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The Twelve Days of Christmas by M-Angel 05

Steamy Treat

Title of Chapter: Steamy Treat

Title of Series: The Twelve Days of Christmas

Author: M-Angel 05

Challenge Set: The Christmas Challenge

Prompt: Hot Chocolate

Word Count: 724

Chapter Summary: It's cold outside, but inside it's hot and tasty. Kagome brings the joys of Hot Chocolate to the feudal era.


Kagome took a deep breath as she lugged her bag full of goodies down the hill and through the forest to the tony village of Edo. It has been three years since Naraku's destruction and for once peace seemed to be around or at least peace for the Western Lands and Edo. Thinking about the west brought the image of Inuyasha's eldest brother Sesshomaru to mind. He'd been so kind lately. Inuyasha was suspicious. Everybody else wasn't. As for Kagome? Her thoughts on the Daiyoukai were anything but innocent. The male was handsome. She'd have to be blind to not see how gorgeous he was. Inuyasha was just as handsome, but Sesshomaru had that I'm-dangerous-and-I-could-kill-you-without-thinking-about-it kind of charm going.

Sighing as she came to stop at the Tree of Ages, Kagome couldn't help but think of the day found Inuyasha sealed there. And to think I thought I was in love with him. She absently touched the scar made in the wood by the sacred arrow before walking off. Soon she'd be roasting marshmallows, singing with her friends and drinking hot chocolate by an open fire, while snuggled up with her friends for the coming holidays.


Inuyasha glared at the silver haired youkai across from him. Rin had invited his brother, of all people, to celebrate Kagome's stupid holiday tradition. Of course he'd never tell Kagome he thought it was stupid. He wasn't an idiot. He knew that would give him a one trip into the cold frozen ground.

"Hey everybody!" came Kagome's sweet voice.

Inuyasha smiled as his best friends scent hit him. "About time Wench!" He growled playfully. "What took ya so long?"

While Kagome could hear the playfulness in Inuyasha's voice, everybody else didn't and just gawked at him. "I bought presents too!"

"Presents?" Rin asked.

"When can we open them?" Shippo asked excitedly.

"Not until Christmas." She chided them. This caused glum face to look downward.

"This Sesshomaru demands to know when this Chrisss mass is?" Sesshomaru spoke while leaning against the wall with his left knee propping up his left arm. His eyes were closed. He looked like a statue just sitting there in nothing but his hakama, haori and kasode. His armor and swords were left to the side of the room. His pelt was lain on the pillow next to him.

Even mispronouncing Christmas sounds sexy from him. Kagome groaned silently and quickly thought of her answer. "In twelve days." She said with a smile as she dug around her bag and pulled several things out. "Now who wants Hot Chocolate? It's yummy!" she taunted. Within seconds everybody, minus the proud Daiyoukai, raised their hands.


Several hours later after the hot milk chocolate, marshmallows and food was gone for the night everybody was softly snoring away. Kagome looked over at her friends, Miroku and Sago had their little family snuggled under several blankets. The twins each snoring softly; while their son made noises in his sleep. Shippo was curled around Rin; who was clinging to the fox like her life depended on it; while Kiara was curled around both in her tiny form. Inuyasha was sprawl across his bedding spread eagle and arms outward, his talons twitching every so often as if he was grabbing for something.

Meanwhile Sesshomaru was just leaning back against the wall like he had been all night. He seem...comfortable. He had one talon tracing the cup that still was steaming hot. Before bringing it up to his nose, sniffing it and then drinking a little.

Kagome had to stifle back a giggle at the look he gave. It was of utter shock. She watched as he guzzled it down in two large mouthfuls.

"Miko." His voice thundered but nobody awakened.

"Yes." She said coyly with a smirk on her face.

"Next time you acquire this substance," he began as he looked at the now empty cup. "do bring enough so this Sesshomaru can have seconds." with that he stood up and left the room.

Kagome couldn't hold it back. She laughed. Who would've thought that the tough and proud Daiyoukai had a thing for Hot Chocolate.


AN: So I decided to do the Banner Challenges. This one is for the Christmas Challenge. Prompt is for Hot Chocolate. Hope everybody enjoyed it. I'll be doing all 12. So expect more soon!


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