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Best Friends...but Wait! by vhfluffy


Hey guys!

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season! I've been working on this story for a few weeks now and I like how it turned out. It started out as a oneshot, but there were too many good scenes and it ended up being much longer. Nine chapters to be precise, but who's counting!

Hope you like it. Please leave a review if you do like it and if you don't!

Enjoy. Kanpai!




Cheered all members of the Taisho and Higurashi family as they raised their glasses in unison to the newly married heir of the ‘western lands’, Sesshomaru and priestess, Kagome. The union was a joyous one, in this day and age. 2016, was a vast contrast from 500AD, where union between the human and demon race usually resulted in death or ostracizing. Over the millennia, both races had learned tolerance and eventually acceptance as shared technology benefitted both.  

The entire wedding week had been one big happy celebration, complete with all kinds of customs and traditions exclusive and mutual to both holy and youkai family.  The festivities concluded with a lavish reception in the Western Castle and finally by sundown only a few immediate members of both families remained.

“Dish ish for you broda!” Inuyasha raised his already spilling glass of sake, completely toasted himself before he fell face first into the grass covered courtyard, passing out.

“Ahahahaha!!!!” Laughed their father, who was pretty blitzed himself. “Thas ma boy”.  Izayoi, shaking her head practically carried him on her shoulders.

18-year-old Souta had had plenty to drink as well and could barely stand. Mama Higurashi had made an exception to her self-imposed sobriety and had a few glasses to commemorate the new chapter in her daughter’s life. All were merry and pretty damn drunk.

“I must thank you all” chimed in Sesshomaru, who also had downed quite a few bottles. Yet, being over a couple millennia old and possessing the strength of his ancestors, he had quite some tolerance to the alcohol. Sigh…being a daiyoukai had its drawbacks…

“However, my beautiful bride” he gripped Kagome’s tiny waist pulling her to him, “would very much like to consummate our union now”

“Sesshomaru!” yelled Kagome, appalled at his indiscretion.

“Woohoo!!! Yeah!!!” They all looked around confused to find a delirious Inuyasha responding in his drunken stupor from his temporary grass bed.

And with that, Sesshomaru hoisted his new bride onto his shoulders and jumped up to their bedroom at the very top of the mansion, with her screaming in his sensitive ears.


Sesshomaru landed gracefully on the balcony to his massive bedroom. The room had obviously been decorated to reflect a newly wedded consummation room. He plopped Kagome down on the gigantic bed and looked around the room, removing his outer wedding garb. Sesshomaru rolled his eyes at naked statues randomly thrown around the room, no doubt Inuyasha’s idea of funny.

Kagome observed her husband from her spot on the bed. He was so majestic and elegant. From his expensive burgundy outer kimono to his long silver hair, killer looks and regal disposition, her husband was the epitome of royalty and unmatched exquisiteness.

Snap. Snap

Kagome looked up in surprise to find Sesshomaru staring down at her. Apparently, he had snapped his fingers to draw her out of her daze. “Huh?” She questioned.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Yea. Why wouldn’t I be?” She asked as a matter of fact. He just shrugged in response and smiled.

“So, what now?” Kagome asked as she scooted to the edge of the bed. “Do you think they suspected anything?” She asked lowering her voice. Which was useless in a mansion full of sharp eared youkai. But they were all drunk and Sesshomaru did not care, he had enclosed their room in a sound barrier.

“No, but I am sure they are expecting fireworks so be prepared to start screaming”

“Dude, please” Kagome rolled her eyes. “that ain’t happenin’” holding her hand up. “I mean you’re hot n all but, simply not my type.” She said as she removed her outer kimono.

He looked at her through narrowed eyes and lunged at her, dropping her back on the bed.

“Bitch, I am too much for you to handle” As his naked torso hovered over her. “only a real woman can satisfy me…” alluding to her tiny stature and tomboyish persona as he ran his hand down her side.

“Bitch, please!!!” She rolled her eyes in protest as she slapped his hand away.

“Bud, I take pride and am comfortable in my own body. So, what if I don’t have gi-gundous boobs” She gestured large breast with her hands. “I have these round curvaceous hips and the most toned, killer thighs” she pointed to her hips and thighs “And so what if I am short? I am smart and if someone only wants me for my looks, then fuck ‘em. So, what if…”

“Kagome” Sesshomaru cut her off

“Yea” she responded, looking at him through large brown eyes in query.

