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Anonymous (Chapter 4) - Tue 30 Jul 2019

O_O this ending made me bawl like a baby. Beautifully written

ninetails (Chapter 4) - Sun 13 Aug 2017

Are we going to get more of this wonderful story? :3

MimiChou (Chapter 4) - Wed 22 Mar 2017

This is super dark. Your warnings were just that, warmings. Although it's dark and heart-wrenching, it was still really good. Sometimes I had difficulties connecting the dialog to the plot but it made sense after a second read through. Oddly enough, I don't see too many dark fics, though I figured with the canon universe it'd be an easy segue. I'm glad the characterizations seem to be on-point. I hope all is well on your end. I hope you were able to complete your two original works. I don't expect an update for this anyone soon, bug u just wanted you to know that I enjoyed what you've written thus far. All the best!!

Miri (Chapter 4) - Sat 17 Oct 2015

Very well done and I really want to read more now....the only question is WHEN!?!? Phenomanly done, the style flows and is consistant and somehow you make the characters true to their character! Certainly not an easy feat at times. It's dark, but not so dark that it can be traumitizing (though that is a personal opinion). I certainly want to read more of this story!

Blommie8 (Chapter 4) - Fri 17 Apr 2015
I hope kagome pregnant. So she can melting the ice in sesshomaru heart. You know..this is the first fic i've read that kagome rape sesshomaru. I've read alot when sesshomaru rape her. So you can built their bond with the child. Hope that he is realize that it is destiny. Please..make it till the end..

Blommie8 (Chapter 4) - Fri 17 Apr 2015
I hope you still writing this till the end. It is really or the most rational feeling i've ever read if kagome change into youkai. Coz not in an instant we could be happy when we change into something new an different to us,espcecially our humanity. So..please keep writing till the end. I also can feel the complicated kagome's feeling. I hope she and sesshomaru finally can love each other no matter what the obstacles. And how they hunt naraku till the end. What about the jewel,and whose gonna make a selfless wish? It is a lot of story and plots. Even without adding kagura i think it still complicated. And kagura or sesshomaru can't fall in love that easy looking for their condition what happen now after their trauma. Just built the feeling kagome and sesshomaru or kagome and the inutachi gang. I hope you'll consider it. Ja ne

satuross (Chapter 4) - Fri 31 Jan 2014

Woo when a fiction is dark angst lemons and character development you know is awesome

Alexis barnes (Chapter 3) - Wed 04 Dec 2013

I would only want this to be an kagome and sesshoumaru pairing please

Kulhanek (Chapter 3) - Wed 27 Nov 2013

I would personally like to see just a K/S pairing. 

I love the story-line. Can't wait until the next update. 

DamningTheHeavens (Chapter 3) - Mon 18 Nov 2013

Mmmm, tasty and original! I am never disappointed with your work. I love rocky starts with this pair. adds reality to the mix an. Makes the improbable possible. Progression is Devine in these stories. I'll be keeping an eye out for updates. Thank you for such a read! Ps. My vote is giving kagura her own love. Maybe even with another woman. I never see that done and after a rape I could see her trust and desire for men gone. 

SSI-Invasion (Chapter 3) - Tue 05 Nov 2013

Yes!! this is turning out really awesome!

To answer your question about Kagura: I wouldn't like her to be added to the pair. It would ruin the Bond in its structure. It could be interesting, later on to just push her little by little in again, but not right now.

I can't wait for the next chapter :3

thelittlegerman (Chapter 3) - Tue 05 Nov 2013

I love this story already! I think the plot idea is awesome and I can't wait to see how it will all play out. For the pairing- I think I would like for Kagome and Sesshoumaru to remain as they are. Adding Kagura to the mix would feel a little unnatural for me. Though if in the end the majority decides to go for it then I would have no problem with that either. See you in december!

Katlyn (Chapter 3) - Sun 03 Nov 2013

bi thought this was a good chapter with very small baby steps between ssshomaru and kagome. I was also happy to see her not beak down over inuyasha and that inuyasha himself didnt over react. as for kagura, id like to see her with someone but not sesshomaru and kagome. there is plenty going on between just them without adding a tramatized kagura to the mix.  

kalaadaephon (Chapter 3) - Sun 03 Nov 2013

It would be more interesting to pair them both off with different people....

kalaadaephon (Chapter 2) - Sun 03 Nov 2013

You have this way of showcasing different viewpoints in such an eloquent manner... great chapter

kalaadaephon (Chapter 1) - Sun 03 Nov 2013

God... that is powerful... Your story is very different... good stuff here

Shaneka (Chapter 3) - Sat 02 Nov 2013

Loved the chapter and the story should remain a sesshoumaru and kagome story.

Eila (Chapter 3) - Sat 02 Nov 2013

Have fun with the event! I love this story along with other stories you have written! I vote for Sesshomaru/Kagome/Kagura 

Jennifer (Chapter 3) - Fri 01 Nov 2013

Pair her with someone else.

great story, interesting plot!


LoveAndFaith (Chapter 3) - Thu 31 Oct 2013

Great chapter, keep it coming.

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