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Kagome's music by kb

Chapter 1

“Where has that man gone to this time?” Jakken squawked. He had been resting against Ah-Un’s side while Rin played in a field of flowers. The sun had begun to disappear behind the nearby mountain, and soon stars would glitter across the black sky. 

A warm summer breeze blew through Rin’s soft hair, “Master Jakken, you know lord Sesshomaru always disappears around this time of day.”

“Still, I wonder where he goes off to. Lately his mood has been completely different after he comes back from his venture.”

Rin shrugged and then smiled as she fed some grass to her two headed dragon, “Does it really matter where he goes if he is returning happier than when he left?”

Jakken’s eyes narrowed. Rin’s childlike simplicity always left him speechless. However, whatever his lord was up to, Jakken knew Sesshomaru was hiding something from them. While Sesshomaru was never forthcoming with information, he never exactly held secrets until now. It must be something incredibly personal and possibly frowned upon for Sesshomaru to keep going off and saying nothin upon his return. No matter, the sun would soon be setting and he was responsible for making sure Rin was fed and in bed before his lord came back to them. “Rin, we should catch some fish from that river a little ways back.”

The young girl smiled, “Of course, Master Jakken! I hope we catch some trout! Wouldn’t that be delicious?”

He shrugged his imp shoulders, “it does sound appetizing. Let’s get going. I want you fed and asleep within the next hour.”

Rin grabbed Ah-Un’s reigns and led him towards the river they had passed earlier in the day. They hadn’t gone too far past it before Sesshomaru suggested resting in the fields so Rin could play in the flowers. She didn’t realize it at the time, but they were only a fifteen minute walk away from the water and its abundant fish. However, as soon as they arrived they saw someone had already made camp near the river. 

Rin observed the encampment and realized she knew these people. “Kagome! Shippo!” 

The group looked up from the fire they were gathered around, and Kagome spoke Rin’s name. “Rin? What are you doing here? Where’s Sesshomaru?”

She waved her hand nonchalantly, “Oh he always disappears as the sun sets and returns shortly after the stars begin to sparkle. Actually, he should be returning soon.” Her stomach growled fiercely and ended their conversation.

Kagome reached down towards the fire and picked up a stick that had freshly caught trout speared onto it. “Here. Why don’t you eat and stay here until Sesshomaru returns for you.”

Inuyasha and Jakken began to protest, but Kagome gave them a warning glare. They both quickly stopped their impending tirades fearing the verbal lashing Kagome would bestow upon them if they interrupted Rin’s dinner. 

Soon enough everyone had filled their stomachs with fish and Shippo excitedly jumped onto Kagome’s lap, “Is it time for good night songs?”

She smiled at the little kit who had her wrapped around his finger. “Yes, why don’t you and Rin crawl into my sleeping bag and settle down. I have a special surprise for tonight’s song.” Eagerly, Rin and Shippo sat in Kagome’s warm and fluffy bag. The little girl had never seen anything so simple and comfortable before, but she loved it. 

Shippo watched Kagome as she picked up a hard black box. She had brought it back from her era, but when he asked what it was all she would tell him was that it was a surprise for their night time song. Shippo adored her singing and impatiently waited for his special surprise. Kagome opened the box and pulled out an odd looking instrument. It was made of red colored wood and had wire strings along its length. Then Kagome pulled out a long black stick that had strings attached it. “Kagome, what is that?”

“It’s a violin. I’ve been playing this one since I was a little girl. I think you two will like the way it sounds.”

Shippo nodded and Rin’s eyes grew wide. No one had ever sung to her since her mother had died and now Kagome was going to create music just for them. 

Kagome placed the violin under her chin and rose the bow up to the instrument. Deep, but still soft whispers of music began to sound as she ran her bow down the strings. She was only two notes into her music when everyone became completely entranced by the new sound. Her fingers mashed onto the strings, but her expert control over the bow created sweet melodies that lulled the children into a peaceful state. 

Her music had an interesting effect on the demons around her. It was clear that they didn’t just hear the music, they also felt it. Inuyasha’s eyes clouded as the sound fluttered around his soul. Jakken unconsciously swayed back and forth in time with the melody, while Ah-Un closed his eyes and absorbed each sweet note. Kagome kept playing and Rin quietly asked Shippo, “Is it like this every night?”

The kitsune nodded his head, “Usually she just sings for us, but her voice still has the same effect on everyone.”

Everyone continued enjoying Kagome’s musical abilities, but unbeknownst to them a visitor was hiding in a nearby forest listening to her as well. He sat on a limb with his back resting against the trunk of a tall tree, and he had one hand propped up on his bent knee. Red eyelids hooded gold eyes as his heart stilled with every rise and fall of Kagome’s beautiful music. His ward had no idea that this is where he snuck off to every night. Kagome had an affect on him just like the others. He felt his soul fill with calming tranquility, and his heart soared as each note touched him in ways that no woman ever had. 

Tonight’s instrumental recital only reinforced what he had already begun to realize. It was moments like these that made him sneak off every night. She was the reason he kept his nightly ventures to himself. He was falling in love with Kagome, and he didn’t want to stop falling. 

After a while the music faded away. Just like every night he felt sadness that the music stopped, but he felt himself oddly happy at being able to experience something so beautiful from this woman. Sesshomaru jumped down from his tree branch and made his way towards the campsite where Kagome and his pack were. He arrived only to see Rin snuggled down into the sleeping bag with Shippo. Jakken looked up at him with knowing eyes, "Milord, you're back!" The imp's brow rose suspiciously and Kagome looked up from the fire at the towering daiyoukai.

Sesshomaru growled a quiet warning towards Jakken. He hadn't covered his aura because that would have interferred with his absorption of every sweet and soul calming note that flowed off of Kagome's violin. Jakken must have smelled Sesshomaru with that big green beak of his that could outsmell an inuyoukai any day, but Sesshomaru didn't care. It was about time he came forth with his desire for Kagome, but not tonight. Soon he would explain his love for her, but not until the time was just right. Right now he was content with secretly listening to her songs. Right now he just wanted to enjoy his nightly routine. Right now he would bask in her beautiful blue gazed as she looked him over. 

He could see in her eyes that she knew what he had been doing for the past month, and it was clear she didn't mind. Sesshomaru could see clearly that Kagome enjoyed their little relationship. It was then that he realized she hadn't brought the violin solely for Shippo. She had brought it for him as well. Maybe, just maybe, she had fallen in love with him too.


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