sugar0o (Chapter 1) - Fri 19 Apr 2013

WELL! I have no ability to adopt as i ususally try to get other people to take my own fics, BUT, if you were really going to continue it, i could give you an idea of where you COULD go with it.

It could feature around broken shards or a soul, likr the shikon. Kagome has the power to see ghosts so whose to say she didnt really, and isnt really seeing them. that her mind is fracturing to keep her from seeing the horrors that have attached themselves to the shikon, it's miko, and all that rott.

What if All those involved with the shikon, sango/miroku/naraku/kanna/kagura, all of the "children" Naraku made were all bound to kagome b/c of the shikon and her soul not being whole. Kikyo could have been the first breaking point , and the fixing point as well. Maybe something Inuyasha has done has caused it all.  let me know if you want more of this or if it's not wanted :3 it's a good chapter though!

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 1) - Fri 19 Apr 2013

This is such a tragic story concerning Kagome. Nice beginning. I feel bad for her.

House_Of_Eternal_Moon (Chapter 1) - Fri 19 Apr 2013

I really love the idea you have going there, and feel no one would quite be able to do it justice like you would be able to. Maybe something to think about for it would be a flashback Sesshomaru has to what made Kagome act this way, and depict Kagome as this kid-like state with everyone tip-toeing around her, until she goes to Sesshomaru's office or is walking around the halls and hears someone talking about the child she lost and about the deaths of Rin, Kaede, Sango and Miroku. Like Souten and Shippo, or Shippo and Inuyasha, or even Inuyasha telling Sesshomaru he can't keep her in the dark about it forever, and see how Kagome reacts and deals with it. I love how you had her hysterical and made Sesshomaru calm her, but if she was exposed to it all, would he be able to keep her from mentally being destroyed, or will she eventually recover?

Just some thoughts to maybe help you out, because I really love your writings and feel the best interpretation for this story will be yours. =)

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