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actrivi (Chapter 7) - Sun 22 Nov 2015

You sucessfully created a fluff-filled lemon! Great work :) Thanks for writing.

Raynell (Chapter 7) - Thu 27 Aug 2015

Awwwh, I love this story. The sexual tension, the developing relationship: they were done well. I do wish the story was longer. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

DeathDagger (Chapter 7) - Tue 30 Sep 2014

There, is it? BEST LINE EVER!!! Lol

Liv (Chapter 7) - Mon 29 Sep 2014

You have instantly become my favorite author on this site!! I absolutely love your stories! Please don't ever stop!

Kitana Tsukino-hime (Chapter 7) - Fri 12 Sep 2014

Yay! A lovely little taste of fluff before I go back and catch up on APM. :)

kalaadaephon (Chapter 7) - Mon 04 Nov 2013

I read this story a while back and never had the chance to review with relish, being an anonymous reader then... it was quite a task searching for it, to do just that..... so here I am.... Loved it....:)

GreyEcho (Chapter 7) - Sun 18 Aug 2013

I really liked this fics. It was very sweet. :D

AnimeLady04 (Chapter 7) - Wed 29 May 2013

wow what an awesome story,,,but now that she's his mate.....will he go back home?
Was marking her as his mate the reason why he didn't return?

Sarah (Chapter 7) - Sat 16 Mar 2013

Was awesome nice job, short and sweet..


Wickedone43 (Chapter 7) - Fri 15 Feb 2013

I could read this over and over again. Oh wait, I did just read it over and over again!!!


Awesome my dear!

AngelHeart2122 (Chapter 7) - Tue 05 Feb 2013

This story was so sweet! I loved it!

Stella Mira (Chapter 7) - Mon 04 Feb 2013

This story was amazing! Filled with fluff and cuteness! I really enjoyed the last chapter! It was very fluffy yet erotic at the same time! You definitely succeeded in portraying that!

Fantastic story! I am actually sad to see it over ^^

Phyllis (Chapter 7) - Sat 02 Feb 2013

LOVED IT!!!  What a great culmination to all the tension between the two.  You did splendidly!!  

cassandra (Chapter 7) - Sat 02 Feb 2013

I loved the chapter and loved the story. Totally awesome work!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 7) - Sat 02 Feb 2013

This chapter was HOT!! The Story was awesome, amazing and it had a beautiful ending, and I also enjoyed it!

TKE (Chapter 7) - Sat 02 Feb 2013

This was a beautiful story and "HAWT"! Great job!

cassandra (Chapter 6) - Wed 23 Jan 2013

Yay! Finally they're getting somewhere! It took them long enough!

Stella Mira (Chapter 6) - Wed 23 Jan 2013

Ohhh, now that was some hot, steamy progress *fans herself* You know, I don't blame Kagome...even an experienced woman would forget how to breathe if she were in her place lol

Loved the chapter! Can't wait for the final - naughty - chapter! You had a great idea for 'agate' ^^

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 6) - Wed 23 Jan 2013

Keep it coming.

Phyllis (Chapter 6) - Wed 23 Jan 2013

Awesome chapter, as always!  So glad things are progressing between them!  "Pearl" hmm?  My mind is coming up with many ideas for what that could be referring to, hehe.  Can't wait!  :)

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