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Marissa (Chapter 4) - Mon 22 Feb 2016

ladyluna26 (Chapter 6) - Thu 27 Aug 2015

I can honestly say i had no symptoms of pregnancy other than morning sickness for 21/2 months; and of course the smell heightend sense of smell. 

ladyluna26 (Chapter 4) - Thu 27 Aug 2015

Haha!!! Omg im going die from laughter this is way to funny. I love it. :)  ohh my stomach hurts from laughing so much. What a great story.

rosheemary (Chapter 4) - Mon 29 Jun 2015

oh my, i laughed so hard till i cried!!!


so funny! i could imagine how grumpy sesshomaru complained for EVERYTHING! xD

cherrygirlprime (Chapter 6) - Sat 22 Nov 2014

I love this more than anything else!  Such a good story!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 6) - Wed 15 Oct 2014

Awesome, keep it coming

Ankita (Chapter 6) - Mon 13 Oct 2014

Hawww it ended  beautiful fic love it so damn funny will miss it <3

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 5) - Wed 02 Jul 2014

Great story, keep it coming.

Alleybug (Chapter 1) - Mon 15 Jul 2013
Finish plz!!!!!

Ankita (Chapter 5) - Sat 25 May 2013

i just love this fic it is so damn funny

really really awesome ..

keep it up <3

randomfan17 (Chapter 5) - Thu 23 May 2013

Oh that was funny, especially Rin asking Sesshomaru who taught him how to walk like a duck. Poor Kagome though, she just needs a wheelchair and a chain attached to Sesshomaru so she can follow him around and not have to stand up to do it. That was a Sesshomaru answer, the fools making him mad are the cause of Kagome's stress, riiiiight. Hehe, I can't wait to see what happens next.

TKE (Chapter 5) - Thu 23 May 2013

LMFAO!!! Oh god if men only knew!!!! My husband wouldn't last a day

Mz Taisho Sama (Chapter 5) - Thu 23 May 2013

ROFLMFAO!!!! This was just too,too funny! It kind of remind me of my own pregnacy! Great Job, Please update soon!!!

Kathetal (Chapter 5) - Thu 23 May 2013

lololololol *cough**snort**choke*... omg, i love it....*cough**cough**whheeeeezzee*.....

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 5) - Wed 22 May 2013

This story is great and hilarious, keep it coming.

dee (Chapter 4) - Tue 10 Jul 2012

LOL! Oh, the cravings... :) poor Sesshoumaru...

TKE (Chapter 4) - Sun 08 Jul 2012

LMFAO!!!!  My daughter thought I was losing my sanity because I couldn't stop laughing!!!  I would have enjoyed my pregnancies ALOT more if my hubby would have experienced this!!

randomfan17 (Chapter 4) - Sat 07 Jul 2012

Hehehe, oh my god, a hot headed unrational Sesshomaru is running around, run for your lives! lol, his bladder acting up is hilarous, needing a pee break in the middle of a battle, totally hilarious. I loved this one though his cravins were undeniablely nasty sounding.

Saraniya (Chapter 4) - Sat 07 Jul 2012

Awww! While I grinned throughout the entire chapter and couldn't stop laughing I miss the super cool Sesshoumaruuu!!!! Although it's a seriously new side to the super cool Sesshoumaru :)

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 4) - Sat 07 Jul 2012

i kinda really hope that Akemi mates/marries Hirono! that would be a VERY interesting situation if he too took on his preggo wifey's hormones and him and sess could be all >:l together while Kagome and Akemi are all x=

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