Reviews for Blame by wonderbug

marisel (Chapter 1) - Mon 06 May 2019

Wow this is really good but I   hate when the characters die even if is to a complies some end to the story.  Really, really enjoyed it.  What happened to south and yokai in general.???

333Tenshi (Chapter 1) - Tue 17 Apr 2018

This was interesting but I kinda wish there was more

Sabrina (Chapter 1) - Mon 18 Apr 2016

Great story...loved it!

Raynell (Chapter 1) - Wed 26 Aug 2015

This was absolutely wonderful. You're very talented. Please keep on writing; preferably SessKag ofc. Thanks for sharing your stories.

Badtzmaru1907 (Chapter 1) - Fri 06 Mar 2015

Wow another great and creative story, thank you. You are a very talented writer I can't wait to see your future updates on your other stories. I just love everything about this one chapter story.

WickedLittleGirl (Chapter 1) - Wed 10 Sep 2014

Such a beautiful story.  It seems though, that you enjoy killing Inuyasha.

Stella Mira (Chapter 1) - Thu 06 Feb 2014

This was an absolute delight to read. Your characterizations were flawless, especially in Sesshomaru's case because I believe this was as closest to the original as it can be - in my mind. I loved the slow pace of this piece, I believe it flowed better the way you chose to write it. The way they were drawn to one another was so simple yet intricate, felt seamless. Very well handled, cleverly written, and nicely timed. Also, I have to give you credit for your vast vocabulary. An excellent piece which I am now adding to my favorites. Thank you for writing it! :)

P.S. For shame, Inuyasha... (I don't dislike him, but I do consider him a weak character, especially for a male lead, more like a teenager with issues, really)

Sammi-Chan (Chapter 1) - Sat 01 Feb 2014

Aw this one was good too! I feel bad for Inuyasha to be so stuck..... great story though i wish we could have seen more of his feelings develop for her in the past though.

hana sora (Chapter 1) - Mon 06 Jan 2014

wow. . simple games but amazing outcomes. . thanks for your sharing!

Dawn of Roses Kiss (Chapter 1) - Sun 05 Jan 2014

I don't normally review stories, but for this one I had to. You sculpted an amazing story and, I'll be honest, I kept guessing the ending throughout the story, thinking it would be like every other. But the ENDING, you did an amazing job, I had to go back and rethink the story just a bit. Honestly, I felt kind of teary. Thank you for creating such a lovely, heartbreaking story.

Nilee1 (Chapter 1) - Sun 05 Jan 2014


Marie (Chapter 1) - Sun 05 Jan 2014

I enjoyed this read very much, sad but happy.  It gave me a surreal feeling, I look forward to another of your stories


Luna C. (Chapter 1) - Sun 05 Jan 2014

Omg I loved this!

Catalina (Chapter 1) - Sun 05 Jan 2014

Amazing! All of that in a (long) one shot! I'm thoroughly impressed!

Rhonda (Chapter 1) - Sun 05 Jan 2014

Different.... I really, really like this....

Sesshoumaru'sPriestess (Chapter 1) - Sun 05 Jan 2014

Lovely piece of work. I greatly enjoyed this!!!

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