“Shut up”

“Oh” Kagome reeled herself back in. She tended to ramble on sometimes.

Sesshomaru grabbed her hand as he pulled her up off the bed. He turned around and crouched down in front of Kagome. “Get on, we’re going somewhere”

“Where to?” Kagome asked curiously as she climbed on his back.

“You will see” as he nodded his head for her to climb on.

Sesshomaru climbed onto the edge of the balcony with Kagome hitching a piggy back ride. They both looked down to see if the families were still there, but they had retired to the mansion. The only visible form was that of Inuyasha still laying in the grass.

“Should we like, bring him inside or something?” Kagome asked Sesshomaru. He looked down at his brother’s form and paused, “Or something…”  he shrugged as he took off with a snickering Kagome on his back.

Kagome loved piggy backing on Sesshomaru since way back when she was a little girl. She closed her eyes as she remembered the first time she had met the brothers.

(Back story)

The Inu family had just moved to their neighborhood in Tokyo 12 years ago and the neighborhood kids pretty much kept their distance from them. Kagome had been the first one to welcome the inu into their home as neighbors and eventually friends. For whatever reason, Kagome got along well with Sesshomaru even though they had a vast difference in age. Well, in human terms, Sesshomaru had looked like in his early twenties, meanwhile Kagome had been 10 years old. Inuyasha looked to be a teenager even though he had a couple centuries under his belt. Kagome had been quite mature for her age her whole life and so intellectually had jived well with Sesshomaru. And so, 12 years later, Kagome now 22 looked about the same age as Sesshomaru who barely aged a day. Their friendship surpassed any relationship they had with anyone else. Kagome had dated many of her college mates, while Sesshomaru had had a few flings here and there. Through it all, they were each other’s confidante and solace during a breakup. It did not matter the situation, they were always available for each other.  It was a special, sacred bond between them, one untainted by any sexual motive.

When Sesshomaru had come to see her that day six months back, Kagome had been surprised. He was supposed to have been in the ‘western land’ at that time. He and his family had been in attendance of their inu grandfather’s birthday that weekend. The western lands were the Inu family’s heritage and only a few humans, Kagome included were allowed there. It piqued Kagome’s curiosity why he had ‘dropped in’ through her window to see her when he should have been hundreds of miles away.

“You…Wha…wha…Say what?” Kagome gawked at him and his ridiculous question.

“Will you marry me?” Sesshomaru had asked coolly. Kagome observed his stature through narrowed eyes. Standing tall and royal, looking her dead in the eyes and yet his hands were in his pocket. He was nervous and unsure. She could read him like a book.

“Have you lost your frickin’ mind?” She asked as she walked up to him “Hello? Earth to Sesshomaru? You in there?” She knocked on his forehead.

“I am quite coherent, Kagome” He spoke as he sat at her computer desk.

“Then what is this all about, Sesshomaru?” Kagome asked, pulling her beany bag chair up to him and plopping herself in front of him.

Sesshomaru leaned back in his chair, grasping his hands behind his head as he chewed the inside of his cheek. “Grandfather is dying” He spoke.

“What?! Oh no!” Kagome jumped up giving him a giant hug, which he was grateful for. “I’m so sorry Sessh.” But the look in his eyes told a different story. “ Buuuuut…” She gestured with her hands for him to proceed. He obviously wasn’t that torn about his grandfather; something else was up. Sesshomaru’s relationship with his grandfather was as cryptic as hers to the ancient dog. The old coot was a prejudiced old dog and it took Kagome many relentless years to finally get him to acknowledge her presence.

“You know how I am the heir of the western lands?” Kagome nodded as understanding dawned. He did not have to say anything else, it all made sense now.

“Lemme guess. You need a bride to inherit the title” She questioned.

“In a manner of speaking”

“What does that mean?”

“Inu’s do not ‘marry’, we mate”

“I know that, So, what the fuck does that mean for us?”

