Reviews for Tenseiga's Truth by Kanna37

sr (Chapter 1) - Tue 13 Mar 2018

very nice!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 1) - Wed 12 Nov 2014

This story sounds interesting, keep it coming

dancingfingers (Chapter 1) - Sun 26 Oct 2014

For so long he thought his father loved Inuyasha more than him, but the truth must have hit him hard. :(

I'm happy to know that Inu no Taisho did, and will still love his elder son as much as he loved his other son... and that he indeed care about SessMama.

Oh, and I finally cried when the inflappable Mama held Sesshoumaru like that. She never showed her emotions so clearly it was surprising, but not unexpected, but still... it really broke my heart to see her like that; so sad and so scared to lose her son again.

laenfante (Chapter 1) - Sat 25 Oct 2014

AWESOME!!!  I loved this small backstory for Tensaiga.

Silence-Midnight (Chapter 1) - Sat 25 Oct 2014

Argh man, you made me cry!!!!!

That´s all your fault!!!!

Such a good story. The idea is really good. Inutaisho didn´t create the Tensaiga for his human wife, but for his son who was killed by Ryukotsusai. And that too would be a reason, why he fighted the dragon.

And after Tensaiga showed Sesshomaru what happend, he finally understand his father.

I really liked this story!!!!


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