Natalia (Chapter 1) - Mon 06 Nov 2017

Simply beautiful! Thank you!

ShidaNoKiri (Chapter 1) - Sun 07 Apr 2013

Just reread this again and I still have the same reaction and emotions to it.  Very beautiful and heart warming.  I love everything you write, but your softer pieces really amaze me.  That you can capture the beauty of the slow progression of love is just breathtaking. 

Mz Taisho Sama (Chapter 1) - Sat 06 Apr 2013

Aww.... I LOVED the story, I just...PERFECTION!!!!! Def one of my favorites!!!!!

Oneiromancer (Chapter 1) - Mon 18 Mar 2013

I'm so happy when I go through your stories again and find a new one I hadn't seen before. What a lovely story--I'm all teary-eyed!

Loveyaa (Chapter 1) - Mon 19 Nov 2012

Adorable! Quite a cute story of moments. Those we try to move past and those we try to live in. I thought the journey through her grief was quite believable. I really enjoyed it :)

cjflutterbye (Chapter 1) - Sat 03 Nov 2012

this is a wonderful little story! full of all the warm fuzzies and sweetness a lovely friendship romance should have! 



Vel (Chapter 1) - Sat 03 Nov 2012

This is a lovely, touching story. <3

Shannon (Chapter 1) - Fri 02 Nov 2012

Excellent work! I enjoyed every minute, and even cried a little! Very inspiring work! 

NightQueen (Chapter 1) - Fri 02 Nov 2012

You absolutely amaze me!!! Every time I read one of your stories I'm moved by your ability to provoke deep emotion in your readers.  This is a tale beautifully told it showed character depth and an understanding of the human mind! Terrific as always!!

offeringsurvival (Chapter 1) - Fri 02 Nov 2012

So good T_T <- *actual depiction of me*.

Midian (Chapter 1) - Fri 02 Nov 2012

Awesome story great oneshot

TKE (Chapter 1) - Fri 02 Nov 2012

That was beautiful!

sugar0o (Chapter 1) - Fri 02 Nov 2012

sometiems you make me want to cry with how well you write and then other times, like now all i can do is smile so much it hurts :3 *pleasently sighing*

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