truly lucky that I decided to come work tonight. If not, you wouldn't have been able to meet me. I'm sure you're just as happy as I am, so let's get to know each other better hm?”

He even had both of their larger-than-life ego's! Kagome was three seconds away from bashing her now empty wine glass into this retards face. Was he serious? Looking at his lustful red eyes, Kagome concluded that he was and that pissed her off even more and when the arrogant yokai tried to feel her up, that was the last straw for Kagome, she was done.

Shoving Yuuki back a good distance for her sanity, Kagome gave a snort before standing up and speaking her mind to the clueless yokai. “Um, hardly. Look, you might be handsome but the world doesn't evolve around you. How about you learn what it means to treat a lady.”

The wide eyed yokai was speechless for a moment there. Was he being rejected? And this woman was walking away from him? Him?! Yuuki's ego was struck down and he wasn't happy. No one walked away from him. No one made him be on the receiving end of being dumped. No one! Who did this lady think she was? Well, he wasn't going to sit here and say nothing, though this woman was a sight, she was about to get her feelings hurt! Or so he thought.

Kagome watched as the prideful yokai stood up and towered over her smaller form just so he could look down on her. 'A power move.' Kagome thought with distaste. Was he really that butt hurt just from a few words? Feeling his yoki rise in both shame and anger confirmed that question. Kagome just rolled her eyes, she wasn't about to stand here with an overgrown man-child. However, her movement was halted when she heard the trash that was pouring out the male's mouth.

Yuuki was furious. How dare she embarrass me! So, like most obnoxious people, he let his lips fly without a filter to save him. “First of all, you should be thankful I even spotted you sorry self out. Do you know how many women want to be with me? And the fact that you got bent out of shape just from me barely touching you, shows you must not have any experience dealing with a man- let alone one of my caliber.”

Kagome stood there in awe. Was this really happening to her? The boy had no indication to whom he was speaking to! But that was okay, because he was about to.

Evidently, Yuuki was too far gone in his tirade to realize the danger he had put himself in and finally said something that made the ticking time bomb that was Kagome, snap.

...The reality of it being Valentines Day and you coming here just to be with someone proves that you must be one lonely, dry, pathetic bit-”


Kagome had went on autopilot after she heard the 'V word' and before the poor yokai knew what hit him, Yuuki was given a monstrous reiki infused punch to his diaphragm that made him fall to his knees in a daze as the feeling of being set on fire engulfed his body.

She was a miko?! How did he not know? Not to mention she was a strong one at that. The yokai growled lowly. He had picked the wrong person to mess with and when he raised his head to see where she was, Yuuki eyes widened in fear as the miko hadn't left but was actually cocking back her right arm as her fist started taking on a light purplish hue of her reiki. She was going for round two?! His body still unable to move from the first hit, Yuuki knew he wasn't going to be able to dodge it and the woman was aiming straight for his face. He closed his eyes, praying that he would see another day.

Kagome was raging on the inside. How dare he! He didn't know her or what she's been through! There were a whole bunch of reasons why she didn't want to be out during this stupid holiday and this was one of them! But would anyone listen to her? No! So, when that low-life said all that nonsense she lost it. Besides, she had been wanting to vent her anger and stress on something or someone and he practically volunteered but that one hit wasn't enough in her opinion, Kagome wanted him to feel the same pain she was feeling, so she let her fist swing one more time.

Suddenly, out of no where, Kagome's arm was gripped onto by a large hand that caused her body to fall against the hand's owner. Lifting her eyes to see whom it was that stopped her, Kagome gasped as cool hazel eyes watched her with a guarded expression. It wasKeith. How he got back over here so fast had puzzled Kagome at first until she glanced at her arm and saw that his hand was slightly burnt. He was also a yokai. Not wanting to harm him, she reigned in her powers and relaxed into his hold.

Sensing the young woman change into a more subdued position, Keith spoke to her in calming low tones after releasing his hold on her. “I believe he has learned his lesson miko-san. Though you have every right, let's not cause a scene for the others hm?”

Hearing that statement, Kagome took a look around her and noticed how quiet the club had gotten and the abundance of curious onlookers form the bottom floor. Well this was awkward. Sporting a small blush, the miko gave the man a slight nod before whispering a parting “excuse me.” and walking for the exit of the club. If she was lucky, she might fall asleep in the car.

I hate Valentines Day.” 


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