“It means we share our life force as one, thereby prolonging your life, if you agree”

‘Whoa…that’s totally fucked up” Kagome sank back in her beany bag chair. “So, if I were to agree, which I have not! but if I did, I would look pretty much the same but Souta and mamma would age as normal humans?” he nodded.

She pondered the possibilities, then looked at Sesshomaru. “Why me? Aren’t you dating big tits Sandy? Did she refuse?”

“I did not ask her” He responded, stoic as ever. When Kagome raised her eyebrows in question “I do not trust her like I do you”

Kagome went to respond but stopped. She wanted to ask why he was dating her if he did not trust her, but she knew the answer to that already. He had, on many occasions confessed to how much Big-Tits-Sandy could ‘swallow’. Kagome had laughed at his shallow reasons and he had shrugged saying ‘A man has got to have his fun too’.

Kagome scratched her head “This is awkward but I’m gonna ask anyway…”

“The answer is no” replied Sesshomaru. He knew exactly what she was thinking. “We do not have to have sex for a complete mating”

“Phew…that’s…good to know. Coz that would be wayyyy too weird” Sesshomaru smiled faintly.

Sex being beside the point, her best bud was in a dilemma and needed her help. She would do anything for him, but was she ready to give up her entire life for their friendship? I mean, what were the drawbacks? Her life wasn’t as glamorous as she would have liked it to be. Kagome was an architect and so she traveled a lot, but the pay sucked and she needed all the financial help she could get to run the shrine as well as maintain herself. Souta and her mother both worked, but the shrine was old and required lots of TLC.  Becoming a member of the most influential family in Japan would have its merits. Hey, she wasn’t being greedy but she needed to see the pros of this arrangement. Her romantic life was no better. She was currently dating Hojo. Granted, he was no prize either and Kagome did not love him, but he was an option; her choice. She would not have that freedom anymore, would she?

 “You realize what you are asking of me right?” She asked concerned. He nodded. “To give up my life and aspirations to help you gain a title?” He nodded again. “With no freedom, whatsoever after. I know how strict the youkai family dynamic is. Am I gonna be confined to living in the mansion to youkai norms?” This time he looked at her.

“Only if that’s what you want” Kagome did not look convinced. He sighed and held both her hands in his, looking her in the eyes, “You can still maintain your lifestyle, date whoever you want, work wherever you want.” Kagome went to ask more questions but Sesshomaru continued, anticipating her questions. “Once the whole wedding is over and we are settled, we will get an apartment in Tokyo and pretend to live together. You can pick the place and live there if you wish; I will maintain residency where I am now. Grandfather cannot travel and will remain in the western lands and my parents live on the outskirts and barely visit unless required. Inuyasha is the only one I need to worry about, but that is not an issue.”

“And what if I fall in love with someone and want to live my life with him? Will we get a divorce?”

“Divorce is a human custom of dissolving a union. If it is what you want, then so be it. The only dissolution of a mating is the death of one or both individuals. But our mating would need no dissolution if you chose to marry another human”

“Why is that?

“The mating ceremony isn’t complete until it is consummated. But since we don’t plan on doing that, it just means that I will not share in your powers and you in mine. Our essences will have only melded partially. Consummation would just seal it, that’s all. Ours would be incomplete”

“Wouldn’t that affect the whole aging thing?”

“Most likely you would age faster than in a complete mating, but barely noticeable by human standards”

 “But wouldn’t the elders know?”

“Only if you tell them. Otherwise, it is a sacred ritual between both mates”

“So once you are given the title of…what was it again?”

“Lord of the Western Lands”

“Yea...that.  Then what?”

“Same deal, we divorce, if you want. Or, stay mated but go our own ways, which is what I would recommend. There are consequences to breaking a mating ceremony. An incomplete mating is a lot less difficult to break, but it has its costs.” He could tell Kagome had a million questions “Our life force would reduce drastically.”

“Define drastically”

“By half- but half of both our combined lifespan”

Kagome sat back once again and sighed. She pondered the impertinent details. This was so wrong. Not only would they deceive their families if they were to mate, but at the risk of halving their lifespans? What the fuck was she getting herself into? She really needed to think about this.

 “And what if I wanted to mate another youkai?”

Before Sesshomaru could answer, his eyes bled red and he snarled before he regained control of himself. Kagome pulled herself away from him at his beast’s brief emergence, wondering why the fierce reaction.

