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marisel (Chapter 1) - Mon 06 May 2019

And what a show!,!!!

Quvonda (Chapter 1) - Sat 02 Mar 2019

I wish there was more of this one!

geekiebeekie (Chapter 1) - Fri 25 Jan 2019

I love just about all of your writings and this one shot did not disappoint! Who wouldn't love a little one-on-one instruction with our favorite demon. I hope you will consider a sequel!

Alison (Chapter 1) - Sun 28 Oct 2018

Yes continue it!!!!

merrrcurius (Chapter 1) - Tue 22 May 2018

indeed, the show must go on!

BlindHuntress (Chapter 1) - Sun 21 Jan 2018

I feel like I can hardly catch my breath after this one, but goodness gracious, where is the sequel? Zomg. 

Michelle (Chapter 1) - Mon 01 Jan 2018

Please contine!:)

Holly (Chapter 1) - Mon 12 Jun 2017

Ho-lee shittttttttt. That was hella good.

I do so wish that at some point, if you felt like it, you would write a second chapter.  I was a -tiny- bit disappointed their was no Sesshy action.  Lol

ponpiri (Chapter 1) - Sun 30 Apr 2017

This was really good. This may be my favorite characterization of Sesshoumaru yet. 

Torres (Chapter 1) - Fri 18 Nov 2016

Yes yes yes need more sesshomura in action lol   great write please continue

ALED (Chapter 1) - Sun 11 Sep 2016

Hello! Wonderful oneshot you wrote! I love how you wrote Sesshomaru...and I'm glad they didn't have any physical contact. It made it thats much more erotic. I hope you do write a sequal to this! 

aya (Chapter 1) - Tue 19 Apr 2016

Really high quality porn though ????????????TBC!!! 

Probably one of the best written fics on this website, with the closest personalities and mannerisms to the original characters . 

Raynell (Chapter 1) - Wed 26 Aug 2015

This was hot! And very well done. Please, please, please continue with this. Thanks.

aya (Chapter 1) - Sat 28 Mar 2015

oh my god. 

Please TBC

whoever you are

you are amazing

Ame (Chapter 1) - Tue 04 Nov 2014

gods yes! please continue.  that was some seriously great smut.

DeathDagger (Chapter 1) - Fri 26 Sep 2014

OMG!!!!! That was hot!!

Tarotora (Chapter 1) - Mon 16 Jun 2014

Plz upload a continuation of this!!!! I love it! It was very skillfully written <3

twistidcandi (Chapter 1) - Mon 05 May 2014

Please continue this story!

Emily (Chapter 1) - Mon 31 Mar 2014

Awesome! I definitely think you should continue. I was finding myself laughing uncontrollably at some parts - nicley done!

Kounami (Chapter 1) - Mon 10 Mar 2014

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! This was INCREDIBLE!!!!!! I giggled, snorted, guffawed and Lol'd! And as funny as it was this was HAWT! I would SO love to see a continuation of this!  Sesshoumaru can set ANY girl to flames just by being... him. Woo! 

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