Aimee Simmons (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Jun 2011

hehehehehe.  That was awesome.  I would love to see this one as a chapter story too.


abc (Chapter 1) - Wed 01 Oct 2008
haha that was cute. a little bit out of character but adorable nonetheless. she's soo oblivious and he's such a darling to not worry her.

Zyren (Chapter 1) - Wed 01 Oct 2008
aww very cute Walt.

Hairann (Chapter 1) - Wed 01 Oct 2008
"Nothing to be concerned about, my dear,"...hehe best line of the story :). Yes a bit OOC but very cute and got a good laugh out of it :). Let me know if you've done, or do, anymore non-dark ones as I am sure I would enjoy reading those. :)

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