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Affections Across Time by Dollchan

Just When You Began To Forget

Disclaimer: Nope I own none of Takahashi-san's work. 

Just When You Began To Forget

Kagome sighed as she looked down at the diploma in her lap. Yesterday had been her graduation and she couldnt have been happier to finally be done with it, too bad what she now wanted to do with her life was so far out of reach she didnt even know where to begin.

The well no longer worked so she couldnt exactly go back to the past like she had before. After the jewel had been rendered useless after she brought it back to her era and wished upon it to vanish, the well had closed. Her purpose in the past fullfilled.

It wouldnt have been so bad if she had been able to say goodbye, but she knew that was never going to happen now. Everyday for weeks she had gone down to the well and tried to sense any power at all. But of course it wasnt to be had.

There was a soft knock on her door and she looked up as her mother walked in and went to sit next to her. "Im very proud Kagome, I know you wish that things were different but for what its worth, I am very happy to have you home where you belong" she touched her daughters shoulder and said "come down when you want, dinner will be ready soon".

Kagome watched as her mother left and inhaled shakily as she looked outside at the setting sun. If she didnt have a purpose to serve in the past anymore what kind of future could she hope for.

It just wasnt fair.

                                                           *~*~* FOUR YEARS LATER *~*~*


Kagome smiled as she looked around her little apartment. It was nice to finally be out on her own. Being as she was in her last few months of university she was a little nervous about getting out into the world on her own but felt very ready to move on. As an Art Major she figured if anything she would be able to get a job at some marketing firm or at least something as equally boring sounding.

Standing out on the balcony overlooking the park she smiled as she felt her cat, a house warming present from her mother that went by the name Yumi, circle around her legs and purred. "Well it looks like it is just you and me Yumi" she smiled down at the cat and looked up at the cresent moon.

It couldnt be helped but think of the one that she always thought of on nights like this. Shaking her head she sighed as she went back inside her apartment waiting for her kitten to follow her.

As Kagome sat at the cafe sipping her coffee she couldnt help but feel something tingle on the edge of her none used miko powers. It happened every so often but when nothing came to frutation from her search she figured it was just someone that had a touch of demon blood somewhere in their bloodline. It wouldnt surprise her if there were demons in this era but she couldnt shake the feeling sometimes that she had been being watched.

After thirty minutes of the same feeling itching at her she closed her book with a huff and put money on the counter as she packed her bag and put her coat back on. When she left the cafe she looked around and went to opposite direction that the feeling was coming from, wanting to completely get away from it.

When she reached the park outside her apartment she felt a wave of youki wash over her and turned abruptly but didnt notice anyone around.

When she turned back around she ran straight into someone and heard a deep, unfamiliar chuckle. Snapping her head up she gasped as she was met with the golden eyes that had became all to familiar with in the past. But these were not Inuyashas eyes. These belonged to someone she had never in a million years would have thought would every approach her, regardless if he was alive or not.

"Sesshomaru" she back up a few paces and said "what the hell are you doing here".

He simply stared at her a few moments before shaking his head and said "I should ask you the same thing miko".

She looked at him for a few more minutes before she covered her eyes and said "I must be dreaming, I must have slipped and fell and hit my head or something".

She shook her head but when she uncovered her eyes she saw that he had vanished and sighed in relief only to have her heart stop as she felt a whisper in her ear "still a very strange human."

Yelping and scrambling away Kagome held her heart and said "dont do that damnit, since when did you become such a practical joker huh".

"You expect me to remain the same after five hundred years".

"Well, no I guess not that I think about it" she shivered as a wind chilled her and she hugged herself.

"I guess you have questions huh".

"A few yes" he said non chalantly.

Looking up at her apartment building she said "I live just right over here, if you wouldnt mind, I would like to get out of the cold. I have tea if you like".

He gave her a single nod and when she nodded in response she said "right, well lets go then before I turn into a popsicle".

After turning her heat on in her apartment she took her coat off and hung it on the rack by the door and watched as he looked around her little one bedroom and shrugged out of his own coat when she offered to take it.

Going to the kitchen she didnt see the appreciative look he gave her at seeing her attire. The thigh length dress went well with the leggings and slippers she wore.

When she returned with the tea he had been looking at her pictures hanging on the wall and said "Inuyasha had mentioned that you were from a much different place than our time. He never explained it further than that though".

"Yeah, im from this time. The well on my families shrine was a somewhat portal. After the Shikon was completed it closed up with me on this side" she said with a slight tinge of nostalgia.

"Do you wish it to have been different" he looked at her with the same expressionless face he always had before and when she sat on the sofa and served the tea she sighed and shook her head.

"It had to happen the way it did or the Jewel would have just been fought over again and again. All that I did would have been for nothing".

Sitting in the chair across from her and accepting the tea he held it for a few moments before he noticed her fidget and smirked and said "you wish to know what happened to your friends" she looked at him suprised and gave him a single nod.

"The slayer and monk married not long after the final battle. They had five children before time took them both. They have decendents all over Japan. Your kit is alive, he lives in Seoul at the moment with his mate".

"Its hard to imagine him grown up. I missed so much. Who is his mate".

"Rin" she smiled and had tears already and nodded.

"I always knew that those two would be good for each other, what about...." the breath hitched in her throat keeping her from speaking.

"Inuyasha" she nodded as she held her breath and waited for his answer.

The silence stretched into what she had thought was eternity when finally he answered "My brother died two hundred years ago, he had been defending his mate and children from foreigners"

A sob escaped as she looked down and said "I always feared something like that would happen".

Kagome placed her tea cup on the table and stood up and said "please excuse me" she made a hasty retreat to the bathroom and sank on the other side of the door as the news hit her in full effect.

Sesshomaru waited on the other side of the door listening to her soft sobs and incoherant words for a few more moments before he silently moved back to the living room and grabbed his coat from the rack and left his card on the table beside the phone and walked out through the door making sure that it closed behind him.


Authors Note

 Dollchan here, just to say a warm welcome and salutations to my first story. This is all still new to me and Im not done with the story persay but I have an outline of what I want done. I know it might be short and not all that good but like my loving and supportive husband has been telling me for years, I have to start somewhere. So fears aside I welcome you friends to read my story and all the others that I will be posting from time to time. I have hundreds of stories but only a handful that are "completed" but hopefully with this as a sort of push for me I can actually get some stuff done. Until next time.

BTW: If I dont post as often as others think I should Im a working mother on a overnight shift. It will mostly be kept to when I have spare time or on my rare days off but I will post what I have now and go from there as I complete more. Thanks 


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