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The Beggars Daughter by sesshomarusama33

Chapter 1

The Beggars Daughter

Chapter One

This story is a twist off of the Norse tale, "East of the Sun, West of the Moon.”

Prompt: Twisted Fairytale

Word Count: 100


Once upon a time, a father looked to his fine-looking children with a great smile. He was very poor, and he and his wife could not provide much for their many children. They lived in a miniature house, and they had never once complained.

The man treasured all of his children, for they were all precious to him. However one was most special to him. This was his youngest daughter, Kagome.

She had stunning blue eyes and long, black hair. She was kindhearted, and loved all of nature. She was his pride and joy, and her siblings loved her alike.


A/N: I know, another story?! I have plot bunnies all in my head, and I've been going over old challenges I've been meaning to do, and this was one of them! Anyway, I hope you like this twist on a classic story! 


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