“Sessh?” Confused, yet concerned, Kagome cautiously touched his wrist as he held his head in his hands. “Are- are you okay?”

“I am fine, Kagome. Sorry, I do not know why my inner beast lashed out” He stood up as he had a splitting headache and needed to rest. “Think about it Kagome, sooner than later?”

“Yea…” Kagome whispered softly concerned, as he disappeared through her window again.

Kagome had spent the next few days in a daze.

She knew she was probably the only person who could tolerate Sesshomaru’s brashness and deal with his cryptic/ sarcastic self. In all their years together, she could not keep track of how times she had to console heartbroken girls whom he had rejected. For some reason they all showed up at her door, crying. She could not imagine anyone else better to ‘handle’ his ass than herself. At times, he was like a rabid dog and she his handler. It was a weird arrangement. She loved him as her best friend and they shared almost everything they did. She had to admit, he was an extremely attractive male and yet she chose not to see him as a potential lover, probably coz he was a dick most of the time.

Kagome remembered approximately a week or so after their ‘discussion’, the Inu parents had invited her to dinner to their house on the outskirts of Tokyo. This was a monthly occurrence; The inus loved Kagome as one of their own and so she was a regular at family events. As she had entered the home, she was greeted by the family and a new face. A female youkai wolf who had been practically conjoined to Sesshomaru’s hip for most of the night. She was a drop dead gorgeous white haired wolf with a body to die for. Just the way Sesshomaru preferred them. Kagome had been quite surprised when the family had introduced her as Sesshomaru’s potential mate.  Grandpa Inu seemed very pleased with Kagome’s reaction to the new ‘potential mate’. Almost as if he was rubbing it in that Sessh would have someone else in his life soon, which amused Kagome since she really chose not to perceive Sesshomaru as a romantic partner. Throughout the meal, Sesshomaru had avoided looking at Kagome. She knew that meant one of two things; he was pissed and about to blow up, or he was shielding his thoughts from Kagome. She suspected it was a little bit of both. It wasn’t until dessert that Kagome really got a feel for the real person his potential mate was. Kagome had walked out to the wooden gazebo in the family garden to get some fresh air. She was confused why Sesshomaru would ask her if he already had someone in mind. However, her instincts were that he was not a happy camper. She sighed as she wondered why she had a penchant for getting involved in youkai business? Something seemed off though. For one, Sesshomaru’s behavior seemed more than a little odd. She had to figure this out soon since she couldn’t hold her fake smile any longer.  She turned to return and bumped into Sesshomaru.

“Hey! Watsup Sesshomaru?” Kagome chirped, big eyed and smiling.

He looked at her in his signature impassive expression. “Spill it”

“I dunno what you’re talking about” she smiled cocking her head.

Next thing she knew he had her in a head lock “The hell you don’t. I know that look. What is it?”

“You’re asking me? What’s your deal, lover boy? What’s with the fake bitch in there?” Kagome asked. Of course, he wasn’t hurting her. It was just Sesshomaru being himself around her. He sighed deeply releasing her. “Grandfather”

“Ah, that makes sense now. No wonder you look so excited” He rolled his eyes. “Can’t you ditch her?”

“My parents are being very hospitable to their guest. It’s not my place to disrupt them” As he lit up a cigarette. Sesshomaru only smoked when he felt he wasn’t in control.

Kagome scowled as the smoke drifted her way. She frowned and grabbed it from his mouth squashing it on the gazebo railing. “You like her?”

“Hell no” was his quick curt reply. Both Sesshomaru and Kagome turned as they heard some twigs snap to their left. It was the female wolf.

“I better leave, your ‘potential mate’ is here” Kagome winked at Sesshomaru as she passed him, but didn’t get too far as he grabbed her hand and pulled her back into him, circling her waist with his other arm. Kagome, shocked looked at wolf girl who was just as taken back. Sesshomaru looked at the girl.

“Kagome will be my mate” He spoke confidently and Kagome glared at him. She had not agreed to it.

“Are you crazy?” wolf girl scowled “She is human. Besides your grandfather would never agree to it. I am from one of the four main families” She spoke smugly. “what is she? A pathetic excuse for a human….”

