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Mio-sama (Chapter 13) - Thu 24 Nov 2016

Muy linda historia, gracias por escribirla y terminarla! :)

Seluna Maru (Chapter 12) - Fri 05 Aug 2016

"Sesshomaru did not waste much time on irrelevant thoughts " but he does and so do you at times. Even as my favorite writer I must tell you, you have a habit of droning on. It sometimes ruins the smut, because it interrupts the good stuff. Sometimes you need to get to the point. Not all the time or you wouldn't have a good story, but its something to work on. The start of this chapter is a perfect example of you droning on.

Seluna Maru (Chapter 8) - Wed 03 Aug 2016

I read the author's note and I must say I agree 100% tgis is not 50 Shades of Grey. I think people just say that because its popular and probably the only reference they have to BDSM. Plus its catchy to say. But I started reading the story (50 Shandes of grey) and I HATED IT!! I still can't vring myself to watch the movie. 

Seluna Maru (Chapter 7) - Wed 03 Aug 2016

I've read this story before, I remember the beginning, not the end, but i had to read again. Cause Cot Darn it your stories are amazing!! You are my favorite writer here. Every time I read Sesshomaru's feeling etc my stomach does a flip! Ti imagine this specimen of a man feel so much yet stay so cool always gives me butterflies. I wish he was real and all mine!!

KShadeslady (Chapter 13) - Sun 14 Feb 2016

I am so glad that you finished this fic. Love how you ended that. Thanks so much, Cheers!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 13) - Sun 14 Feb 2016

Next, keep it coming. Happy Valentine's Day! 

SessQueen (Chapter 13) - Sat 13 Feb 2016

Great story!

iin (Chapter 13) - Fri 12 Feb 2016

thanks for update....still waiting your another stories update....

Brittany (Chapter 12) - Sat 25 Jul 2015

Update!!! I need to know what happens next. 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 12) - Sat 16 May 2015

Good chapters, keep it coming.

How God Created Mother

 God took the fragrance of a flower,
 The majesty of a tree,
 The gentleness of a morning a dew
 The calm of a quiet sea,
 The beauty of a twilight hour
 The soul of a starry night
 The laughter of the rippling brook,
 The grace of a bird in flight,
 Then God fashioned from these things
 A creation like no other,
 And when His masterpiece was through,
 He called it simply...MOTHER.

 Happy Mother's Day!

 M- is the million things she gave me.
 O- means only that she's growing old.
 T- is for the tears shed to save me.
 H- is for her heart of purest gold.
 E- is for her eyes, with love & light shining.
 R- means right, and right she'll always be.

 Happy Mother's Day!

KShadeslady (Chapter 12) - Sat 02 May 2015

Wow! That was awesome! I thought she was going to get away with it too when he pulled out the lightning bolts! Really great chapter. Thanks so much for updating.

iin (Chapter 12) - Sat 02 May 2015

what's a thrilling...a awesome fighting scene.....thanks for update


Lazurite (Chapter 12) - Fri 01 May 2015

This is all so heartbreaking! Hope they both make it. Glad Hanako is out of the picture at any rate.

DeathDagger (Chapter 12) - Fri 01 May 2015

YESSSSSSSSSS! the only thing better wouldve been if Kagome killed her! I am so happy????????????

No Uta (Chapter 12) - Fri 01 May 2015

What a thrilling action packed chapter!  Hanako is the perfect villain. I had not realized she possessed such strength. Oh and she's turned Kagome into a vampire? Oh sh*t. I'm so glad I'm all caught up now. I have always enjoyed the D/s tones to this tale. I'd never compare it to fifty shades. I do not care for that tale. I couldn't get through the first book. I didn't care for the portrayal of the BDSM lifestyle, however yours is accurate. I will look forward to your next update. I'll not be falling behind again.

No Uta (Chapter 4) - Fri 01 May 2015 I cannot believe I have fallen behind on this tale. I cannot think. Amazing - going to catch up now. Wow...

Casey8D (Chapter 12) - Fri 01 May 2015


candace peaches (Chapter 12) - Fri 01 May 2015

this chapter was so good. i loved the way he did away with hanako. do you think kagome will heal herself from turning with her miko powers? i hope so because she should have the choice to be a vampire or not. if she does, she will be a powerful one and if not, i think sesshomaru will be sad. great story. keep up the great writing. bye

AnimeLady04 (Chapter 12) - Thu 30 Apr 2015

WOW! WOW WOW!!!!! Awesome scene! So worth the wait!!!! I had to read it twice! You go Sesshomaru! Such a loving sacrifice everything for his beloved. I sincerely you have a HEA and not a sad one for these two love birds. Who will help Kagome after her transformation? And while it may be harsh, neither had to go through with a decision. Yes it was made for her, but now the burden and guilt of the decision is taken from both of them.....Sesshomaru might have been toying with the idea of asking Kagome to change but what if she had accepted but then became despondant because she can't have children or walk in the sun or must take blood to survive? Sesshomaru would feel guilty because he not only turned her but asked her. And Kagome may have felt guilt if she brought it up because Sesshomaru did not ask her. Either way, it was possible that for one of them asking the other to change could have morphed into a problem later on.
Now they do not have that. Sesshomaru WILL survive this I have no doubt (right? ne? ne?) and he can help Kagome....and since they are now both so strong, he can be a little firmer with her in punishment ;) I'm sure he won't forget that she disobeyed him AND left the house when he explictly told her NOT too........
I hope Michael lived from the accident.......I liked him!
I am so excited for the next chapter!!!!!

Lazurite (Chapter 11) - Tue 28 Apr 2015

Always good to know about minions. He can't really blame her for that one.

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