Aimee Simmons (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Jun 2011



kait<3 (Chapter 1) - Mon 23 Aug 2010

Most of your stories are so random they crack me up. im almost always left staring at the computer screen thinking WHAT THE HELL! Everything is always so unexpected.

Akumi (Chapter 1) - Tue 30 Sep 2008
Great job! lol. I was staring at that for a few seconds after it was over trying to figure out what happened. XD Loed it though!

hikari hime (Chapter 1) - Tue 30 Sep 2008
Ah, always trying to find excuses, isn't he? lol 'I haven't saved you, human, I only wanted to pick the mushrooms you were going to fall onto for Rin's supper'... Anyway, it's wasn't as dark as the last one shot you wrote for the watermelon challenge lol, so it's all right... your style is direct and to the point, and I like it. I wonder how you would sound if you attempted to write some fluff... -evil taunting grin- Dewa mata

Fluffy Lady (Chapter 1) - Tue 30 Sep 2008
lol. for a second there i was like "wait...what?!" then "oh, ok, lol" very good job.

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