Sesshomaru released Kagome to restrain wolf girl, but stopped surprised as he watched her being flung down onto the grass. He looked over to see Kagome standing with her hands on her hips, reiki power fluttering all around her, sneering at wolf girl through narrowed eyes.

“Aaahhhh, you bitch!” wolf girl screamed as she lunged at Kagome but Sesshomaru had stepped in between them and held her off.

“Enough! I will not mate you. Leave” She stood with her mouth ajar for a moment, no doubt shocked that she was told to leave.

“You will regret this, you bitch!” screeched the wolf at Kagome and stomped her way inside.

Kagome stood rubbing her wrist. It had been a while since she had used her priestess powers. More like it had been a while since they had emerged on their own. But she would never let a demon belittle her for being human and felt proud for standing up for herself. Soon she felt Sesshomaru’s strong aura behind her.

“You think fake girl will raise hell?” She asked

“Doubt it, but your ass better fix this mess now” he said as a matter of fact.

“Whatever, buddy. I saved you a lifetime of fake ass wolf whooping. You should be thanking me”

Sesshomaru directed his slanted gaze down at her. Kagome tried to decipher his look. The bastard really expected her to take responsibility for saving his ass?

“What?” She asked perplexed. “What the hell do you want me to do?”

“Mate me” He spoke coolly, looking towards the house as he could see his family through a window scrambling to tend to the wolf.

“Sessh” Kagome started but stopped as he looked over at her, desperation evident in his eyes. He was really serious about mating her. She took a deep breath and could not believe what she was about to do.

“Fine. I’ll do it. But you owe me a big one, ya hear me?” She scolded pointing a finger at him. When she looked at him she saw his eyes light up and a smirk form at the corner of his lips and Kagome gasped.

“Son of a bitch” She spoke slowly “You planned all of this, didn’t you? Just to get me to agree?” She poked her finger at his chest and watched as he revealed a fanged grin. “Un-fucking-believable!” She fisted her hand to punch him but he caught it and turned her around to face the mansion, pulling her back into him once again.

“Shall we break the good news to my family, mate?” He stressed the word mate and directed her towards the mansion entrance.

“Dick-head” Kagome accused him as she let him lead her.

“Barbarian” He whispered in her ear

“Fuck you”

He smiled “…Nah, you’re not my type” As he winked at her and opened the door letting her in.


Needless to say, the entire family, save for Grandpa Inu were ecstatic.

“I knew it!” Exclaimed Izayoi. “I’ve known it all along! Congratulations!” She hugged Kagome and then attempted to hug Sesshomaru, but knew better. He did not like being hugged.

Inu papa patted Sesshomaru on the back a huge grin on his face and Inuyasha practically jumped his brother in a bear hug but Sesshomaru side stepped him and he went crashing into the couch. But he turned around and embraced Sesshomaru’s arm in a brotherly hug. Wolf girl had thrown a hissy fit and taken off, not that anyone cared.

Sesshomaru knew none of this would matter unless the old coot gave them his blessings and so, taking Kagome’s hand he kneeled in front of the old dog. Kagome did the same.

“Grandfather, please impart your blessing on myself and Kagome. We are in love and cannot be complete without your approval.”

The old man looked at his grandson and then at Kagome. The human child had slowly and gradually crept her way into their home and their lives. He could sense her genuine care for his family, a pure soul she was. She was a human and a priestess. In days past, they would have been enemies and here his descendant wanted to include her in their bloodline? Any children born would be abominations. Is that what his lineage would amount to?

“Child” Grandpa looked towards Kagome. She raised her head to look at him “Do you genuinely love this bastard?”

Kagome stared at the old dog for a moment, then cracked up. “Yes, grandpa” She nodded. She knew he hated being called grandpa, but that was how their relationship was. He kind of hated her guts but she proved herself to him time and again. And she wasn’t really lying, per se. She did love Sessh- as a best friend, so…

Looking at Sesshomaru “And are you willing to put your entire life and lineage in the hands of a human priestess?” His question was more of a caution than anything else, but Sesshomaru knew what he was getting at.

“She will guard it fiercely with her life, grandfather”

Kagome watched the exchange. What the hell was she getting herself into! Damn you Sesshomaru!

