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Strictly Business by Agustina Kazuyo

Strictly Professional

Chapter One: Strictly Professional

He pressed the bridge of his nose, tired and trying to get rid of the massive headache that was threatening to curse him.

His assistant sighed too. It was almost two in the morning, but the samples needed constant monitoring and his boss was a control freak who wanted to supervise the process himself.

"This is not working," the taiyoukai growled, ready to rip anyone in two just to work off some frustration.

"The sample seems to be eating away the ovum."

"There has to be a way…"

The subordinate nodded quickly, his glasses threatening to fall off his nose. "If there is, we'll find it, don't worry doctor. We might just need a more suitable donor."

His nostrils flared and he walked away, grabbing his coat in passing.

The lab assistant huffed, knowing it was up to him to get everything clean for the next shift before going home.

~O~O~O~Strictly Business~O~O~O~

Back in his car, Sesshomaru allowed his anger some outlet, snarling while driving away from the University lab. His eyes bled red, but he couldn't bring himself to care.

He was furious. Why wasn't anything working out as it should? They had spent a ridiculous amount of money in developing the protein chain that should…

"Agh!" He barked, pulling over to cool down his ire. He ran a hand up his forehead, brushing his braided hair back, every single silver strand in place.

This couldn't do. He was much too frustrated and furious to work it off like nothing.

He needed her.

Quickly, he procured his phone from his pocket, his thumb brushing the screen, dialing a number he knew by heart, but didn't have in his contacts. He hated having to go through an intermediary to be allowed to see her.

A voice answered on the other side, perky and professional, especially attentive after recognizing the number of their star regular costumer. "Good evening, Mr. Taisho. What can we do for you?"

His voice was feral and impatient. "Send Higurashi," was all he growled before ending the call.

He retook his route, the building crowned by his penthouse visible in the distance, shining like a testament to his power.

He shook his head. He knew she didn't like it when he was tense, so he tried to relax. It would serve well to his purposes if they could skip the whole 'how was your day, do you want to talk about it' thing and jump to when he fucked her brains out and they both forgot about the rest of the world.

~O~O~O~Strictly Business~O~O~O~

Kagome's phone ringed and she snatched it immediately. It was Wednesday, and she knew he would call for her, one reason or another. She yawned before sliding her fingertip across the screen to take the call.

"Damn, he was on short notice today," the male voice said, laughter in his tone. "I was shocked he hadn't called yet."

Kagome smiled. "He always does. I've got my clothes ready; I just need to work on my hair and make-up."

"That sure, eh?"

"Boss… he always calls… An all-nighter? "

"He growled at me on the phone! I'm guessing he'll keep you busy."

Kagome giggled. "Alright, I'll get to it. Call me in the morning, but not too early."

"Will do, doll. The car will be there in ten minutes, so be ready."

Miroku hung up. That blue eyed beauty was a goldmine, and the addicted taiyoukai had a wallet too fat for his own good. It was a win-win for everyone, and it made him very happy.

On the other side of the line, she stretched and yawned again, stirring completely from her nap. She washed her face and brushed her teeth, looking at herself in the mirror.

She had tried. She really had, until she realized no one in the world gave a fuck if she was trying.

After a whole year of working full time at night in fast food, the money hadn't been enough. She was kicked out of school because what she made didn't ensure enough stability to even take a loan. She might as well have been homeless at that point, considering she didn't even spend money in buying food anymore.

The first guy had offered twenty bucks for a blowjob. It was a catcall, actually, but when her blue eyes darted at him, like a deer caught in the headlights, the man knew that petite beauty needed money more than she needed her dignity. And he insisted, luring her with the offer of a warm meal.

The first guy had been in a car. He came in her mouth and she barely managed to hold in the need to vomit as he tossed the money at her. She exited the vehicle and coughed and puked, crying.

Funny. The first thing she had in her stomach in two whole days and it was semen.

But she kept the crumpled bill tight against her beating heart. She entered a 24-7 store and purchased mouthwash, ignoring the odd look the cashier was giving her.

She decided she would never take the chance again. The dude from the car could have killed her or worse. If she was going to walk this path, she would do it right.

She worked as a model during half a session. She realized immediately it would lead to porn and she couldn't bring herself to do it. In that car, no one else in the world knew what she had done. If there were pictures for everyone to see, maybe even her family would find them some day.

Oh, her family. Of course she wasn't in speaking terms with them. Her mom would never have allowed her only daughter to be cold and hungry. She couldn't stop thinking about her little brother, who should be fourteen now. He definitely watched porn, like any other male teenager with access to a computer and surrounded by adults oblivious to technology. Her heart constricted at the thought that there could be any compromising pictures of her for him to see.

The guy ordering the photo-shoot, however, had found her too good to pass when seeing the few pictures she had taken. He invited her to a business meeting, explaining what his company did and didn't. When he spoke the magical words 'it's your call', he knew he had her.

And so, Kagome became an escort.

She knew it was still risky, that most men hired a girl with the idea of getting lucky after the big date, but she held her ground. Kisses, groping, handjobs, blowjobs, they were occupational hazards. But after six months of, basically, being a high class whore, she was still a virgin.

That, until Sesshomaru came along, of course.

She smiled at herself in the mirror, checking if her eyeliner was on point before looking at her clock. She took the little purse where she kept The Six Essentials, before heading down the hall to the elevator.

She made it just on time. The car stopped in front of her building and she slipped in, greeted by the chauffer.

She prayed he had called before making it home. He hated waiting, and although she didn't mind it when he got aggressive, she also knew it made him want to cuddle afterwards sometimes.

She was not paid to cuddle.

~O~O~O~Strictly Business~O~O~O~

When the doorbell rang, he didn't even bother talking through the intercom. He pressed a button, and she was on her way up in the silver elevator.

He left the front door open and poured himself a drink in the darkness.

A sip of the burning substance, and he saw her, outlined by the yellowish light of the hall, through the bottom of his glass.

"That bad, huh?"

"That bad," he agreed, taking in her perfect figure. "Black suits you."

"I know you like it."

"I would still rather nothing at all."

She smiled and kicked the door closed. The sway of her hips and the way her creamy skin contrasted against the dark fabric made her beautiful. Even more so.

She rubbed his shoulders, massaging the tension away. "Want to talk about it?"

"Here we go again… No, Higurashi, I would not like to talk about it."

She kissed his right shoulder. "It's ok; if you can hear my whining about my tests, I can handle your ranting about chemical stuff I don't understand." She yelped in surprised when two large hands found her ass and lifted her to be pressed against his pounding erection.

"This Sesshomaru was fairly sure you were an expert in chemistry," he purred in her neck, before biting down hard.

Her ankles locked behind his back and she moaned, forgetting what she was about to say.

~O~O~O~Strictly Business~O~O~O~

A/N: I know it sounds an awful lot like it's gonna go down the Pretty Woman path. Trust me, it's not. I just need a bit to get to the part it gets interesting. Stay with me, I promise it won't disappoint. In the meanwhile, enjoy the smut!

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