Orang3Luv3r (Chapter 2) - Sat 15 Mar 2014

YAY! I love your Shun, Kagome, and Sesshomaru stories! Thank you for writing such wonderful stories! They are awesome. When looking for fanfic to read I always seem to wander back to your fanfics! They truly are the best! 

bookgirl813 (Chapter 2) - Sun 29 Dec 2013

Ah, the mystery of the darn blinking lights!  There's nothing worse than lights that blink when you don't want them to, and non-blinking lights when you want them to blink.  Or my personal favorite, FIND THE BURNT OUT BULB OUT OF ALL OF THE LIGHTS, because the manufacturer made it so that if one is out, they're all out.

I meant to mention on chapter 1, I loved the concept of Cat Mint - kind of like a cat nip?  

bookgirl813 (Chapter 1) - Sun 29 Dec 2013

I'm so giddy to see this trio once again, and to see you writing!  It's a blessing for the oncoming new year!  Thank you!

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