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Seluna Maru (Chapter 100) - Thu 06 Jul 2017

Ok I almost didn't want to say anything but yuji is black, and part of an enslaved tribe of "black inu" uhhhhhhhh. Being in such old times I guess this gets a pass. But it's the first time I've seen something like this. Ha idk how to react.

Seluna Maru (Chapter 99) - Thu 06 Jul 2017

The A/n said gone for good but sealed does not mean gone for good. Even Kagome is hoping it hilds for 1000 years. A seal is not death. And why is it that he's somehow reborn but the female who merged with him wasn't reborn as well when she has the same capabilities?

Seluna Maru (Chapter 94) - Tue 04 Jul 2017

Sigh this story is a rollercoaster. It lowkey depressing.100+ year of coma, family deaths, becoming mute, loss of babies, being crippled. For youkai they sure are portrayed weak. Loss of a child I can get but 2? Where the second had nothing to do with the first. Sigh it took me about a whole week to get back to reading this. I love the story but damn all this back and forth. Then names and mentions of people that seem to have very little importance in the tale. Its almost as if its being forced, like things are just happening to keep the story alive but it doesn't flow, it lacks a natural affect. Im not trying to be mean im simply reviewing i swear

Seluna Maru (Chapter 88) - Tue 27 Jun 2017

Damn you cause a lot of trouble in this one

Seluna Maru (Chapter 86) - Tue 27 Jun 2017

Lol that author's note about Ku being annoying it's just hilarious he really is annoying though.

Seluna Maru (Chapter 73) - Mon 26 Jun 2017

This makes me smile sooooo much

Seluna Maru (Chapter 70) - Mon 26 Jun 2017

WAIIITTTT I think you need to correct a few things! First why is the village called Nara? The same name as an enemy, Nara, naraku's daughter. Second how are the twins to stay in Dog form for SIX WHOLE YEARS with a HUMAN MOTHER?! How will she breast feed? But that's not the main thing that doesn't make sense. U said they would look like 2 year olds and yet the dark Inu Lady Mother adopted was like a baby. 2 years olds a kinds huge and walk by the time their that age so how are the twins 2 but the black Inu in human form is seemingly a few months old?. Plus its kinda sad for Kags to not even get to hold her babies, as babies except that one time. I m just confused and sad

Darknessdawns (Chapter 100) - Wed 14 Jun 2017

Wow that was one hell of an ending. I truly didn't expect that. Though I have to say I enjoyed this story and am glad to see it finished. Ku has to be one of my favorite villains. 


candace peaches (Chapter 100) - Tue 06 Jun 2017

i took my time and read this story and i'm glad i did. it was well worth reading. i loved it from start to finish. the characters grew as i read this fan fic and i'm glad u wrote them that way. it gave them depth and feeling and a great love btwn the ewo main characters that was felt as i read the story. keep up the great writing and i'll c'ya' l8r. bye

sandra (Chapter 100) - Sat 27 May 2017

thanks for this beautiful story! i prefer to read complete stories, but i started this one a while ago and then i waited for you to was worth it!! i really enjoy it, thanks again

greetings from Mexico! god bless you and continue writing!

Alma (Chapter 100) - Sat 13 May 2017

You wrote an awesome story.  I have a way of keeping readers on the edge of their seat.  I love happily ever afters but I know that this ending was perfect because happy ever afters rarely occur.

Caith sidhe (Chapter 100) - Sat 13 May 2017

WOW! What a dramatic ending! There are not many writers, that have the courage to end a story with a cliffhanger and not with a 'happily ever after'. I like it, though I have to confess it leaves me itching for a sequel, but that was your intention, wasn't it? (:-) Well, I'm looking forward to your new stories.

Natalia (Chapter 100) - Fri 12 May 2017

Thanks for a great fic! You are awesome! You did a great job writing this! Good luck with everything!

KShadeslady (Chapter 100) - Fri 12 May 2017

Oh man!! What a cliff hanger! That is sheer torture not knowing who did or didn't survive but I will bow to you as the author and that this is your creation. Can't believe that it's all over. I'll be looking forward to your next story. Cheers! 

KShadeslady (Chapter 99) - Wed 10 May 2017

Yeah! They got him all sealed up and safely put away. And your story has been nicely tied together. I like how they have refound Rin, Miroku and Sango. Oh, its bear not bare (sigh...sorry. Misuse of that word on this site just makes me a little crazy).

Annie (Chapter 99) - Mon 08 May 2017

Good chapter. I was excited to see that Rin, Miroku and Sango reincarnation were back. Now Kagome has her friends back. Good riddance to Ku.

Keo (Chapter 99) - Mon 08 May 2017

Can't wait for the end!

KShadeslady (Chapter 98) - Sat 06 May 2017

Wow! Did not see that nasty bit of work getting out! Well it looks like we are going to have another adventure before this is over. 

Annie (Chapter 98) - Sat 06 May 2017

WOW!! I did not see this coming

KShadeslady (Chapter 97) - Tue 02 May 2017

Awww...That was beautiful and a very satisfying wrap up for their story. Nicely done. 

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