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It Can't Be Over by Park Yoon Na

Insecurities and consequences

Hey guys! I am new to this website! And this story came into my head while I was watching Monster High: Boo York. it's just a songfiction. If you like it enough I will turn it into a chapter story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha nor the characters.

Disclaimer#2: i do not own the song "It Can't be Over" all credit goes to the creators and crew and cast of Monster High: Boo York Boo York.

So here goes.

     Sesshomaru entered the home he shared with his girlfriend. He took a deep breath. His mind kept replaying the conversation he has just had with Kikyou. How had her words hit him so hard. The Inuyoukai was never weakened by words. They never mattered to him, but for some reason what she had told him hit home. It stung to hear what he might be doing to his beloved girlfriend. Sesshomaru turned down the hall and went into the room they shared. And there she was. Her long midnight black hair hung near her rear, swaying lightly as she tilted her head to fix her make up for the mating ceremony that was taking place in a few hours.

     Meeting this woman was the best thing to happen to him. But of course there was a problem. She was a miko, and not just regular miko but a kami half blood. Her father is a kami and her mother the shikon miko. Her status was so highly regarded. And she had chosen him, a youkai prince. In her parents eyes she had picked a peasant. And their daughter was too prized to be with a peasant such as an inuyoukai. He was reminded of this constantly. But the parents loved their daughter too much to choose a mate for her.

     Sesshomaru returned his attention to the woman of his thoughts. She had yet to notice he had entered the room as she hummed softly. The miko had the voice of all angels. She was absolutely beautiful. The dress she wore accented all her curves while keeping her classy. Her toned legs hidden under the pale purple fabric of her gown. The demon prince loved the woman in front of him.

And that was why he had to do this.


She turned at the sound of his voice and smiled brightly. Her smile faded as she caught a glimpse of pain in his eyes before they turned back into the hard golden eyes she had fallen in love with.

"Sesshomaru. What's wrong?" She asked. Kagome approached him slowly and caressed his cheek. He leaned into her touch. Did he really want to do this?

"We can not see each other any longer." His voice sounded so foreign. He felt his heart freeze as she looked him in the eyes. Tears began to form, he could smell them.

Look at you, and look at me

You deserve everything, you're royalty

I'm just an average guy, oh yes it's true

I know just what to do when it comes down to me and you

Sesshomaru backed away from Kagome. He look into the sad blue eyes of the woman he loved deeply. How could it come to this? She was his. She was supposed to be his mate. But Kikyou's words kept replaying in her mind.

"You're just holding her back."

Was he? But she had grown so strong since he had met he almost 550 years ago. And even stronger at a faster rate in the 200 years they had been together.

I hate to have this happen

The way it has to happen

"You may be of high status in this world, but in our realm you are below even a commoner"

He understood her worry. In Kagome's realm he was just a blotch. Nothing but a person. A being. In His realm Kagome was worshipped. She was above all. She had saved them from the evil hanyou Naraku. Killing her first love for trying to destroy the world she loved. That was 500 years ago.

What I thought was perfect matching was a perfect mismatch

"She is giving up everything to be with you. She already has."

I think I owe it to you, to set you free

"Cause you'll be better, better of without me" He told his only love as she stepped towards him. The pain in his voice froze her on the spot. Why was he saying this?

"You are destroying her future!"

No! He had to do this!

We gotta get real and leave this alone

We don't go together we're so wrong for each other

You're a royal girl and I'm an average Joe

"You gotta understand that we have to break up." Sesshomaru whispered. He couldn't believe he was saying this to the girl he loved more than his own life. Maybe that was why he did it.

Sorry it over

"Sorry it's over." He looked into her tear coupled eyes.

You and I, we're so wrong

We're not perfect after all

Everybody knows

Everybody knows

That this is the end.

Sesshomaru turned to walk away and the flashbacks came to him. All the times they shared. All the timed she saved him. And the few times he saved her. He never realized how much stronger she was. But she held back because her holy power could kill him.

Over time I held you back

You're just to good for me and I know that's a fact

Kagome couldn't believe her ears. Was he really leaving her, why? She needed to know why. She was so happy with him. Her parents were warming up to him and all of her people liked him because he made her happy. Why would he do this. Then she realized.. He was with Kikyou before he came here.

This relationship has turned to stone

Her sister. His ex. She hated their relationship. She wanted him back. And wanted Kagome unhappy. She must have done something.

"I should get going now, I'm better off leaving you alone" Sesshomaru took one last look at his only love and the reached for the doorknob. He didn't expect her hand to grab his arm, and to turn him to face her. Her face full of anger and pain, and still love. No hatred at all.

"Don't back away from me, this isn't like you.

What's gotten into you tell me who said what to you.

To make you do this. Think for a minute.

I don't care what others have to away about us, and neither should you."

hesshomaru sighed. She always knew when something bothered him. No matter how much he tried to hide it. She wasn't going to make this any easier. Though he didn't expect her to. Because as she had told him before..she fights for what she truly loves.

He pulled his hand back as if her touch burned him. Kagome felt a stab in her heart as her dearest love pulled away from her.

Sesshomaru couldn't fix what he just did

I gotta get real and leave this alone

Kagome didn't want this. He couldn't leave her.

Don't leave me alone

He couldn't look at her..his resolve was weakening fast

"We don't go together we're so wrong for each other" He had to break her so she wouldn't come back.

You're a Royal girl and I'm an average Joe

"You gotta understand that we have to break up" Oh how he wished he didn't have to do this. But she needed to live fully. Without fear of hurting him. "Sorry it's over"

'This can't be over" She hadn't meant to say that out loud but it happened. She stepped forward and grabbed his hand.

Sesshomaru couldn't understand why she wouldn't just let him go. It hurt every time he saw the pain in her eyes.

We're so wrong for each other

We're not perfect after all

And everybody knows

Every body knows

"This is the end" He watched as her hand felt to her side. Then she brought it up to her heart.

That bitch Kikyou came after Shesshomaru at his weakest moment. After what he had just experienced. How could she? Kagome could barely keep ahold of her miko powers as she thought about it.

This hurts inside of me

"Why do you think this is the way it has to be?" Kagome grabbed his hand and pulled it to her face. He cupped her cheek as she held back tears. She looked into his eyes and hoped to see some sort of sign that he would change his mind.

Look at the picture

"We're not breaking up"

She saw none. Only solid gold as cold as ice.

You're perfect for me you see

Oh oh oh oh ohh~

You and I were meant to be

As one

He shook her off and gave her a look. It was so hard for him to even think of looking at her like that. He hadn't since they had first met.

"I'm really sorry but we're done."

And with that Sesshomaru walked away from his beloved Kagome. As he did a single tear fell down his cheek, just as Kagome collapsed onto the floor and cried. He had left. They were no more. And it hurt a lot more than he let her see. Now she could be her best. She didn't have him holding her back. And he no longer had to care about someone. He could return to being the one thing he was best, The Youkai Prince. A killing perfection.


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