Reviews for Peal by The Hatter Theory

NightQueen (Chapter 1) - Tue 26 Jun 2012

Powerful! So much powerful imagery, such anguish and sorrow so vivid that I could see this scene playing out just like a movie in my head.  Painful to read but filled with so many truths.  Beautiful as always.

mangageek (Chapter 1) - Tue 26 Jun 2012

this is so sad, plus it's a oneshot meaning theres no happy ending. i really love your stories including this, it was just so sad though

Kayelyn (Chapter 1) - Tue 26 Jun 2012

All I can hear are the howls and the keens in my ears and there is this heaviness in my chest. I have been sitting here for what  seems like hours, and the pressure just won't dissipate. I feel like I have intruded and seen something that I never should have, and I am left feeling stripped and raw and unsettled. I have the feeling that I will feel like this for some time to come today. It used to be very rare that I would read something that would follow me around, until I started to read your works. You have this innate ability to write these words that sear into my mind an soul and cause me to think and feel everything that the characters feel, like I am actually there with them. Simply amazing and awe-inspiring.



Sess Koibito (Chapter 1) - Tue 26 Jun 2012

I really like this! It is so sad and beautifully written! Great job!  :)

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