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Kitsune Diva (Chapter 11) - Mon 12 Mar 2018

I like your story. I wonder if Sesshomaru will win.


MythMagykFae (Chapter 11) - Tue 21 Mar 2017

Wonderful chapter, I'm glad she hear the beast out. Sessho sure was stupid though, lieing to a woman with known trust issues XD

Darknessdawns (Chapter 11) - Mon 20 Mar 2017

Wow, its been a while since I saw an update to this. So long in fact I had to read it again. Honestly this chapter didn't flow as well as some of the earlier chapters. The last several have felt that way. More like a synopsis than the earlier chapters. I was kind of surprised at the content of this chapter considering where the last left off. Though I am happy to see the story continuing. Best I can say is take your time with it. If your muse isn't feeling this story don't force it.

KyraTekak (Chapter 11) - Sun 19 Mar 2017

Great update

Sessygurl (Chapter 11) - Sun 19 Mar 2017

Wow, well he told a half truth, however I can see why is angry with him. She should makes sure this is all the side effects of the bond.

Shina (Chapter 11) - Sat 10 Sep 2016

So far it is amazing. I am excited for the next part. 

Shina (Chapter 3) - Sat 10 Sep 2016

I LOVE this story. Its amazing

MythMagykFae (Chapter 11) - Fri 02 Sep 2016

Great story so far, can't wait for more!

Darknessdawns (Chapter 11) - Tue 30 Aug 2016

Well this is definitely an interesting story. Though chapters 9-11 seemed vastly different from the rest. I still would like to see where you take this. I'm still hoping for fluff and sweetness.

Alashia (Chapter 10) - Wed 24 Aug 2016

Sure a great story! I would to found out what will happen when Kagome finds out about the truth of the blood bond. Hope you will continue to finish this story!

roberta. (Chapter 10) - Wed 30 Dec 2015

So kinky ho is mated to inu?

SashaMarie (Chapter 9) - Tue 15 Sep 2015

Please update soon. I can't wait to find out what happens next. I love this story so far. 

Brittney (Chapter 2) - Thu 20 Aug 2015

This is going to be interesting! :)

Dani (Chapter 9) - Thu 18 Jun 2015

I just caught up on this story and I have to say I really like the time you put into your chaoters. They are long with enough details that there are not many questions to ask. I really like the way you had kagome  put a challenge on both but I am a sessh  fan so it is good to me. 

Googlegirl1 (Chapter 9) - Tue 16 Jun 2015

I'm kinda annoyed by how everyone is saying what Sesshomaru did was a good thing. He lied to Kagome.

Rose-Mary Tyson (Chapter 9) - Sun 05 Apr 2015

Story wise, but 9 needs work it was not as awesome as 1-8

Rose-Mary Tyson (Chapter 9) - Sun 05 Apr 2015


Arcane (Chapter 9) - Sun 15 Mar 2015

Reading this chapter, it's like it took a massive nosedive in quality :( Half of it was run-on sentences, and was really, really confusing to read. Do you have a beta? Because after reading the previous chapters it's like you had a beta for chapters 1-8, then chapter 9 didn't have a beta edit it at all.


I'm really confused about how chapters 1-8 were so well-written and coherent but 9 was all-over the place and nearly impossible to understand/read 0.o Hopefully it was just a one-off thing...?

Belit Lihara (Chapter 9) - Sun 15 Mar 2015

It's an interesting story, and I'll be awaiting follow, but my counsel, try to always separate notes author of the story, makes it less confusing.

Good to see you care also the spelling mistakes, otherwise could not read it because my translator not recognize it.

Sarah (Chapter 9) - Sat 14 Mar 2015
Kikyo had been listening and choose to help Inuyasha she will let Naraku kill Inuyasha. Is she going to help inuyasha or let naraku kill inuyasha?

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