Pat Wim (Chapter 7) - Mon 09 Jul 2018

Omg please come back and finish this or please give it to ne to 

Kimiko-chan (Chapter 7) - Sun 17 May 2015

pleaseee continuee!! Onegaishimasu!! ????

Kimiko-chan (Chapter 7) - Sun 17 May 2015

pleaseee continuee!! Onegaishimasu!! ????????pleaseee continuee!! Onegaishimasu!! ????

Amy (Chapter 7) - Sat 22 May 2010


upside-down_cloud (Chapter 1) - Mon 01 Feb 2010

Wow, this story is amazing! I really wish you would update it soon, I'm dying to know what happens to Jin & Kagome! Wonderful plot, keep it up!

mars (Chapter 7) - Mon 14 Dec 2009

grrrrrrr... Sesshomaru's a jerk!! I hope you make him suffer for what he's done... hehe..

Please update soon..

stars (Chapter 7) - Mon 12 Oct 2009

please updata

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Sesshoumaru's Fiend (Chapter 1) - Tue 06 Oct 2009

Oh my gosh! I used to love this story when it was on ASS. I'm really glad you moved it over. I finished re-reading it, but I came back because I forgot to review. I love the little changes that you made. I thought it was clear and easy to understand before, but I still like the new changes. I have to say, my eyes started watering around Chapter Six. Very emotional. I can't wait to finally read more of this story! Oh, and before I go, I think you and your beta should re-read Chapter One. There are a few punctuation errors that you may want to fix. And also, when Kagome and Sesshoumaru made it back to the manor, Sesshoumaru said, "Good waking..." Did you mean good morning? I just thought you should have a heads up.


Any way, I'll be waiting with baited breath for the next chapter. I'm dying to know how Sesshoumaru will react. Well, later days!

knifethrower (Chapter 7) - Tue 06 Oct 2009

Oh, yes, I was reading this before.   I love this story, it is so sad and heartbreaking.  It seems very much like something that could happen, if Kagome were to become Sesshomaru's mate.  I hope you can keep going with it, I think about this story all the time, and wonder what will happen next.

Kakashi and Sesshoumaru's lady (Chapter 1) - Sat 28 Jun 2008
This is a great story so far! I love that there is a bit of angst involved in this story and can't wait for your future chapters especially since Kagome left Sesshoumaru when she made the decision to leave him, which I think was well deserved with the story plot (I read this on A Single Spark and hope and pray that you do continue this wonderful story!)It will be interesting to see if kagome takes him back and the lengths he will go do it. Thanks for the great and wonderful story and hope to read from you soon! :) Kakashi and Sesshoumaru's lady

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