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A Miko's New Years Eve; A Daiyoukai's Dilemma by M-Angel 05

Morning Tease

Title of Chapter: Morning Tease

Title of SeriesA Miko's New Years Eve; A Daiyoukai's Dilemma

Author: M-Angel 05

Challenge Set: New Year's 2015-2016 Challenge

Prompt: Coffee

Word Count: 764

Chapter Summary: After years of being together Kagome knows the game better than ever and decides to add to the pot a new tease; this leaving her mate a little hot under the collar. 


The morning light sprung forward across the land of Japan. Where only five hundred years earlier had been forests, fields and a tiny village of Edo now laid a city of glass and metal. Where dirt once laid were concrete streets, sidewalks and overpasses. Where the sky had once been blue and pure, was a sky filled with pollution. Where humans and youkai use to clash swords and kill one another stood silence. Youkai laid hidden to the world as the four lords of the land kept the secret of their existence just that; a secret. The north was ruled by the dark Inu clan, the east was ruled by the eastern wolf pack, the south by the hanyou bat queen and the west was ever bountiful with it's silvery haired lords. Peace had been created between the humans and youkai; at first it seemed impossible, but then something had occurred, something most had thought impossible; the western lord had found a mate and she had been the one to truly leave her mark on history.   

Kagome looked across the table at her husband of many years. He was currently reading the newspaper and even though he had perfect eyesight he amused her by wearing fake glasses. They were cute on him and he knew it drove her crazy when he did these small things to make himself appear more human. His golden eyes stayed focused on the newspaper even as one of her feet traced the outline of his pressed slacks. He showed no outward emotions that showed that he was interested in what she was doing. She smirked; knowing this had become almost routine. She'd flirt, he'd ignore her; she'd fake being mad, he'd comfort her; she'd start and argument and he'd end it by grabbing her and carrying her into their room where they'd make sweet love; then it'd start all over again.

Today was different though and instead of egging him on she was going to act put off and walk away. Her foot however tailed upwards even further and as she took a sip of her hot coffee she slipped said foot between his legs and rubbed it against his crotch. She smirked as she heard him give in with a low groan.

SUCCESS! Her mind screamed. She pulled her foot away from him only to have it snatched by his talons. His human facade was gone and as she looked up she could see his true appearance. His facial marking were her favorite, besides his golden eyes. Twin magenta stripes on either side of his face followed by the one thing truly marking him for who he was. The blue crescent moon glowed slightly at her. She watched as his golden eyes tinged pink and smirked inwardly.

"Love..." His deep husky voice vibrated in the mostly empty loft apartment. "What are you doing?"

She scoffed, knowing full well he knew or thought he knew what she was doing. So as she finished her coffee and pulled her foot away from him, she stood. "Nothing..." she said as approached him and then leaning forward whispered in his ear. "mi'lord." and walked away with a smirk on her lips as she could feel her mate's desire through their mate bond. She then turned and left the apartment leaving a frustrated mate behind.


Sesshomaru growled as he heard the soft click of apartment door close. Today was the first time in five hundred years that his little mate had left him sexually frustrated after a morning tease. In the beginning it had always been him teasing her until one day she'd had enough and yelled at him in front of both his mother and half-brother. Now flash forward and his mate was no longer that innocent woman-child. She knew the game better than he did and it would seem she'd just thrown into it a new rule.

Smiling he placed his still hot cup of coffee near his lips. Game on little one.


AN: Dog gone it! I found another challenge and I can't help but do it. This story is continuation of the Christmas one; only it takes place in the future. 


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