“Very well” the old dog placed his hands on their head. “You have my blessing then “ 

Times were changing and maybe a new generation of children would be good for the lineage.

Kagome was relieved and gave the old dog a giant hug, almost knocking him off his seat.

“Thank you, grandpa! You’re the best!”

 “Yea yea…. quit calling me grandpa. No respect these days…Now get out of here and go make some abominations, bastards…”  He continued mumbling to himself as he hobbled his way to his room. “And someone get me some tea, damn it!” He yelled from the hallway.

(End of Back story)



“Did you really just drool all over my back?” Kagome heard as she woke up from her brief nap. Piggy backing on Sesshomaru’s back always felt so warm and comfortable, she could stay on him forever. Kagome gingerly climbed off Sesshomaru’s back, looking around then towards Sesshomaru.

“Oh, I drooled all over your back” She wiped off her spit.

“No shit, Sherlock” Sesshomaru removed his shirt and laid it out on the ground.

“Where are we?” She began walking, but quickly gripped Sesshomaru’s arm as she realized they were thousands of feet above the ground on the top of a thousand year old tree. The surface had been carved out to create a platform.

“Oh my God!” Kagome squealed. She could see out for thousands and thousands of miles all around them as the entirety of the western lands lay below them.

“It gets better, just wait” Sesshomaru smirked at Kagome.

It was dusk and the setting sun looked immaculate. It was the most beautiful experience for Kagome. Living in the city, she barely noticed the sun rise or set. Being out here in the open animated everything beautifully. Kagome sat cross-legged, mesmerized by the beauty unfolding beneath her. As it got darker, lights lit up in villages below looked like glitter spread across the lands.

“Wow” was all she could say as no words could describe the elation in her heart.

“How come I didn’t know about this place, Sesshomaru? I’ve been to the castle a million times, why haven’t you brought me here before?” She looked at him through narrowed eyes.

Sesshomaru shrugged. “This is my safe place; I come here to get away from everyone and everything. No one knows about it. Well, now you know” he remarked.

“So this is where you were when that bimbo Kotoni dumped your ass that one time?” Kagome referred to the one instance when Sesshomaru had actually become very close to one of his playthings. However, the woman actually wasn’t as dumb as he thought she was and before he could break her heart, she had dumped him. He wasn’t heartbroken at the breakup but the fact that a woman had ended the relationship first was a big blow to his ego.

“How do you know this is where I was?” He asked confused

“I came to the castle looking for you, but for the life of me could not find you. Who knew you were butt hurt all the way up here”

Sesshomaru grabbed the back of her neck as she giggled.

“Look up” he said and looked over to see and hear Kagome gasp as the expanse of the universe unfolded above her. The sight of her happy face warmed him and he smiled. A blanket of stars sparkled to the endless horizon all around them. A crescent moon shone brightly above the earth, illuminating the beautifully shadowed lands below them.  A gentle cool breeze tossed wisps of her hair around her bright eyed face as she tried to absorb the beauty around her.

Sesshomaru lay back resting his head on one arm, the other stretched out to his side. Kagome, lay across him, her head on his belly as they both soaked in the moonlit universe. Kagome reached her hands up to the sky as she sighed deeply.

“It’s amazing…! I could easily fall asleep up here”

“Mmm, I have, many times”

Kagome poked him in the side and he twitched “Show off” she mumbled and he smiled.

“Hey Sesshomaru”


“Did we make the right decision?”

Sesshomaru remained silent for a moment.

“Come here” he gestured for her to lay her head on his shoulder and she did.

“Do you regret marrying me?” He said

“No. Do you regret mating me?

“No” he shook his head. He knew it was the right choice. He could not imagine any other female in his life. It was a strange relationship. He needed her but not in a sexual way. Sesshomaru knew Kagome felt the same way about him. He didn’t know any female who could keep up with his volatile moods either.

“Besides, we’re not fully mated”

“Yea” was all Kagome could muster. She really had depleted all of her energy for the week and could not find any more words.

It wasn’t long before the two of them succumbed to sleep under the starry night, thousands of feet up above the ground with her head on his chest and his arm around her.


And so begins a new chapter in the lives of our favorite couple! Hope you enjoyed it so far!


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