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Right and Wrong by Nani


#wordcount: 2,517

a/n: okay i'm a hot mess bc i had this idea in my head for a loooong long long time

anyways, i finally put it to use and what not. also i love jakotsu omg- if i could be

reincarnated, let me pls be reincarnated as jakotsu anyways, i hope you all enjoy!

playlist: liquor, self righteous, spotless mind, pillowtalk 


“Sesshomaru, he’s gonna catch on sooner or later,” Kagome mumbled as she sat up, taking a moment to rub the scratch marks on her hips. “And if he does?” He spoke as a matter-of-factly, rolling his eyes. He turned on his side and looked over at her, a small sigh of annoyance leaving his lips. “Why must you worry about that half-brother of mine when he does not so much as give your feelings the time of day?”

Kagome froze, her hands holding onto her shirt. He was right. No matter how much she gave in to Inuyasha, no matter how much she showed him that she really did like him, he always blew her off. Whenever Sesshomaru would come around, he silently was happy that Kagome couldn’t smell the several women that had come in contact with him, but at the same time he was annoyed because she always gave him more of herself than she should have. She was a sweet girl, he couldn’t really say innocent anymore, but she was a sweet, caring individual. So the way he treated her, how he blew her off just to go get some ass, it irritated him.

“Exactly.” He spoke in an as-a-matter-of-fact tone. He sighed and gently tugged her to lay back, Kagome letting out a small sigh as she laid her head on his side. “Stop worrying so much about him, miko, as he does not care for you the way you care for him. You are worthy of more than being treated as a plaything that he may throw away and pay attention to as he pleases. Take my words into consideration, hm?” He gently ran his fingers over her naked side and down to her hips, watching the scratch marks disappear under his touch. “But what if- “


She looked up and found him practically glaring into her soul and she sighed, nodding afterwards. “Alright, alright. I’m going to go shower and then I’m gonna go hang out with Jakotsu for a little. Can you take me home?”

“I retrieved you from your home, why would I not take you back?” He gave her a small smile and she gently nudged his arms, laughing softly as she headed into the bathroom. He turned and watched as her hips swayed from side to side, her hair was combed up by her fingers and put into a messy, bun-thing on the top of her head, revealing the nail imprints on her back. ‘I’ll have to heal that later.’ He thought to himself as he got up and ventured to the opposite bathroom to freshen himself up. As she came out of the bathroom after her shower, she picked through the clean clothes she left over his home from a time before and pulled them on.

As she pulled her jeans up and over her small hips and fastened her bra, she felt lips on her shoulder and let out a small giggle. “Sessho, we’ve got to get dressed, not again.” He let out a small growl against her skin and lightly ran his fingers over her back, healing the marks on her back as he had intended to do earlier, allowing her to put on her shirt as he got dressed himself. She slipped her boots on and soon followed him out of the home and to his car.

After arriving at her home, she began to open the door but felt a hand on her thigh. “Yea?” She turned to look at him, being caught off guard as he pressed a soft, smooth kiss to her lips. She tensed but soon gave in to the kiss, her eyes closing and her lips moving along slowly with his. It was unusual; he never really kissed her unless they were about to have sex, and even then, it was needy and hard. But this kiss was soft, it was smooth, and made her heart flutter and little butterflies flutter around in her belly. A hand came up and cupped her cheek, his claws gently pressing against her skin. He didn’t know what had come over him, but he had felt the sudden urge to kiss the girl. As he pulled back, he saw the flush along her cheeks and let out a throaty chuckle, lightly stroking his thumb along her cheek. “I will come over later, is that alright?”

She nodded quickly, and stuttered as she spoke. “Y-yea. I’ll…I’ll see you l-later.” She smiled and shuffled out of the car, pulling out the keys to her apartment and headed inside, closing the door and leaning her back against the door, panting quietly. She rubbed a hand over her face and closed her eyes, gently pushing her bangs out of her face and looked up at the ceiling, softly muttering to herself. “Friends with benefits, we are just friends with benefits.” She hung her purse up on the rack as well as her keys next to it, heading up to her room to change again, just in case any lingering scent of the daiyoukai was left on her clothes. She picked up her phone and dialed Jakotsu’s number, smiling to herself at the ring-back tone that played Britney Spears’ ‘Gimme More’. Soon, she had to yank the phone away from her ear as Jakotsu’s high pitched voice sang through the voice. “Kagome! Bitch, where were you? I missed my little honey.” Once he calmed down, Kagome had started laughing and spoke through her laughter, “I was with my mom, JakJak. Are you on your way?”

