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The Night Shift by sesshomarusama33

Whip It

The Night Shift

Chapter 1

Word Count: 100


“Well, here’s the list of applicants you’ve requested.” Shippou intruded into his office, a manila folder in his hands.

“Woah, this is different. What are you doing looking at files? I thought you hated hiring people!” Inuyasha scoffed, snatching the files from the fox. As he read the first application out of the folder, his eyes widened when he reached the “Special Skills” part of the form. “Holy fuck.”

“That’s enough, Inuyasha.” Sesshomaru frowned, taking the file and folder from the half demon.

“I say applicant three is a spectacular choice,” Shippou’s eyes grew mischievous, “She’s great with whips, sire.”


A/N: This story will NOT contain as much fluff as my other ones. You have been warned... Welcome... to The Night Shift. 


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