weirdlykagome (Chapter 1) - Wed 30 Oct 2019

Hey Walter, your stories are always so sinfully delightful. They always give me the  'uggh this is disgusting....but I can'r stop reading them' feel. I always hate to love your stories! Ya it is that contradictory awesomeness that makes your stories so amazing! Thank you for yet another beautiful piece. 

Laura Penty (Chapter 1) - Sat 15 Feb 2014

Interesting story, good as far as dark stories go. If you want some friendly advice even though it was rated MA you may want to consider at least putting a little disclaimer at the beginning. At least to mention that its going to dark and graphic gory. I'm all for it but for others a little warning ahead of time might have been good heh.

Lumi (Chapter 1) - Sat 21 Jan 2012

That was... disturbing. And had nothing at all to do with pie.

Aimee Simmons (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Jun 2011

holy shit!

(mouth hanging open in shock and awe)

You are one sick puppy Walter.  


great job on the shock value.


kait<3 (Chapter 1) - Mon 23 Aug 2010

O.O..................ummm? lol i don't even know what to say. im pretty sure you just broke me.

Riku Ryuu (Chapter 1) - Sat 21 Feb 2009

My poor little romantic mind. Darkness confuses me completely and your story just..... wow........ I can't even think of the worlds...... ah....... pain in my head...... I think I'm going to go find a nice little oneshot without blood and gore, so that I wont have nightmares... for the next week.... just ah......

Breezy (Chapter 1) - Tue 16 Dec 2008

slightly disturbed, it made me grab my tummy now and then but a very good read.

Nancy Jiang (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Oct 2008
oh man! creepy X_X I'm going to get nightmares now! -glares playfully-

sugar0o (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Oct 2008
i wont say that wasnt interesting, i like dark fics as much as the next, and even a bit of horror, but you sure do make a very interesting and valid dark point when you write for Sesshomaru. i must give you untilmate credit for keeping in character if not more so with how darkly you often write for our man in white. Its disturbing, and yet, pleasing, i'll have to get back to you on how that works, but this was well written, and i think well planned out to paint a dramatically dark image of the beast that Sesshoamru really is, well done. - r0o

LC Rose (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Oct 2008
That was creepy and I'll have to agree with Sugar on her review. Fluffy was definitely kept in character. Ugh. That one will stay in my mind. An unusual read.

sesshys_jaded_samuri (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Oct 2008
EEEEeeeeewwww! I am so glad that I haven't eaten anything yet.... nicely done, if not more than a bit disturbing.

Zyren (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Oct 2008
I dont know why i always do this! i know its you and its just gonna be so wrong but i cant help myself from clicking GAH! what kind of morbid fascination is this that i cant seem to shake? you know i bet in real life your like Happy Bunny, all cute and adorable but inside you're just so wrong lol but as dark as it is good job i dont think anyone else is as good at painting such a twisted scene.

Fire (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Oct 2008
Ewwwww...what is it with you and ripping poor Kagome apart? Geez!

gradualwisd0m (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Oct 2008
That was quite gory but I have to say that it was well written.

(Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Oct 2008
Hmm... I like it. Though, I disagree with the part of him eating her and then bringing her back to life, because I think, even though the sword can bring life back, I don't think it necessarily can create new organs. Hmm... Or maybe I'm just over thinking it. Oh well. A nice... interesting read D:

Mikaela (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Oct 2008
...what the hell just happened? It's amazing, but I'm scared.

MomoDesu (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Oct 2008
Wow. I don't know if I have any other words than that. Wow. Great dark fic.

Yuzuki (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Oct 2008
Walter you are one of the best dark fan fiction writer I have ever come across. This is a great response to the Halloween Challenge. This is what creepy details is about. Yuzuki.

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