“Well, I wanted to wait until you told me you got home. I didn’t know if you were out getting dick or whatever, so I didn’t want to bother you, honey.”


“What?! You’re 20, I would expect you to at least get something. You’re not gonna be a virgin forever, missy.”

“I know, but still! You couldn’t think of anything else besides that?”

“Honestly, no.” They shared a small laugh before she heard the jingling of Jakotsu’s bracelets and the car keys, hearing his car beep in the background. “Anyways, I’m on my way. You better be ready when I get there. Love you, bye!” And with that, he’d hung up the phone. She laughed to herself and tossed her phone on her bed and changed into a skirt and a loose fitting blouse, along with a pair of slouchy socks and boots. She grabbed her phone and headed back downstairs, only to hear a soft knock on her door. She made a questioning face and opened the door, finding Inuyasha standing there, an angry expression crossed over his face. “Where were you? I was worried about you, Kagome.” He grumbled and headed in, Kagome rolling her eyes and shut the door. He purposely had his hair laid to cover his neck, hiding the little hickies along his skin. “I was with my mom, jeez. What’s with everyone being so protective over Kagome today?” She headed to the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle from the fridge. “I’m about to head out with Jakotsu, so what’s up?”

“Don’t change the subject- I was worried about you!” He eyed her, his expression changing as he sniffed the air. She felt her heart thump a little quicker, swearing at herself for not tossing the clothes she had on in the washing machine. “Was someone else here?”

“No- just me. I was with my mom earlier, remember?” She smiled a bit, opening the water bottle and downing a few sips of water. Soon, he started to sniff around, slowly going over to the steps and sniffing still, Kagome rolling her eyes. “Inuyasha, will you cut it out before I call Sango to come bop your head?” She sighed and jumped when her phone buzzed, Jakotsu’s name popping up on the screen. As she answered it, she heard the popping of gum and him on the other end, “I’m outside, come on! Also, tell that lil puppy hanyu that he needs to learn how to park.”

“I heard that!” Inuyasha’s ears twitched and Kagome rolled her eyes, ushering him out of the house as she followed in suit, closing the door. “Hey girly! Ah, that skirt makes your butt look so cute. Hey Inu! Come let me touch those adorable ears!” Jakotsu popped out of the car and ran over to him, Inuyasha twitching as Jakotsu hopped on him and rubbed and pinched his ears. “Get the hell off of me!”

“But they’re so cute!”

“Kagome, get him the hell off of me!”

“He’s having fun,” she rolled her eyes and headed to the car, Jakotsu standing up and lightly dusting the knees of his jeans off, fixing his tank top. “Ugh, you’re no fun, Inu. I’ll have those cute little ears one day, just you wait.” He waved a hand as he got back into the car with Kagome, driving off with her. Inuyasha stood up and dusted himself off, grumbling a bit.


“So anyways, Bankotsu is dragging me to some party tonight. It’s not like I wanna go, but he said there’s gonna be some guys there that are probably gonna- Kags? Honey, what’s wrong with you? You’ve been quiet all day. Was it that lil puppy?”

Kagome blinked, looking up from her soda and quickly shook her head, giving a smile. “JakJak, it’s nothing! I’ve just been thinking about some things.”

“It is something if you’re not even commenting on my future escapades. What’s up?”

Kagome froze for a moment before sighing and speaking, “I’ve got…this friend. We’re doing the friend with benefits thing.”

“Bitch, what!?” His eyes widened, the markings on his cheeks elongated as his jaw dropped. “So you were getting dick this morning!”


“I’m right, aren’t I?!”

“Can you keep it down!” She was blushing furiously and covered her cheeks, Jakotsu soon popping his gum and looking at her. “Deets. Now.”

Kagome groaned and leaned her cheek against her hand, starting to speak, “Okay, okay. You can’t tell anyone who it is, alright?”

