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Osnua (Chapter 21) - Thu 09 Jul 2020

I'm sorry but I have to write this review as I have never felt such a strong desire to tell someone how much I adore their writing and the story and the characters they have created. This is by far one of the best stories I think I have ever read - and I truly do mean it. The way you portray not only the canon characters but the characters you have created is phenomenal. Their personalities and desires are deep and realistic and the changes they go through are well paced and relatable. Also, your dedication to the history and detailed explanation for how Kagome and Sesshomaru fit into it so well thought out. I have enjoyed every part of this story, thank you for writing it xx

CarmMeldoll (Chapter 21) - Fri 17 May 2019

Went back to re-read this story as I miss it and hope you can find the effort, and excitment to finish it!  Hugs to you Ms. RosieB!

Mio-sama (Chapter 21) - Sun 02 Jul 2017

Que excelente historia!! Es la segunda vez que la leo y tengo que decir que es una de mis favoritas, tan atrapante es la trama que ahora, la segunda que la estoy leyendo se que una vez que la termines la voy a volver a leer!! Es así de buena! :D

Espero la vuelvas a actualizar pronto y la termines antes de los 10 años!! ;)

Continúa con el excelente trabajo!! 

Megan Thompson (Chapter 21) - Tue 30 May 2017

I have loved this story.... but it ended with one left to go, I would love to see them get the last of them i would love to see more with them and his daughter I hope you update again  thank you for writing it :)

Quiet Whisper (Chapter 21) - Fri 24 Jun 2016

So I had to reread this again, just because it's such an amazing story. I'm glad Kagome got Sesshomaru back, and while he may have compromised the safety of his kind (anyone can be broken when faced with torture, as I'm sure you know >.<) I think it might have been a good experience for him. Nothing short of that would be able to get him to 'loosen' up where Kagome is concerned, enabling him to discover the depths of his feelings for her. At least that's my take on the whole deal. I know the rollercoaster ride isn't over yet, and as always I'm waiting on pins and needles for the next chapter. I just hope that after all the bad, that they might get some kind of happily ever after once it's all said and done. You rock Rosie, keep up the awesome work!!!

snow (Chapter 21) - Wed 04 May 2016

this chapter made me cry... it shows how much they love eachother! thank you for updating this story again i hope you continue to update. i remember reading this on i lost this story when my old computer fried im so happy i found this story again i love it so much. please continue to update it please.

snow (Chapter 20) - Wed 04 May 2016

i seriously love this story!!!

snow (Chapter 16) - Tue 03 May 2016

i remember reading this story before it was a long time ago i loved it then and i love it still now. it sadens me about kagome unable to have children.

Minime (Chapter 14) - Tue 12 Apr 2016

Oh god! This story is gold. I stumbledbupon this story in the forum as a highly recommended fic. I'm hooked! I started reading this this early morning and its now midnight, I'm still just on chapter 14. Damn! 

Becca (Chapter 21) - Sat 30 Jan 2016

Oh my god I love this story, the writing and plot and characters, character  development - everything is perfect. I hope you update soon :) Thanks for the amazing story.

Loveyaa (Chapter 21) - Tue 19 Jan 2016

Yay she got him back!! And I feel like the moment with the other really showed how time can change a person. I wonder how long their peace will last. Wonderfully written reunion. I can't wait to see what happens next :)

rosheemary (Chapter 21) - Mon 18 Jan 2016

Oh my... Getting tortured for twelve years. It had to be so painful for Sesshomaru.

The daiyokai beliefs about Kagome would be saving him was amazing... Dang!!! we talked about Sesshomaru here!!! The cold, aloof, and arrogant dog! LMAO

Well, I think it's not weird, for trusting someone who had lived with you for centuries and it seems I can see that this story getting near to end (NOOOO!!!!!!).

Anyways, this is beautiful story and thanks for updating and not giving up on this story :)

Ankita (Chapter 21) - Sun 17 Jan 2016
T_T i m just glas that sessho is alright i can't ask for anything moreeee thankewww for updating its looking good now sessho is more towards kagooo i hope their relationship progresses moreee :) please keeep updating

Didie (Chapter 21) - Sun 17 Jan 2016

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! An update from you!! *happy merry dance*

I confess that it is my fist time reviewing your story, but I am one of your fans, and have been in love with your story since 'The Broken Miko' in ffn!

 As always the history aspect is so strong and made me confused at first. I must reread the part about 3 times to collected scrap-to-scrap from my forgotten history lesson's memory! But that's a good confused, of course! You left me in awe for your so much deep and deeper plot!

And lastly, yaaaaay! She got him back! Oh, I can't imagine how hellish she must felt in the last 12 years...

Good luck for the rest of chapters!


P.S.: Still wishing upon a star that if their journey ends, they will be blessed with some and more children for their hardest work! She (and he) deserve that much! (And I hope they will be more that one hand finger counts, like in 'The Broken Miko', the only one I really want to change from the story... hundreds year together and no more than two or three children? Really couldn't fathom... I apologize...)

KEdakumi (Chapter 21) - Sat 16 Jan 2016

So moving...  such a good chapter.  Can't wait to see what happens next.  

Roxette (Chapter 1) - Sat 16 Jan 2016

    I wanted to scream with joy when i saw that there was a new chapter (sadly, my family would not find that funny at 2 am ); but i did a litlle dance in my head :) :D :)

    In a total non creepy way i want to say that i love you for posting another amazing chapter. :*

    Thank you !

REDWOLF (Chapter 21) - Sat 16 Jan 2016

Fascinating...loved it :)

Leaora (Chapter 21) - Sat 16 Jan 2016

Oh, oh, oh,oh, oh! RosieB, I have missed you so!!!! I am so thankful that you updated. As soon as I saw the email notification, I abandoned my family and ceased all productive activities. I am absolutely thrilled that Sesshomaru has been recovered and reunited with Kagome because my mind has imagined all sorts of horrible things happening to him. It was also nice to see Kagome independently complete a campaign. I hope recovery isn't too hard on the two of them. 

Paperwing (Chapter 21) - Sat 16 Jan 2016

My gosh I had forgotten about this story! I had forgotten too, about how much history and detail went in! I'm going to have to re-read everything! <3

SHORTFRY (Chapter 20) - Sun 11 Oct 2015

I hope you are going to finish this masterpeice, because it will literally break my heart if we miss out on this lovely writing being unfinished!


Keep up the great work Rosie!

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