“Cross my heart and my Louboutin’s. All 34 pairs.”

“Okay…It’s Sesshomaru,” before she continued, his jaw almost hit the table and his eyes widened again. Before he could get a word out, she started to speak again, “We’ve been doing this…thing, for about a month now. I’m scared for Inuyasha to find out, since you know, he and Sesshomaru don’t get along at all. I hate having to sneak around, but Sesshomaru always reminds me that Inuyasha doesn’t give me, essentially, the time of day. So, you know…I just give in to him.”

“Girl, you mean to tell me you’ve been fucking that walking sex-god and didn’t tell me, your best friend?”

“I was scared! I haven’t even told Sango, either. I know she’ll lecture me to hell.” She groaned softly and took another sip from her soda, shaking her head a bit. “I’ll tell her too. But, please promise that you won’t tell anyone?”

“I swear on my heart and hope to die.”

“Thank you,” she breathed out a sigh and lightly flicked his hair out of his face. “He’s supposed to be coming over later tonight as it is, so I won’t have time to tell Sango.”

Jakotsu just smiled on the sly and ate a french fry, looking at Kagome. “Don’t give me that look!”


Kagome hummed as she set the pots and pans in the cabinet above the stove, straining while on her toes. She let out a small whine and soon froze as she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist and lift her up. She looked back and found Sesshomaru, the usual blank expression on his face and she smiled softly. “Remembered where I said I put the key?”

“This Sesshomaru does not forget.” He tilted his head as she turned back around and set the pots and pans in the cabinet, Sesshomaru letting her down. “I didn’t hear you come in,” she frowned a little and set the cups in the opposite, lower cabinet. “You could’ve warned me instead of scaring the Jesus out of me.”

“You have your music playing, I knew you would not hear me. Surprises can be nice.”

“Well, you’re right. But a little warning might’ve been nice, Sessho.” His lip twitched lightly at the nickname and she smiled at him, soon wiping the counters clean. He watched her questioningly, quirking an eyebrow as he lightly ran his fingers through his hair to get it off his shoulder, stopping halfway through and slowly sniffing the air. Kagome turned just as he was mid-sniff, watching his eyes temporarily flash a bright shade of red. “That hanyu was here earlier, was he not?”

“Yea, but only to complain about why I hadn’t talked to him this morning,” she shrugged, watching him sniff just a bit harder. ‘And he had the scent of other women clinging to him.’ He was dragged from his thoughts and sniffing when he heard her call his name softly. “Do you smell anything else?” He tensed, soon shaking his head. “No, I do not smell anything else. It is nothing. Come, let us go relax?” He questioned, lightly grabbing her hand and leading her to the living room.

It wasn’t long before he was laying her down on the couch, his hands finding the buttons on her blouse and undoing them, his lips attached to her neck and she was whining and whimpering under him. He moved his hands to carefully open the blouse, looking down at the milky white skin, dotted here and there with small freckles. He pressed open mouthed kisses down her chest, between her breasts and down her belly. He stopped abruptly, his ears twitching and Kagome sat up a little and stared at him curiously, watching his eyes shoot over to the door. “That goddamn hanyu,” he muttered and Kagome quickly buttoned her shirt, Sesshomaru looking up at her as she stood up. “Kagome,” he started, his hands gliding up the back of her thighs and under her skirt, gently cupping her ass and squeezing it. “Just pretend you are not here.”

“He’ll find a way in here.” She lightly rolled her hips against his touch, Sesshomaru growling in satisfaction upon smelling her arousal as he squeezed her ass again, causing her ass cheeks to spread just a bit. She let out a small moan and lifted her skirt up, gently kissing the back of her thighs before whispering, “If it bothers you this much, I will just stop.”


“I do not want to stress you, miko.”

She shuddered at his tone, soon nodding softly and hesitantly pulled away, leaning down and gently pecked his lips, letting her lips linger on his for a few moments longer. After pulling away, she headed to the door, turning the knob but soon jumped to the side as Inuyasha came storming in and pointed a clawed finger at his half-brother, “Why the hell are you here and- “

He paused to sniff, soon pointing to Kagome, “And why the hell are you aroused!”


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